Chapter211 County and City Jails  

NAC 211.010. Definitions.
NAC 211.020. “Cell” defined.
NAC 211.025. “Classification” defined.
NAC 211.030. “Dayroom” defined.
NAC 211.040. “Dormitory” defined.
NAC 211.050. “Health authority” defined.
NAC 211.060. “Inmate” defined.
NAC 211.065. “Lavatory” defined.
NAC 211.070. “Local correctional institution” defined.
NAC 211.080. “Unencumbered space” defined.
NAC 211.100. Severability.
NAC 211.110. Exemption of existing facilities and equipment.
NAC 211.120. Plan review of proposed construction or alteration.
NAC 211.130. Records of inspections.
NAC 211.210. Separation of inmates by classification.
NAC 211.215. Separate unit for confinement of intoxicated inmates; required equipment.
NAC 211.220. Separate cells for confinement of certain inmates with mental illness or mental retardation.
NAC 211.225. Cell or sleeping area.
NAC 211.230. Dormitories.
NAC 211.232. Dayroom.
NAC 211.235. Medical and dental examining room.
NAC 211.236. Exercise and recreation.
NAC 211.237. Space for visiting of inmates and contact visits.
NAC 211.238. Space for educational and multiple purposes.
NAC 211.239. Space for storage of items served in commissary or canteen.
NAC 211.245. Personal property storage.
NAC 211.250. Janitors’ closets.
NAC 211.255. Laundry facilities.
NAC 211.260. Barbering and cosmetology services.
NAC 211.310. Lighting.
NAC 211.315. Equipment to maintain essential lights, power and communications in emergency.
NAC 211.320. Heating and cooling equipment: Ventilation and temperature standards.
NAC 211.340. Bedding.
NAC 211.350. Personal supplies for inmates.
NAC 211.410. Institutional cleanliness.
NAC 211.420. Food service.
NAC 211.430. Vermin control.
NAC 211.440. Accident prevention: Burns, falls, electrical shocks.
NAC 211.445. Policies and procedures for prevention of fire.
NAC 211.450. Industrial activities: State standards apply.
NAC 211.511. Systems for potable and nonpotable water.
NAC 211.515. Drinking water.
NAC 211.520. Toilets and urinals.
NAC 211.530. Lavatories.
NAC 211.540. Showers.
NAC 211.550. Sewage disposal.
NAC 211.570. Disposal of garbage and refuse.