Chapter293 Elections  

NAC 293.010. Definitions.
NAC 293.023. Applicability of chapter.
NAC 293.025. Submission of complaint concerning violation of provision of title 24 of NRS.
NAC 293.040. Notice of judicial, statewide and multicounty district offices to be filled.
NAC 293.060. Designation of offices of justice of Supreme Court.
NAC 293.071. Publication of constitutional amendments and statewide measures: Request for payment of costs.
NAC 293.073. Determination by Secretary of State of names and abbreviations of political parties authorized to appear on ballot.
NAC 293.077. Major and minor political parties: Use of name on ballot, sample ballot or application to register to vote.
NAC 293.081. Change of manner in which name of candidate appears on ballot.
NAC 293.090. Format for ballot questions; preparation and distribution of certain information and forms in minority language.
NAC 293.120. Sample ballots: Primary elections.
NAC 293.130. Sample ballots: General elections.
NAC 293.135. Sample ballots: Omission of notice of availability of ballot in large type.
NAC 293.160. Conduct of voting.
NAC 293.173. Counting of votes cast by certain challenged voters.
NAC 293.177. Use of signature stamp by voter.
NAC 293.182. Requirements for individual documents of petitions other than initiative and referendum petitions.
NAC 293.1823. Verification of signatures on certain petitions: Form for submission of information to Secretary of State.
NAC 293.1825. Verification of signatures on certain petitions: Determination by Secretary of State of number required; duties of county clerk; completion of certificate.
NAC 293.1827. Verification of signatures on certain petitions: Request to remove signature does not necessarily invalidate signature.
NAC 293.183. Verification of signatures on certain petitions: Limitation of witnesses.
NAC 293.185. Verification of signatures on certain petitions: Discrepancy in address.
NAC 293.187. Provision of certain information to persons who are elderly or persons with disabilities: Alternative formats.
NAC 293.190. Provision of registration and voting aids; notice of availability of registration aids, voting aids and procedures for voting by absentee ballot.
NAC 293.200. Reimbursement for cost of ballots.
NAC 293.215. Electronic notification to Secretary of State of opening and closing of polls during period for early voting.
NAC 293.217. Notification to Secretary of State of opening and closing of polls on election day; approval of plan for opening and closing polls and submitting election results.
NAC 293.219. Notification to Secretary of State of voter turnout on election day.
NAC 293.220. Preparation of election supplies and equipment for each precinct.
NAC 293.225. Procedures regarding election supplies and manner of voting for each polling place.
NAC 293.230. Duties of election board before voting.
NAC 293.240. Procedures regarding voting; examination of voting booths; notification to county clerk of certain violations.
NAC 293.245. Observation of conduct of voting at polling place.
NAC 293.247. Determination of when person is waiting to vote at time polls close.
NAC 293.250. Procedures after voting.
NAC 293.255. Postelection certification audits of VVPATs.
NAC 293.270. General requirements; voter appearing at incorrect polling place.
NAC 293.275. Notification of certain persons of ability to cast provisional ballot.
NAC 293.280. Free access system to provide information to voter casting provisional ballot.
NAC 293.291. Form to request absent ballot; voting at polling place after receipt.
NAC 293.295. Request for absent ballot: Verification of voter’s address; notification.
NAC 293.305. Delivery of absent ballot by mail.
NAC 293.307. Provision of instructions for correction of absent ballot; duplication of corrected ballot.
NAC 293.311. Procedures for handling absent voters’ ballots in county with absent ballot central counting board.
NAC 293.313. Absent ballot sent by approved electronic transmission: Recording of absent ballot and maintenance of original ballot card.
NAC 293.315. Absent ballot sent by facsimile: Contents and form.
NAC 293.317. Absent ballot: Receipt; recording; verification of signature.
NAC 293.318. Absent ballot: Plan for disposition in case of emergency.
NAC 293.319. Absent ballot: Reporting requirements after election.
NAC 293.331. Reporting of returns from early voting and absent ballots in combination with regular votes of precinct.
NAC 293.335. County abstract: Contents; combining of precincts.
NAC 293.341. Mechanized report of abstract.
NAC 293.361. Restrictions on membership of recount board.
NAC 293.365. Manner of conducting canvass.
NAC 293.371. Designation of observer by Secretary of State; withdrawal of demand.
NAC 293.375. Determination and allocation of cost.
NAC 293.395. “Official identification” interpreted.
NAC 293.405. Registration of person in county where not previously registered.
NAC 293.410. Registration by voter registration agency; processing of application for registration.
NAC 293.4105. Designation by voter registration agency of employee to ensure compliance with National Voter Registration Act of 1993.
NAC 293.411. Assignment of identification numbers to certain persons.
NAC 293.412. Inactive voters.
NAC 293.414. Person convicted of felony.
NAC 293.416. Written challenge; oath or affirmation of challenged person.
NAC 293.418. Written challenge: Notice to person challenged.
NAC 293.419. Form for application for registration to vote by computer: Contents.
NAC 293.420. Paper forms for application for registration to vote in person or by mail: Contents; submission; control number; printing.
NAC 293.425. Forms for application for registration: Availability; dissemination by request; request for multiple applications.
NAC 293.430. Forms for application for registration: Dissemination at public locations.
NAC 293.435. Mailing of application for registration to county clerk.
NAC 293.440. Restrictions on alteration of application for registration.
NAC 293.445. Submission by county clerk of plan for applications for upcoming year.
NAC 293.450. Notice of incomplete application for registration by mail.
NAC 293.454. Establishment and maintenance of computerized database of registered voters.
NAC 293.456. Duties of county clerk.
NAC 293.458. Electronic transfer of information to Secretary of State; certification; authorized access.
NAC 293.462. Verification of information by Secretary of State.
NAC 293.464. Comparison to vital statistics records to identify voters indicated as deceased.
NAC 293.466. Correction of inaccurate or duplicative information; casting of provisional ballot in certain circumstances.
NAC 293.468. Recording of cancelled registration of voter.
NAC 293.472. Record of official list of registered voters: Use to determine voter eligibility and validity of any provisional ballots cast; amendments list; preparation of registers, rosters and lists used at polling places.
NAC 293.474. Voting history: Format and contents.
NAC 293.476. Exclusion of confidential address; indication of request to withhold voter’s address and telephone number.
NAC 293.500. Definitions.
NAC 293.505. “Complainant” defined.
NAC 293.510. “Respondent” defined.
NAC 293.515. Filing; form; delivery of copy to respondents.
NAC 293.520. Review; dismissal and refiling.
NAC 293.525. Consolidation; official record.
NAC 293.530. Hearing: Request; date; notice; nature.
NAC 293.535. Hearing: Hearing officer; procedure.
NAC 293.540. Review and determination when no hearing requested.
NAC 293.545. Remedial action or dismissal; issuance of final determination.
NAC 293.550. Proceedings for alternative dispute resolution.
NAC 293.555. Final determination or resolution not subject to appeal.
NAC 293.560. Assistance in using procedures.