Chapter319 Assistance to Finance Housing  

NAC 319.005. Definitions.
NAC 319.010. Purpose and objectives.
NAC 319.015. Requirements of chapter: Effect of issuance of notes, bonds or other obligations.
NAC 319.020. Clarification of, relief from, information on or waiver of regulations.
NAC 319.030. “Committee” defined.
NAC 319.032. Duties; quorum; meeting by telephone.
NAC 319.034. Appointment of members, Chair and Vice Chair; terms of office; removal of members.
NAC 319.036. Preparation and distribution of agenda; proxies and alternates prohibited.
NAC 319.038. Record of proceedings.
NAC 319.251. Definitions.
NAC 319.253. “Assisted living facility” defined.
NAC 319.255. “Declaration of restrictive covenants and conditions” defined.
NAC 319.257. “Sponsor” defined.
NAC 319.259. Written request for certification; facilities financed through tax credits relating to low-income housing.
NAC 319.261. Action by Division.
NAC 319.263. Submission of requested information.
NAC 319.265. Notice of certification.
NAC 319.267. Definitions.
NAC 319.269. “Department” defined.
NAC 319.271. “Division” defined.
NAC 319.275. “Residential dwelling unit” defined.
NAC 319.277. “Owner of residential housing” interpreted.
NAC 319.279. “Unit of the residential housing that is available and suitable for use by a person with a disability” interpreted.
NAC 319.281. Quarterly reports to Division: Form and instructions.
NAC 319.283. Quarterly reports to Division: Submission; contents.
NAC 319.300. Definitions.
NAC 319.320. “Deed of trust” defined.
NAC 319.325. “Deed of trust note” defined.
NAC 319.330. “Eligible borrower” defined.
NAC 319.345. “Eligible lending institution” defined.
NAC 319.365. “Household income” defined.
NAC 319.390. “Mortgage loan” defined.
NAC 319.395. “Mortgage purchase agreement” defined.
NAC 319.415. “Participating lending institution” defined.
NAC 319.420. “Program” defined.
NAC 319.425. “Qualified residence” defined.
NAC 319.460. Invitations and application for lending institutions to originate, sell and service mortgage loans.
NAC 319.463. Criteria for eligibility to participate in program; notice of acceptance.
NAC 319.466. Qualifications of eligible borrowers.
NAC 319.469. Mobile homes.
NAC 319.473. Ground for not purchasing or reconsidering purchase of mortgage loan.
NAC 319.476. Purchase of mortgage loans: Mortgage purchase agreement; notice to applicant.
NAC 319.479. Service of mortgage loans purchased by Division.
NAC 319.483. Persons prohibited from purchasing obligations of Division.
NAC 319.486. Examination of books and records.
NAC 319.489. Consent to jurisdiction of First Judicial District Court.
NAC 319.491. Definitions.
NAC 319.492. “Eligible borrower” defined.
NAC 319.493. “Employer-assisted housing program” defined.
NAC 319.494. “Grant” defined.
NAC 319.495. “Participating employee group” defined.
NAC 319.496. “Participating employer” defined.
NAC 319.497. “Qualified organization” defined.
NAC 319.498. Grants to qualified organizations.
NAC 319.499. Requirements for loans to eligible borrowers; terms and conditions; limitation on fees.
NAC 319.501. Length of employment not a condition of eligibility for loan; multiple loans on same property prohibited.
NAC 319.505. Definitions.
NAC 319.509. “Household income” defined.
NAC 319.513. “Median income for this State” defined.
NAC 319.516. “Participating lending institution” defined.
NAC 319.519. “Program to purchase second mortgage loans for down payments or closing costs” defined.
NAC 319.523. “Qualified applicant” defined.
NAC 319.526. “Qualified participating lending institution” defined.
NAC 319.529. “Qualified residence” defined.
NAC 319.533. “Second deed of trust” defined.
NAC 319.536. “Second deed of trust note” defined.
NAC 319.539. “Second mortgage loan” defined.
NAC 319.545. Determination of money available; selection of participating lending institutions; notice of acceptance.
NAC 319.549. Agreements for purchase and sale of second mortgage loans.
NAC 319.553. Criteria for qualified applicant.
NAC 319.556. Service of second mortgage loans by Division.
NAC 319.559. Requirements for second mortgage loans.
NAC 319.562. Definitions.
NAC 319.5625. “Area median purchase price” defined.
NAC 319.563. “Deferred loan agreement” defined.
NAC 319.5635. “Deferred loan program for down payments or closing costs” defined.
NAC 319.564. “Deferred mortgage loan” defined.
NAC 319.5645. “Eligible applicant” defined.
NAC 319.565. “Eligible residence” defined.
NAC 319.5655. “Household income” defined.
NAC 319.566. “Median family income” defined.
NAC 319.5665. “Participating lending institution” defined.
NAC 319.567. “Second deed of trust” defined.
NAC 319.5675. Qualifications of eligible applicant.
NAC 319.568. Requirements for deferred mortgage loans.
NAC 319.572. Definitions.
NAC 319.574. “General Reserve Trust” defined.
NAC 319.576. “Project” defined.
NAC 319.578. “Residential use” defined.
NAC 319.580. Determination of availability of money in Trust.
NAC 319.584. Submission and approval of applications; fee; terms of assistance.
NAC 319.586. Determination of whether project will receive assistance.
NAC 319.588. Loans: Purposes; methods of guaranteeing repayment.
NAC 319.590. Loans: Execution of documents; assignment or sale.
NAC 319.592. Required period of tenancy for certain persons.
NAC 319.594. Examination of sponsor’s books, accounts and records.
NAC 319.600. Definitions.
NAC 319.610. “Eligible tenant” defined.
NAC 319.620. “Family” defined.
NAC 319.660. “Program” defined.
NAC 319.670. “Project” defined.
NAC 319.680. “Residential use” defined.
NAC 319.682. “Senior project” defined.
NAC 319.684. “Special needs project” defined.
NAC 319.686. “Sponsor” defined.
NAC 319.688. “Volume cap” defined.
NAC 319.690. Loans for projects.
NAC 319.700. Application for loan: Requirements; fee to be established.
NAC 319.710. Selection of projects.
NAC 319.711. Priorities for allocation of volume cap for projects.
NAC 319.7115. Prerequisites for project to receive volume cap from Division.
NAC 319.712. Prerequisites for submission of project to State Board of Finance for approval.
NAC 319.7125. Prerequisites required of sponsor to receive financing.
NAC 319.713. Issuance of taxable and tax-exempt bonds; use of proceeds.
NAC 319.7135. Percentage requirements of bonds.
NAC 319.714. Payment of cost of issuance of bonds.
NAC 319.7145. Review of contract for sale of land.
NAC 319.715. Credit enhancement.
NAC 319.7155. Amortization.
NAC 319.716. Prepayment.
NAC 319.7165. Nonrecourse loans.
NAC 319.717. Conversion to nonrecourse financing.
NAC 319.7175. Property ownership; obligations unrelated to project.
NAC 319.718. Debt service coverage.
NAC 319.7185. Escrow required of sponsor.
NAC 319.719. Loan to value percentage.
NAC 319.7195. Subordinate financing.
NAC 319.721. Regulatory agreement.
NAC 319.7215. Display of sign concerning financing of project.
NAC 319.722. Profit and overhead for developer; maximum interest rate on deferred note.
NAC 319.7225. Profit and overhead for contractor.
NAC 319.723. Assumption of loan.
NAC 319.725. Federally insured, guaranteed or subsidized loan required if project sponsored by certain partnerships.
NAC 319.730. Obligation of sponsor.
NAC 319.740. Interest rate.
NAC 319.750. Yield on loans.
NAC 319.760. Persons prohibited from purchasing obligations of Division.
NAC 319.770. Inspections to determine compliance.
NAC 319.780. Consent to jurisdiction of district courts.
NAC 319.790. Eligibility of tenant.
NAC 319.800. Definitions.
NAC 319.802. “Eligible borrower” defined.
NAC 319.804. “Loan to conserve energy” defined.
NAC 319.806. “Multiple-unit housing” defined.
NAC 319.808. “Program” defined.
NAC 319.810. “Residential use” defined.
NAC 319.812. Purpose.
NAC 319.814. Invitation for lending institutions to apply to sell loans.
NAC 319.816. Acceptance of application to sell loans.
NAC 319.818. Obligation of Division to purchase loan.
NAC 319.820. Contents of notice of acceptance.
NAC 319.822. Requirements for loan.
NAC 319.824. Requirements for loan for mobile home.
NAC 319.826. Loans to finance certain improvements.
NAC 319.828. Expected life of equipment and materials purchased with proceeds of loan.
NAC 319.830. Equipment and materials that need not be approved before loan is made.
NAC 319.832. Equipment and materials that must be approved before loan is purchased; prohibition against certain use of proceeds of loan.
NAC 319.834. Yield on loans.
NAC 319.836. Examination of books and records of originator or servicer of loan.
NAC 319.838. Consent to jurisdiction of district courts.
NAC 319.840. Service of loans purchased by Division.
NAC 319.842. Persons prohibited from purchasing obligations of Division.
NAC 319.850. Definitions.
NAC 319.852. Purpose.
NAC 319.854. Acquisition of land.
NAC 319.856. Financing for eligible housing.
NAC 319.858. Acceptance of applications.
NAC 319.860. Determination of sales price of land; acquisition of land.
NAC 319.862. Sale of land to sponsor.
NAC 319.864. Conditions for sale of land to sponsor.
NAC 319.866. Establishment of standards to determine prices, income and other requirements for eligible families or persons with special needs.
NAC 319.868. Examination of books and records of sponsor.
NAC 319.870. Consent to jurisdiction of district courts.
NAC 319.872. Persons prohibited from purchasing obligations of Division.
NAC 319.885. Definitions.
NAC 319.8855. “Account” defined.
NAC 319.887. “Eligible family” defined.
NAC 319.893. “Housing authority” defined.
NAC 319.895. “Local government” defined.
NAC 319.897. “Local share” defined.
NAC 319.8985. “Participating jurisdiction” defined.
NAC 319.899. “Project” defined.
NAC 319.906. Entities eligible to apply for money.
NAC 319.908. Eligibility of entity in limited partnership with for-profit organization.
NAC 319.910. Allocation and administration of money by Division.
NAC 319.912. Balance required before distribution; notice of solicitation of proposals; deadline for submission of proposals.
NAC 319.914. Solicitation of proposals and notification of money available following initial round of funding.
NAC 319.916. Submission of proposals between rounds of funding.
NAC 319.918. Proposals for projects not sought through local participating jurisdiction.
NAC 319.920. Refusal to consider proposal for failure to perform certain obligations.
NAC 319.922. Evaluation of proposals and determination of money awarded by participating jurisdiction; evaluation and approval of proposals by Division.
NAC 319.940. Execution of documents by successful applicants.
NAC 319.942. Distribution of money to other entities in lieu of Division of Welfare and Supportive Services.
NAC 319.944. Auditing of projects receiving money.
NAC 319.946. Periodic reports on use of money received.
NAC 319.948. Return of money to Division: Failure to use within 3 years.
NAC 319.950. Return of money to Division: Defunct projects; failure to benefit eligible families.
NAC 319.951. Definitions.
NAC 319.953. “Applicant” defined.
NAC 319.955. “Code” defined.
NAC 319.956. “Compliance period” defined.
NAC 319.957. “Day” defined.
NAC 319.958. “Declaration of restrictive covenants and conditions” defined.
NAC 319.961. “Project sponsor” defined.
NAC 319.962. “Qualified allocation plan” defined.
NAC 319.964. “State ceiling” defined.
NAC 319.965. “Tax credit” defined.
NAC 319.967. Compliance with qualified allocation plan; action or statement by Division not implied or express representation or warranty of financial feasibility.
NAC 319.968. Recording of declaration of restrictive covenants and conditions.
NAC 319.970. Annual plan: Publication by Division; contents; application form.
NAC 319.971. Annual plan: Public hearings before adoption; notice of hearing; adoption; training sessions; fees.
NAC 319.972. Initial apportionment of tax credits; set-aside accounts; priorities; preference points; reservation of tax credits; unused tax credits.
NAC 319.974. Application: Submission; grounds for rejection; review and retention of rejected applications; subsequent reservation rounds.
NAC 319.975. Application: Review and determination of eligibility for reservation or award of tax credits; written notice to applicant; request for review of determination; restriction.
NAC 319.977. Application: Tentative ranking; proposed reservation of tax credits; request for review by Administrator; proposed reservation subject to change.
NAC 319.978. Final determination of reservation of tax credits; written notice to applicant; change in status of applicant; liability of Division.
NAC 319.979. Submission of progress report by project sponsor.
NAC 319.980. Carryover of reserved tax credits; written request; report of compliance with certain provisions of Code; limitation on carryover.
NAC 319.981. Closure of project after receiving reservation of tax credits; extension of time; termination of reservation; reapplication; fees.
NAC 319.983. Submission of final application for tax credits upon completion of project; determination of amount of award; additional statements and forms.
NAC 319.984. Administrative review of certain determinations and actions; written request for review; procedure for hearing; transcript of hearing; representation of parties; further proceedings and investigation; final decision; judicial review.
NAC 319.985. Receipt of application, notice or other document; computation of time.
NAC 319.986. Eligibility for reservation or award of tax credits; inspections by Division; additional conditions and requirements.
NAC 319.987. Determination of financial feasibility; analysis of pro forma by Division; additional criteria, assumptions and limitations.
NAC 319.988. Eligibility of nonprofit organization for reservation of tax credits; priority ranking; requirements upon final award.
NAC 319.989. Criteria for award of preference points.
NAC 319.990. Ranking of certain projects that receive equal number of preference points.
NAC 319.991. Calculation of reservation of tax credits; qualified census tracts; subsequent allocation rounds.
NAC 319.992. No award if amount of tax credits requested or required for project exceeds certain amount.
NAC 319.993. Calculation of final award of tax credits.
NAC 319.995. Compliance with certain provisions during compliance period; preparation of compliance manual by Division; records and reports; annual certification; inspections; notification of noncompliance; fees.
NAC 319.996. Projects financed by tax-exempt bonds: Applicability of certain provisions; application for tax credits.
NAC 319.998. Fees.
NAC 319.999. Limitation on amount of developer’s fee for certain projects.