Chapter293C City Elections  

NAC 293C.050. Applicability of chapter.
NAC 293C.060. Publication of notice designating offices for which candidates are to be nominated or elected.
NAC 293C.070. Certified list of candidates to be provided to Secretary of State.
NAC 293C.080. Change of manner in which name of candidate appears on ballot.
NAC 293C.090. Ballot questions.
NAC 293C.100. Ballots: Quantity required.
NAC 293C.110. Sample ballots: Primary elections.
NAC 293C.120. Sample ballots: General elections.
NAC 293C.130. Members of election boards.
NAC 293C.140. Procedures regarding election supplies, voting booths and ballot boxes.
NAC 293C.145. Provision of signatures of registered voters to city clerk by county clerk.
NAC 293C.150. Conduct of voting.
NAC 293C.165. Absent ballot: Form to request; voting at polling place after receipt.
NAC 293C.170. Request for absent ballot: Verification of voter’s address; notification.
NAC 293C.190. Delivery of absent ballot by mail.
NAC 293C.195. Procedures for handling absent voters’ ballots in city with absent ballot central counting board.
NAC 293C.196. Absent ballot sent by approved electronic transmission: Recording of absent ballot and maintenance of original ballot card.
NAC 293C.197. Absent ballot sent by facsimile: Contents and form.
NAC 293C.198. Absent ballot: Receipt; recording; verification of signature.
NAC 293C.199. Absent ballot: Reporting requirements after election.
NAC 293C.200. Challenged voters: Counts of votes cast.
NAC 293C.230. Provision of aids for voting; notice of availability.
NAC 293C.240. Reporting of returns from early voting and absent ballots in combination with regular votes of precinct.
NAC 293C.250. City abstract: Contents; combining of precincts.
NAC 293C.260. Mechanized report of abstract.
NAC 293C.300. Applicability.
NAC 293C.310. Supplies and equipment.
NAC 293C.320. Duties of election board before voting.
NAC 293C.330. Procedures regarding voting; examination of voting booths; notification to city clerk of certain violations.
NAC 293C.340. Procedures after voting.
NAC 293C.350. Applicability.
NAC 293C.360. Printing of ballots generally.
NAC 293C.370. Size of ballots.
NAC 293C.380. Form of ballots for special elections.
NAC 293C.390. Supplies and equipment.
NAC 293C.400. Procedures after voting.