NAC389.057. Eligibility for reexamination.  

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  •      1. A pupil who fails a proficiency examination administered during grade 10 or 11 is eligible to be reexamined only at the times that the examination is administered for the grade level of the pupil pursuant to NAC 389.051.

         2. If the pupil does not pass a proficiency examination before the completion of grade 12, the pupil may be reexamined any time that the examination is administered to adults pursuant to NAC 389.051 after providing proof to the school district or, if the pupil attends a charter school, to the charter school that the pupil has completed appropriate remedial study.

     (Added to NAC by Bd. of Education, eff. 10-8-93; A by R065-99, 11-3-99; R072-01, 11-7-2001; R020-09, 10-27-2009)