Chapter407 State Parks and Other Recreational Areas  

NAC 407.005. Definitions.
NAC 407.006. “Administrator” defined.
NAC 407.0061. “Annual boating permit” defined.
NAC 407.0062. “Annual permit” defined.
NAC 407.0063. “Boating” defined.
NAC 407.0065. “Camping” defined.
NAC 407.0071. “Commercial photography” defined.
NAC 407.0075. “Division” defined.
NAC 407.0077. “Entrance fee” defined.
NAC 407.008. “Group use” defined.
NAC 407.0084. “Hook-up” defined.
NAC 407.0088. “Off-highway vehicle” defined.
NAC 407.009. “Park” defined.
NAC 407.0093. “Passport permit” defined.
NAC 407.0095. “Service animal” defined.
NAC 407.0096. “Service animal in training” defined.
NAC 407.0097. “Special use permit” defined.
NAC 407.010. Applicability.
NAC 407.050. Permits for senior citizens, disabled veterans, commercial photography and nonemergency aircraft; miscellaneous fees.
NAC 407.052. Multipurpose annual permits.
NAC 407.0523. Annual regional permits.
NAC 407.0527. Annual regional boating permits.
NAC 407.053. Establishment of procedures, conditions and fees for special use permit.
NAC 407.054. Limitations on passport permit.
NAC 407.055. Fees for use of parks.
NAC 407.057. Waiver of fees.
NAC 407.060. No refund of fees where privileges rescinded for infractions.
NAC 407.061. Prohibition against disregarding lawful order of employee of Division.
NAC 407.062. Opening and closing times for parks or areas in parks.
NAC 407.063. Posting of opening and closing hours, restrictions and prohibitions; filing of affidavit of posting.
NAC 407.065. Procedure for registration of participant in recreational activity.
NAC 407.067. Procedure for reserving campsite, area or facility.
NAC 407.069. Closure of or restriction of access to designated areas.
NAC 407.080. Camping.
NAC 407.082. Use of park without paying fee.
NAC 407.085. Use of park for organized activity, event or other purpose.
NAC 407.087. Use of water supply of park.
NAC 407.088. Commercial use of park.
NAC 407.090. Fires; firewood or other combustibles.
NAC 407.101. Fireworks and explosives.
NAC 407.103. Metal detector.
NAC 407.105. Use of weapons.
NAC 407.107. Wildlife.
NAC 407.110. Sanitation.
NAC 407.115. Glass containers on beach or waterfront area.
NAC 407.120. Vehicles, trailers and other personal property: Prohibited acts.
NAC 407.121. Vessels, vehicles and other personal property: Parking, abandoning or leaving unattended; impoundment.
NAC 407.122. Off-highway vehicles.
NAC 407.125. Aircraft.
NAC 407.131. Boats.
NAC 407.133. Recreational equipment of nonpersonal nature.
NAC 407.135. Livestock.
NAC 407.140. Pets and other domestic animals.
NAC 407.145. Curfew.
NAC 407.150. Quiet hours.
NAC 407.211. Big Bend of the Colorado State Recreation Area.
NAC 407.225. Cave Lake State Park.
NAC 407.240. Dayton State Park.
NAC 407.251. Echo Canyon State Park.
NAC 407.270. Fort Churchill State Historic Park.
NAC 407.285. Kershaw-Ryan State Park.
NAC 407.290. Lahontan State Recreation Area.
NAC 407.300. Lake Tahoe Nevada State Park.
NAC 407.302. Sand Harbor Management Area.
NAC 407.304. Spooner Management Area.
NAC 407.306. Cave Rock Management Area.
NAC 407.308. Marlette and Hobart Management Areas.
NAC 407.315. Old Las Vegas Mormon Fort State Historic Park.
NAC 407.317. Rye Patch State Recreation Area.
NAC 407.320. Spring Mountain Ranch State Park.
NAC 407.331. South Fork State Recreation Area.
NAC 407.340. Spring Valley State Park.
NAC 407.350. Valley of Fire State Park.
NAC 407.365. Ward Charcoal Ovens State Historic Park.
NAC 407.370. Washoe Lake State Park.