Chapter286 Public Employees’ Retirement  

NAC 286.010. Interpretation of terms used in NRS 286.025.
NAC 286.020. Interpretation of terms used in NRS 286.293.
NAC 286.030. “Consecutive months” interpreted; average compensation not prorated.
NAC 286.040. Registration for membership.
NAC 286.050. Participation of part-time employees.
NAC 286.060. Member’s rights not impaired by transfer.
NAC 286.070. Transfers between funds.
NAC 286.080. Transfer of police officer or firefighter eligible for early retirement.
NAC 286.090. Monthly reports: Addition of new members.
NAC 286.100. Monthly reports: Listing of employees.
NAC 286.110. Monthly reports: Retroactive adjustment.
NAC 286.120. Employers’ liability for adjusted reports.
NAC 286.130. Monthly summary.
NAC 286.140. Employer paying employee contributions.
NAC 286.150. Submission of statement of hours in workday and days in workweek.
NAC 286.160. Credit for service: Contributions.
NAC 286.170. Credit for service: Calculation; employer to provide documents.
NAC 286.180. Credit for service: Credit as police officer or firefighter.
NAC 286.190. Purchase of service: Cost for police officers and firefighters.
NAC 286.200. Purchase of service: Cost for employees other than police officers and firefighters.
NAC 286.210. Purchase of service: Agreement to deduct payments.
NAC 286.220. Purchase of service: Effect of purchasing only portion of service.
NAC 286.230. Purchase of service: Use of service.
NAC 286.240. Purchase of service: Refunds.
NAC 286.250. Repayment of withdrawn contributions.
NAC 286.260. Failure to complete repayment according to agreed schedule.
NAC 286.270. Monthly benefit check.
NAC 286.280. Completion of application for disability retirement allowance on behalf of incapable applicant.
NAC 286.290. Physical examination of retired employee with disability.
NAC 286.300. Notice of physical examination costing more than $200.
NAC 286.310. Examinations unrelated to disability or involving medical treatment.
NAC 286.320. Approval of employment of retired employee with disability.
NAC 286.330. Suspension of disability retirement allowance.
NAC 286.340. Status of retired employee with disability eligible for service retirement.
NAC 286.350. Transfer from disability retirement to service retirement.
NAC 286.360. Reenrollment of retired employee.
NAC 286.370. Death of retired employee.
NAC 286.380. Application for benefits for survivors.
NAC 286.390. Cancellation of benefits for survivors.
NAC 286.400. Claims that benefits are community property.
NAC 286.410. Request for estimate of service retirement allowance.
NAC 286.420. Proof of birth date and change of name.
NAC 286.430. Appeal of adverse decision to Board; reconsideration by Board.
NAC 286.440. Request for appeal or reconsideration; statement from member of staff.
NAC 286.450. Procedure for appeal.