Chapter239 Public Records  

NAC 239.011. Definitions.
NAC 239.022. “Division” defined.
NAC 239.031. “Duplicate” defined.
NAC 239.035. “Electronic record” defined.
NAC 239.041. “Legal custody” defined.
NAC 239.051. “Nonrecord” defined.
NAC 239.061. “Office or department” defined.
NAC 239.091. “Public record” defined.
NAC 239.101. “Record of a local government” defined.
NAC 239.106. “Records management” defined.
NAC 239.121. “Series of records” defined.
NAC 239.131. Destruction of nonrecords.
NAC 239.145. Records management program: Documentation and standards required.
NAC 239.155. Disposal of public record restricted; procedures for proposal and adoption of schedules for retention of public records.
NAC 239.161. Dissemination of schedules for retention of public records; minimum period for retention of original record; disposal of duplicates.
NAC 239.165. Destruction of confidential records, electronic records and copies of records.
NAC 239.570. Definitions.
NAC 239.575. “Administrative value” defined.
NAC 239.577. “Committee” defined.
NAC 239.585. “Division” defined.
NAC 239.590. “Duplicate” defined.
NAC 239.593. “Electronic record” defined.
NAC 239.600. “Fiscal value” defined.
NAC 239.605. “Image” defined.
NAC 239.620. “Legal custody” defined.
NAC 239.625. “Legal value” defined.
NAC 239.630. “Long-term record” defined.
NAC 239.636. “Microform” defined.
NAC 239.637. “Micrographics” defined.
NAC 239.638. “Micrographics equipment” defined.
NAC 239.655. “Preserved” defined.
NAC 239.660. “Received” defined.
NAC 239.665. “Records center” defined.
NAC 239.668. “Records management” defined.
NAC 239.670. “Records officer” defined.
NAC 239.675. “Research or archival value” defined.
NAC 239.680. “Schedule” defined.
NAC 239.685. “Series of records” defined.
NAC 239.690. “State agency” defined.
NAC 239.692. “State archives” defined.
NAC 239.695. “Vital record” defined.
NAC 239.696. Records management program: Establishment.
NAC 239.697. Records management program: General requirements.
NAC 239.698. Records management program: Electronic records.
NAC 239.699. Protection and preservation of records: General requirements; training for employees; electronic records.
NAC 239.700. Records officer: Designation and replacement; cooperation of Division.
NAC 239.705. “Official state record” interpreted.
NAC 239.711. Destruction of nonrecords.
NAC 239.721. Procedures for sealing records; management and disposal of sealed records.
NAC 239.722. Disposal of confidential public books and records; destruction of electronic records and of copies of records.
NAC 239.740. Facilities for storage of records: Standards; private facilities; preference.
NAC 239.745. Duties of Board of Regents.
NAC 239.750. Procedure upon abolishment or disbanding of state agency; procedure upon reorganization or reinstatement of defunct state agency.
NAC 239.755. Priority for microfilming and protection of long-term records and vital records.
NAC 239.760. Treatment of electronic records.
NAC 239.762. Micrographics and imaging: Written approval required for acquisition and upgrading of equipment and for contracts for conversion of records.
NAC 239.764. Program for converting records to microform: Written policy and program of training required.
NAC 239.850. Transfer for archival preservation and public access; maintenance in Nevada; legal custody; return from archival repository.