Chapter240 Notaries Public  

NAC 240.200. Fee for processing application nonrefundable.
NAC 240.205. Revocation of appointment for returned check which was used to pay application fee.
NAC 240.210. Form of name: Application; bond; official signature.
NAC 240.215. Fingerprints, written authorization and processing fee required to be submitted with application.
NAC 240.220. Incomplete applications.
NAC 240.223. Assignment of identification number.
NAC 240.235. Period of appointment.
NAC 240.240. Cancellation of appointment.
NAC 240.250. Complaint of alleged violation of chapter to be filed with Secretary of State; notification of complaint to be provided to notary public; determination of Secretary of State regarding hearing.
NAC 240.260. Requirements to qualify as resident; residency in this state required during term of appointment.
NAC 240.262. Nonresident applicant for appointment as notary public: Form of affidavit setting forth address of applicant’s residence and place of business or employment.
NAC 240.264. Nonresident applicant for appointment as notary public: Form of affidavit confirming applicant’s employment within State of Nevada if applicant not self-employed.
NAC 240.266. Nonresident applicant for appointment as notary public: Form of affidavit for self-employed applicant confirming maintenance by applicant of business within State of Nevada.
NAC 240.270. Courses of study for mandatory training of notaries public.
NAC 240.300. “Secure location” interpreted.
NAC 240.310. Circumstances in which Secretary of State will deem document requiring provision of information within blank spaces to be filled out completely.
NAC 240.320. Possession of valid certificate of permission to perform marriages required to charge fee for performance of marriage ceremony; penalty for violation.
NAC 240.330. Use of “known personally” in journal of notarial acts as evidence of verification of identification.
NAC 240.340. Person physically unable to sign document who directs another person to sign required to appear before notarial officer with such other person at time of signing; short form for acknowledgment.
NAC 240.400. Scope and construction.
NAC 240.410. Relief from regulations.
NAC 240.420. Communications with Secretary of State.
NAC 240.430. Parties.
NAC 240.440. Filing and service.
NAC 240.450. Briefs.
NAC 240.460. Show cause orders.
NAC 240.470. Failure to appear.
NAC 240.480. Appearance at hearing.
NAC 240.490. Withdrawal of attorney.
NAC 240.500. Conduct at hearings.
NAC 240.510. Hearings: Preliminary procedure; evidence.
NAC 240.520. Continuances.
NAC 240.530. Decisions and orders.
NAC 240.540. Transcripts of hearings.