Chapter349 State Obligations  

NAC 349.010. Definitions.
NAC 349.012. “Bond facilitator” defined.
NAC 349.013. “Bonds” defined.
NAC 349.014. “Department” defined.
NAC 349.015. “Director” defined.
NAC 349.016. “Finance” and “financing” defined.
NAC 349.018. “Obligor” defined.
NAC 349.019. “Project” defined.
NAC 349.020. Purpose and objectives.
NAC 349.025. Issuance of bonds.
NAC 349.030. Financing.
NAC 349.033. Bond facilitators: Availability of, application and conditions for placement on, and removal from list of approved bond facilitators; authority.
NAC 349.036. Bond facilitators: Duties.
NAC 349.040. Application for financing: Contents and form; fees; deposit; reimbursement of costs of Department; action by Director.
NAC 349.045. Requirements for bonds.
NAC 349.048. Duties of Director: Determinations of ratio of taxable to tax-exempt bonds; selection of investment banking companies and financial institutions for financing.
NAC 349.050. Authorized investments.
NAC 349.070. Examination of books and records.
NAC 349.080. Requests for clarification, relief or information.
General Provisions
Preliminary Procedures
Filing, Review and Approval of Applications
Miscellaneous Provisions
NAC 349.430. Definitions.
NAC 349.432. “Account for the Revolving Fund” defined.
NAC 349.435. “Board” defined.
NAC 349.440. “Bureau” defined.
NAC 349.443. “Community sewage disposal system” defined.
NAC 349.445. “Community water system” defined.
NAC 349.450. “Department” defined.
NAC 349.455. “Director” defined.
NAC 349.458. “Eligible recipient” defined.
NAC 349.461. “Fund” defined.
NAC 349.4615. “Individual sewage disposal system” defined.
NAC 349.462. “Irrigation district” defined.
NAC 349.463. “Nontransient water system” defined.
NAC 349.464. “Program” defined.
NAC 349.465. “Public water system” defined.
NAC 349.466. “Purveyor of water” defined.
NAC 349.467. “Requirements for public water systems” defined.
NAC 349.469. “Viable” defined.
NAC 349.471. “Costs traditionally associated with capital improvements” interpreted.
NAC 349.475. Eligibility for grant; filing of letter of intent.
NAC 349.480. Procedure following receipt of letter of intent.
NAC 349.485. Approval of letter of intent.
NAC 349.490. Disapproval of letter of intent; finality of decision of Board; reapplication.
NAC 349.495. Application: Submission.
NAC 349.500. Application: Required items and information; waiver of requirements.
NAC 349.505. Determination of financial feasibility of proposed improvement; evaluation of certain abilities of applicant and charge for water; determination of exceptional circumstances.
NAC 349.510. Review of application and feasibility reports; incomplete application; reports to Board.
NAC 349.515. Receipt of permits or authority to proceed required; exceptions; determination of sufficient water rights.
NAC 349.520. Disapproval of application: Procedure; notice.
NAC 349.525. Public meeting on proposed improvement or costs; correction of deficiencies in application.
NAC 349.530. Review of completed application; determinations by Board.
NAC 349.535. Determination to provide grant: Action by Board; amount of grant; duties of Division of Environmental Protection of the Department.
NAC 349.540. Request for issuance of general obligation bonds.
NAC 349.549. Administrative fee; funding agreement.
NAC 349.554. Duties of recipient of grant before commencement of bidding and construction.
NAC 349.559. Duties of recipient of grant: Submission of information to Division of Environmental Protection of Department.
NAC 349.564. Disbursement of money pursuant to grant.
NAC 349.569. Award of credit toward amount of money recipient of grant is required to provide.
NAC 349.574. Procedure following completion of improvement.