Chapter284 State Personnel System  

NAC 284.010. Definitions.
NAC 284.021. “Administrator” defined.
NAC 284.022. “Appointing authority” defined.
NAC 284.023. “Appointment” defined.
NAC 284.025. “Base rate of pay” defined.
NAC 284.026. “Break in service” defined.
NAC 284.027. “Budget Division” defined.
NAC 284.028. “Center for assessment” defined.
NAC 284.030. “Class” defined.
NAC 284.034. “Class series” defined.
NAC 284.036. “Class specification” defined.
NAC 284.038. “Classification” defined.
NAC 284.042. “Classification plan” defined.
NAC 284.050. “Commission” defined.
NAC 284.051. “Committee” defined.
NAC 284.0525. “Continuous service” defined.
NAC 284.053. “Date of hire” defined.
NAC 284.0533. “Dating relationship” defined.
NAC 284.0535. “Day” defined.
NAC 284.054. “Demotion” defined.
NAC 284.055. “Department” defined.
NAC 284.057. “Division of Human Resource Management” defined.
NAC 284.058. “Eligible person” defined.
NAC 284.062. “Employee” defined.
NAC 284.063. “Entry level” defined.
NAC 284.0637. “Exempt classified employee” defined.
NAC 284.0638. “Exempt unclassified employee” defined.
NAC 284.0639. “Full-time employee” defined.
NAC 284.064. “Full-time employment” defined.
NAC 284.065. “Full-time equivalency” and “full-time equivalent” defined.
NAC 284.0655. “Genetic information” defined.
NAC 284.066. “Grade” defined.
NAC 284.0663. “Holiday” defined.
NAC 284.0665. “Individual classification study” defined.
NAC 284.067. “Innovative workweek” defined.
NAC 284.068. “Insurer” defined.
NAC 284.069. “Journey level” defined.
NAC 284.070. “Nonclassified employee” defined.
NAC 284.071. “Nonexempt employee” defined.
NAC 284.072. “Nonstandard workweek” defined.
NAC 284.0725. “Normal rate of pay” defined.
NAC 284.073. “Occupational study” defined.
NAC 284.0735. “Organizational climate study” defined.
NAC 284.0742. “Paid status” defined.
NAC 284.0745. “Part-time employee” defined.
NAC 284.0746. “Part-time employment” defined.
NAC 284.0748. “Pay class designation” defined.
NAC 284.075. “Pay progression date” defined.
NAC 284.076. “Permanent employee” defined.
NAC 284.078. “Permanent status” defined.
NAC 284.086. “Position” defined.
NAC 284.087. “Positive reporting employee” defined.
NAC 284.0875. “Premises of the workplace” defined.
NAC 284.088. “Promotion” defined.
NAC 284.0915. “Rating of performance” defined.
NAC 284.092. “Reallocation” defined.
NAC 284.093. “Reappointment” defined.
NAC 284.094. “Reclassification” defined.
NAC 284.095. “Reemployment” defined.
NAC 284.0955. “Rehire” defined.
NAC 284.096. “Reinstatement” defined.
NAC 284.097. “Reviewing officer” defined.
NAC 284.0975. “Risk Management Division” defined.
NAC 284.099. “Sexual conduct” defined.
NAC 284.0995. “Sexual harassment” defined.
NAC 284.100. “Standard workweek” defined.
NAC 284.102. “Step” defined.
NAC 284.104. “Trainee level” defined.
NAC 284.106. “Transfer” defined.
NAC 284.108. “Trial period” defined.
NAC 284.110. “Underfill” defined.
NAC 284.112. “Working day” defined.
NAC 284.1125. “Work-related injury or occupational disease” defined.
NAC 284.113. “Working day” interpreted.
NAC 284.114. Affirmative action program and equal employment opportunity.
NAC 284.116. Computation of time.
NAC 284.120. Adoption by reference of federal law, regulations and manual regarding persons with disabilities.
NAC 284.122. Severability.
NAC 284.126. Creation of new class, reclassification of position or reallocation of existing class.
NAC 284.130. Investigations of classifications.
NAC 284.132. Temporary classifications.
NAC 284.134. Individual reclassification of position to higher level: Status of incumbent.
NAC 284.138. Reclassification or reallocation of class or position to higher grade as result of occupational study: Status of incumbent.
NAC 284.140. Reclassification of class or position to lower grade: Status of incumbent.
NAC 284.150. Class specifications.
NAC 284.152. Appeal of allocation of position or change in classification.
NAC 284.158. Range of pay based on full-time employment; semimonthly or biweekly payment; payment of part-time, intermittent, per diem and positive reporting employees.
NAC 284.170. Rate of pay: Initial appointment.
NAC 284.171. Rate of pay: Reinstatement.
NAC 284.172. Rate of pay: Effect of promotion.
NAC 284.173. Rate of pay: Effect of demotion.
NAC 284.175. Rate of pay: Effect of transfer.
NAC 284.176. Rate of pay: Effect of reappointment.
NAC 284.177. Rate of pay: Effect of reemployment.
NAC 284.179. Rate of pay: Minimum step for continuous employees hired before 1975.
NAC 284.180. Rate of pay: Nonclassified or unclassified employees or other certain employees appointed to classified service.
NAC 284.182. Adjustment and retention of pay progression date; restoration of date of appointment and pay progression date.
NAC 284.186. Date of promotion coinciding with pay progression date.
NAC 284.194. Merit pay increase: Granting or withholding; delay because of administrative or clerical error.
NAC 284.196. Merit pay increase: Credit for service under certain circumstances.
NAC 284.204. Adjustment of steps within same grade.
NAC 284.206. Special adjustments to pay.
NAC 284.208. Compensation for dangerous duty.
NAC 284.210. Differential rate of pay for qualifying shift.
NAC 284.214. Compensation for being called back to work; compensation for person required to appear as witness.
NAC 284.218. Compensation for standby status.
NAC 284.220. Change of time to or from daylight saving time.
NAC 284.228. Shift trading: Agreement; responsibilities.
NAC 284.242. Overtime: Authorization.
NAC 284.245. Overtime: Consideration of paid-leave status in calculation.
NAC 284.248. Overtime: Employee who works in two positions; exceptions.
NAC 284.250. Overtime: Compensation.
NAC 284.2508. Compensatory time: Use.
NAC 284.252. Compensatory time: Request for payment for certain portions.
NAC 284.253. Compensatory time: Rate of pay.
NAC 284.2535. Compensatory time: Firefighters.
NAC 284.254. Compensatory time: Payment upon transfer.
NAC 284.255. Holidays: Holiday pay.
NAC 284.256. Holidays: Compensation for working.
NAC 284.257. Holidays: Designation of time for holiday pay; adjustment of work schedule if holiday occurs on employee’s day off.
NAC 284.258. Compensation for time spent traveling.
NAC 284.262. Longevity pay: Eligibility.
NAC 284.270. Longevity pay: Required rating of performance.
NAC 284.274. Longevity pay: Dates of payment and eligibility; responsible agency.
NAC 284.278. Longevity pay: Formulas for calculation.
NAC 284.282. Longevity pay: Particular circumstances.
NAC 284.284. Longevity pay: Return to state service.
NAC 284.290. Retained rates of pay.
NAC 284.292. Notification of uncollected overpayment.
NAC 284.294. Reimbursement for furnishing own tools.
Lists of Eligible Persons
NAC 284.441. Provision of description to candidates for vacant position; consideration for appointment.
NAC 284.442. Length of probationary period.
NAC 284.444. Application of probationary period.
NAC 284.446. Time counted toward completion of probationary period.
NAC 284.448. Time not counted toward completion of probationary period.
NAC 284.450. Adjustment of probationary period.
NAC 284.458. Rejection of probationary employees.
NAC 284.462. Restoration of promoted employee to former position.
NAC 284.468. Standards for performance of work.
NAC 284.470. Preparation, filing, contents, discussion and distribution of reports; powers and duties of employees; review; adjustment of grievances.
NAC 284.474. Employee entitled to copy of report.
NAC 284.478. Appeal of decision of reviewing officer.
NAC 284.482. Types of training.
NAC 284.484. Release time or leave to attend training.
NAC 284.485. Criteria for approving or denying training or education requested.
NAC 284.486. Money for training to be used to produce greatest benefit in relation to cost of training.
NAC 284.490. Reimbursement or prepayment for training or education.
NAC 284.494. Request for training.
NAC 284.496. Classes and training concerning prevention of sexual harassment.
NAC 284.498. Training of supervisory and managerial employees.
NAC 284.504. Certification of employees who prepare forms for Records or Payroll Sections of Division of Human Resource Management.
NAC 284.506. Responsibilities of Division of Human Resource Management.
NAC 284.510. Responsibilities of appointing authorities.
NAC 284.514. Educational leave stipends.
NAC 284.518. Requirements for educational leave stipends.
NAC 284.522. Procedure for appeal.
NAC 284.523. Definitions.
NAC 284.5231. “Care” defined.
NAC 284.52315. “Child” defined.
NAC 284.52345. “Family and Medical Leave Act” defined.
NAC 284.5235. “Immediate family” defined.
NAC 284.5237. “Parent” defined.
NAC 284.52375. “Provider of health care” defined.
NAC 284.524. Reporting for work; workweeks and workdays; periods for meals and rest.
NAC 284.525. Reduction of hours by mutual agreement.
NAC 284.5255. Time sheets.
NAC 284.531. Furlough leave. [Effective through June 30, 2015.]
NAC 284.538. Annual leave: Computation; part-time employees; long-term employees.
NAC 284.5385. Annual leave: Leave without pay; catastrophic leave; receipt of benefits for temporary total disability.
NAC 284.539. Annual leave: Written request; approval or denial; authorized use.
NAC 284.5395. Annual leave: Payment upon separation from service.
NAC 284.540. Records of earned and used leave.
NAC 284.5405. Annual leave: Credit upon reinstatement, rehiring, reemployment or transfer.
NAC 284.541. Annual leave: Service in provisional, special disabled, emergency or temporary status; seasonal employees.
NAC 284.5415. Annual leave and sick leave: Exception employees.
NAC 284.542. Sick leave: Part-time employees.
NAC 284.544. Sick leave: Leave without pay; catastrophic leave; receipt of benefits for temporary total disability; computation.
NAC 284.546. Sick leave: Unused credit; special sick leave.
NAC 284.548. Sick leave: Reinstatement of dismissed employee.
NAC 284.550. Sick leave: Separation from service.
NAC 284.551. Sick leave: Credit upon rehiring, reemployment or transfer.
NAC 284.552. Sick leave: Service in provisional, emergency or temporary status; seasonal employees.
NAC 284.554. Sick leave: Authorized use.
NAC 284.558. Sick leave: Illness in employee’s immediate family.
NAC 284.562. Sick leave or catastrophic leave: Death in employee’s immediate family.
NAC 284.566. Sick leave: Approval by appointing authority; medical certification.
NAC 284.568. Sick leave: Placing employee on sick leave; conditions for return to work.
NAC 284.575. Catastrophic leave: Interpretation of certain statutory terms.
NAC 284.576. Catastrophic leave: Use and administration; appeal of denial.
NAC 284.577. Catastrophic leave: Repayment for hours used; receipt of workers’ compensation benefits.
NAC 284.5775. Temporary total disability: Use of sick leave, compensatory time, annual leave and catastrophic leave; leave of absence without pay.
NAC 284.5777. Temporary total disability: Workers’ compensation travel leave to receive medical treatment.
NAC 284.578. Leave of absence without pay.
NAC 284.580. Leave of absence without pay during fiscal emergency of State or agency.
NAC 284.581. Adoption by reference of federal law and regulations.
NAC 284.5811. Family and medical leave: Maximum amount in 12-month period; eligibility; use.
NAC 284.5813. Family and medical leave: Records.
NAC 284.582. Civil leave with pay to serve on jury or as witness.
NAC 284.586. Civil leave with pay to vote.
NAC 284.587. Civil leave with pay for certain public officers or employees or when absence is necessary to meet state of emergency or declaration of disaster.
NAC 284.589. Administrative leave with pay.
NAC 284.5895. Accounting for absences of exempt classified and unclassified employees.
NAC 284.594. Unauthorized and unreported absences.
NAC 284.598. Breaks in continuous service.
NAC 284.600. Definitions.
NAC 284.6002. Physical assessments.
NAC 284.6004. Temporary assignment: Conditions for offer; termination; subsequent assignment; medical examination.
NAC 284.6008. Temporary assignment: Location; jurisdiction of appointing authority; effect of jurisdiction of another appointing authority; classification and payment of employee.
NAC 284.6012. Temporary assignment: Effect of family and medical leave.
NAC 284.6013. Determination of effective date of permanent disability.
NAC 284.6014. Eligibility of employee with permanent disability for reemployment.
NAC 284.6015. Risk Management Division to provide certain information regarding permanent disability of employee to Division of Human Resource Management and appointing authority.
NAC 284.6017. Placement on reemployment list of name of employee with permanent disability.
NAC 284.6018. Status following reemployment of person with permanent disability; restoration of name to reemployment list following failure of such person to complete probationary period; rights of employee after expiration of right to reemployment.
NAC 284.6019. Limitations on eligibility for reemployment of person with permanent disability.
NAC 284.602. Resignations.
NAC 284.608. Termination of seasonal employee.
NAC 284.611. Separation for physical, mental or emotional disorder.
NAC 284.612. Layoffs: Definitions.
NAC 284.614. Layoffs: Procedure.
NAC 284.618. Layoffs: Voluntary demotions.
NAC 284.626. Layoffs: Notice.
NAC 284.630. Layoffs: Reemployment.
NAC 284.632. Layoffs: Calculation of seniority.
NAC 284.638. Warnings and written reprimands.
NAC 284.642. Suspensions and demotions.
NAC 284.646. Dismissals.
NAC 284.650. Causes for disciplinary action.
NAC 284.653. Driving under the influence; unlawful acts involving controlled substance.
NAC 284.655. Investigation; waiver.
NAC 284.656. Notice.
NAC 284.6561. Hearing.
NAC 284.6563. Notice and hearing not required in certain circumstances.
NAC 284.658. “Grievance” defined.
NAC 284.662. Providing assistance to employee.
NAC 284.678. Submission, form and contents of grievance; informal discussions.
NAC 284.680. Date of receipt of grievance.
NAC 284.682. Appeal of grievance to next appropriate level.
NAC 284.686. Submission of grievance to head of division or department.
NAC 284.690. Filing of grievance with highest administrator of department; action by highest administrator.
NAC 284.692. Agreement for extension of time to file grievance or take required action.
NAC 284.695. Submission of grievance to Employee-Management Committee.
NAC 284.6952. Request for resolution conference; appointment of facilitator; effect of request for resolution conference on jurisdiction of Employee-Management Committee.
NAC 284.6955. Hearing before Employee-Management Committee: Procedure.
NAC 284.6957. Hearing before Employee-Management Committee: Continuance.
NAC 284.696. Unlawful discrimination.
NAC 284.697. When resolution of grievance becomes binding.
NAC 284.702. Reports of personnel actions.
NAC 284.710. Order of processing personnel documents.
NAC 284.714. Official roster: Inspection; contents.
NAC 284.718. Confidential records.
NAC 284.726. Access to confidential records.
NAC 284.730. Retention and disposal of records.
NAC 284.734. Prohibition against maintenance of secret files.
NAC 284.738. Conflicting activities.
NAC 284.742. Appointing authorities required to determine prohibited conflicting activities and identify such activities and explain process of progressive discipline in policy.
NAC 284.746. Acceptance of favors.
NAC 284.750. Use of position to secure or grant privileges.
NAC 284.754. Contracts with State.
NAC 284.758. Use of privileged information.
NAC 284.762. Suppression of information.
NAC 284.766. Full-time service required.
NAC 284.770. Political activities.
NAC 284.771. Sexual harassment.
Hearings Before the Hearing Officer
Adoption, Amendment or Repeal of Regulations
Hearings Before the Personnel Commission
NAC 284.880. Definitions.
NAC 284.882. Administration of screening tests.
NAC 284.884. Maximum allowable concentrations of alcohol in blood or breath of employee; confirmation of positive result on screening test of breath.
NAC 284.886. Screening test for controlled substance required of applicant for position affecting public safety; exception.
NAC 284.888. Request for employee to submit to screening test: Interpretation of grounds; completion of required form.
NAC 284.890. Transportation of employee to and from location of screening test.
NAC 284.892. Duties of employee who is referred to employee assistance program.
NAC 284.893. Return to work of employee who tests positive for alcohol or controlled substance while on duty.
NAC 284.894. Treatment of applicant who tests positive; treatment of employee who tests positive twice within 5-year period.