NAC62G.170. Disbursement of unallocated money.  

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  • If a juvenile court does not apply for any money under the provisions of NRS 62G.400 to 62G.470, inclusive, or an approved program does not require the full funding as appropriated, the Director may disburse the unallocated money in the following manner:

         1. Participating juvenile courts will be advised of the total amount of money available for disbursement.

         2. Supplemental applications for additional money will be accepted by the Department.

         3. In the disbursement of unallocated money, priority will be given to those judicial districts whose boundaries include two or more counties. For the purposes of this section, Carson City is considered a county.

     [Dep’t of Human Resources, Juvenile Probation Subsidy Program § XIII, eff. 9-13-73]—(Substituted in revision for NAC 213.460)