NAC389.556. Journalism.  

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  • A course of study in journalism must include instruction designed to teach the pupil to do the following:

         1. Differentiate fact from opinion.

         2. Identify elements which make facts newsworthy.

         3. Distinguish which facts to use in writing news.

         4. Write accurate, unbiased news stories based on given facts.

         5. Demonstrate effective techniques of interviewing.

         6. Practice different writing styles for sports, features, editorials, columns and reviews.

         7. Read copy and proofread.

         8. Write a headline and lay out a publication.

         9. Recognize the importance of photojournalism, including composition, cropping and sizing of photographs.

         10. Recognize the importance of advertising.

         11. Differentiate between journalism involving printing and broadcasting.

         12. Write scripts for programs of news and features for radio and television.

         13. Identify the basic concepts of the law relating to journalism, including libel, privileged information and invasion of privacy.

         14. Recognize the role and responsibilities of the journalist in modern society.

         15. Develop critical skills in assessing strengths and weaknesses in the professional journalist.

         16. Identify opportunities for a career in journalism.

     (Added to NAC by Bd. of Education, eff. 5-4-87)