NAC389.644. Skills to obtain employment: Contents.  

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  • A course of study in skills to obtain employment must include instruction designed to teach the pupil to do the following:

         1. Apply a knowledge of skills needed to search for, acquire and retain employment.

         2. Demonstrate positive habit and attitudes concerning work.

         3. Understand opportunities in and the responsibilities of employment.

         4. Exhibit the ability to adapt to change.

         5. Work cooperatively.

         6. Exhibit confidence and self-discipline.

         7. Develop skills used in making decisions and establishing priorities.

         8. Develop skills for effective speaking, listening, writing and reading.

         9. Seek and accept responsibility.

         10. Understand the American economic system, including the principles of free enterprise and entrepreneurship, taxes and the management of money.

         11. Apply the instruction received in school that relates to the area of study.

     (Added to NAC by Bd. of Education, eff. 5-4-87)