Chapter119 Sale of Subdivided Land: Licensing and Regulation  

NAC 119.010. Definitions.
NAC 119.015. “Advertising” defined.
NAC 119.020. “Broker of record” defined.
NAC 119.025. “Common promotional plan” defined.
NAC 119.030. “Nevada statement of record” defined.
NAC 119.035. “Off-premises contact” defined.
NAC 119.040. “Promotional meeting” defined.
NAC 119.045. “Property report” defined.
NAC 119.050. “Published material” defined.
NAC 119.055. “Registered representative” defined.
NAC 119.060. “Respondent” defined.
NAC 119.065. “Salesperson” defined.
NAC 119.070. “Time-share estate” defined.
NAC 119.075. “Unit broker” defined.
NAC 119.080. “Vacation certificate” defined.
NAC 119.085. “Written plan” defined.
NAC 119.110. General procedures for filing.
NAC 119.120. Approval or disapproval of applications.
NAC 119.130. Nevada statement of record: General requirements; material changes.
NAC 119.140. Nevada statement of record: Contents.
NAC 119.150. Nevada statement of record: Exhibits.
NAC 119.160. Property report: Front page; contents.
NAC 119.200. Registration required unless developer exempted.
NAC 119.205. Written request for exemption.
NAC 119.210. Parcels at least 40 acres in area.
NAC 119.215. Property free and clear of all liens.
NAC 119.220. Construction of residential building by licensed contractor who owns land.
NAC 119.225. Registration not necessary in the public interest.
NAC 119.230. Written notice of election.
NAC 119.235. Parcels greater than 80 acres in area.
NAC 119.240. Disposition to persons engaged in the business of construction.
NAC 119.250. Parcels of less than 1 square yard.
NAC 119.300. Developers: Branch offices; approval of amended documents; availability of records.
NAC 119.310. Developers: Standards of ethics.
NAC 119.320. Brokers of record.
NAC 119.330. Signing of contracts of sale; applicability of other provisions; registration of licensed broker or salesperson as representative.
NAC 119.340. Registered representatives.
NAC 119.350. Duties imposed by local ordinance.
NAC 119.400. General requirements.
NAC 119.405. Fees.
NAC 119.407. Oral statements.
NAC 119.410. Standards: Accuracy; facts; inferences.
NAC 119.415. Price; predevelopment sales; discount; future price; increase in value.
NAC 119.420. Easements; improvements; promised improvements and assessments; taxes.
NAC 119.425. Mineral rights; flooding; landlocked parcels.
NAC 119.430. Distances and mileage.
NAC 119.435. Use or potential use of property; future subdividing.
NAC 119.440. Reference to facilities away from subdivision.
NAC 119.445. Use of map, picture or sketch.
NAC 119.450. Misleading use of reprints, testimonial, reference symbol, or name or symbol of organization.
NAC 119.455. Disclosure of promotional purpose.
NAC 119.460. Privilege to exchange property; resale or repurchase by developer.
NAC 119.465. Use of specific terms.
NAC 119.500. Promotional meetings: Generally.
NAC 119.510. Standards for promotional meetings.
NAC 119.520. Vacation and other gift certificates.
NAC 119.530. Contracts, agreements and other documents of sale.
NAC 119.600. Revocation or suspension of license: Formal hearings.
NAC 119.610. Formal hearings: Notice of decision.
NAC 119.620. Informal meetings.
NAC 119.630. Petition for reconsideration of Division action.
NAC 119.650. Petition for adoption of regulations.