Chapter395 Education of Persons With Disabilities  

NAC 395.010. Definitions.
NAC 395.020. Psychological and educational evaluation of persons with disabilities.
NAC 395.030. Individualized educational programs: Preparation; purpose; review or revision.
NAC 395.040. Determination by administrative staff; application to board of trustees.
NAC 395.060. Submission of documents by board of trustees to Superintendent of Public Instruction.
NAC 395.080. Receipt of application; Superintendent of Public Instruction authorized to request further evaluation.
NAC 395.090. Confidentiality of records by Department of Education.
NAC 395.100. Rejection of application.
NAC 395.110. Approval of application; selection of educational program.
NAC 395.120. Procedure when appropriate educational program not readily available.
NAC 395.130. Transportation expenses.
NAC 395.140. Annual assessment and report of progress; visit by staff member; license of residence or school required.
NAC 395.145. Proposal of school district to return person with disability to school district; federal money for proposal; restriction on use of money in subsequent years.
NAC 395.150. Change of address, telephone number or marital status.
NAC 395.160. Continuation of benefits: Annual certification and notification by superintendent of school district; determination by Superintendent of Public Instruction; notice of ineligibility.