Chapter289 Standards and Training for Peace Officers  

NAC 289.010. Definitions.
NAC 289.015. “Agency” defined.
NAC 289.017. “Agility run” defined.
NAC 289.020. “Basic certificate” defined.
NAC 289.025. “Basic training course” defined.
NAC 289.030. “Certified status” defined.
NAC 289.035. “Commission” defined.
NAC 289.040. “Duties of a peace officer” defined.
NAC 289.045. “Executive Director” defined.
NAC 289.047. “Executive level position” defined.
NAC 289.049. “First-line supervisor” defined.
NAC 289.050. “Immediate supervision” defined.
NAC 289.053. “Less than lethal weapon” defined.
NAC 289.055. “Lesson plan” defined.
NAC 289.057. “Management level position” defined.
NAC 289.060. “Peace officer” defined.
NAC 289.065. “Reserve officer” defined.
NAC 289.070. “School” defined.
NAC 289.075. “State certification examination” defined.
NAC 289.085. “Weapons of mass destruction” defined.
NAC 289.110. Minimum standards for appointment.
NAC 289.120. Basic course of training: Completion; attendance by reserve officer.
NAC 289.130. Training categories.
NAC 289.140. Minimum standard of training: Training category I.
NAC 289.150. Minimum standard of training: Training category II.
NAC 289.160. Minimum standard of training: Training category III.
NAC 289.170. Minimum standard of training: Reserve officers.
NAC 289.200. Basic and reserve basic certificate: Requirements; extension of time to complete or waiver of certain requirements; request for certification; placement of basic certificate on inactive status.
NAC 289.205. State physical fitness examination: Requirements.
NAC 289.210. Basic and reserve basic certificates: Nature.
NAC 289.230. Basic or reserve certificate: Requirements for maintaining certificate and resuming duties.
NAC 289.235. Voluntary surrender and application for reinstatement of basic certificate.
NAC 289.240. Intermediate certificate.
NAC 289.250. Advanced certificate.
NAC 289.255. Supervisor certificate.
NAC 289.260. Management certificate.
NAC 289.270. Executive certificate.
NAC 289.280. Instruction certificate.
NAC 289.290. Denial, revocation, suspension and reinstatement of certificate.
NAC 289.300. Basic training courses.
NAC 289.310. Courses above level of basic training; revocation of certification; duty to report and maintain certain information; exception to certification requirement; certificate of completion.
NAC 289.320. Denial of certification: Written notification of decision; appeal.
NAC 289.350. Reports.
NAC 289.370. Waiver of provisions.
NAC 289.380. Disciplinary actions in schools operated by Commission.