NAC389.566. Career and technical education in cooperation with private employer: Duties of employer.  

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  • The employer of a pupil in a course of study in career and technical education in cooperation with a private employer shall:

         1. Participate in the development of the agreement for training.

         2. Assist the pupil to develop skills required in the occupation.

         3. Provide for direct supervision of the pupil’s work.

         4. Give the pupil progressive and challenging work, review his or her progress each week and sign a weekly time sheet.

         5. Provide periodic appraisals of the pupil’s performance on forms provided by the teacher.

     (Added to NAC by Bd. of Education, eff. 5-4-87; A by Bd. for Career & Tech. Educ. by R172-05, 2-23-2006)