Chapter441A Infectious Diseases; Toxic Agents  

NAC 441A.010. Definitions.
NAC 441A.015. “Active tuberculosis” defined.
NAC 441A.020. “Animal bite” defined.
NAC 441A.025. “Blood and body fluid precautions” defined.
NAC 441A.030. “Carrier” defined.
NAC 441A.035. “Case” defined.
NAC 441A.037. “Centers for Disease Control and Prevention” defined.
NAC 441A.040. “Communicable disease” defined.
NAC 441A.045. “Contact” defined.
NAC 441A.050. “Contact isolation” defined.
NAC 441A.052. “Contact precautions” defined.
NAC 441A.055. “Correctional facility” defined.
NAC 441A.060. “Disease specific precautions” defined.
NAC 441A.065. “Division” defined.
NAC 441A.070. “Drainage and secretion precautions” defined.
NAC 441A.075. “Employee of a child care facility” defined.
NAC 441A.080. “Enteric precautions” defined.
NAC 441A.085. “Extraordinary occurrence of illness” defined.
NAC 441A.090. “Facility for the dependent” defined.
NAC 441A.095. “Food establishment” defined.
NAC 441A.100. “Hand washing” defined.
NAC 441A.110. “Health care provider” defined.
NAC 441A.112. “Home for individual residential care” defined.
NAC 441A.115. “Information of a personal nature” defined.
NAC 441A.130. “Outbreak” defined.
NAC 441A.135. “Owner of an animal” defined.
NAC 441A.140. “Proof of immunity to hepatitis B,” “proof of immunity to measles,” “proof of immunity to rubella” and “proof of immunity to tetanus, diphtheria and mumps” defined.
NAC 441A.150. “Rabies control authority” defined.
NAC 441A.155. “Rabies-susceptible animal” defined.
NAC 441A.160. “Record of immunization” defined.
NAC 441A.165. “Respiratory isolation” defined.
NAC 441A.170. “Sensitive occupation” defined.
NAC 441A.173. “State Public Health Laboratory” defined.
NAC 441A.175. “Strict isolation” defined.
NAC 441A.180. “Suspected case” defined.
NAC 441A.181. “Suspected outbreak” defined.
NAC 441A.185. “Tuberculosis” defined.
NAC 441A.190. “Tuberculosis infection” defined.
NAC 441A.192. “Tuberculosis screening test” defined.
NAC 441A.195. “Universal precautions” defined.
NAC 441A.200. List of adopted recommendations, guidelines and publications; review of revision or amendment of adopted recommendation, guideline or publication.
NAC 441A.205. Persons deemed employees for purposes of this chapter and only for reducing risk of transmitting communicable disease.
NAC 441A.225. General requirements for certain reports to health authority and rabies control authority; establishment of after-hours reporting system.
NAC 441A.230. Duty of health care provider to report case or suspected case; content of report.
NAC 441A.235. Duty of director or other person in charge of medical laboratory to report findings of communicable disease, causative agent of communicable disease or immune response to causative agent; contents of report; submission of certain microbiologic cultures, subcultures, or other specimen or clinical material; reportable level of CD4 lymphocyte counts.
NAC 441A.240. Duty of director or other person in charge of medical facility to report communicable disease; report by infection preventionist; adoption of administrative procedures for reporting.
NAC 441A.243. Duty of parole officer or probation officer or similar employee of Division of Parole and Probation of Department of Public Safety or local governmental entity to report communicable disease; content of report; cooperation with health authority.
NAC 441A.245. Duty of principal, director or other person in charge of school, child care facility or correctional facility to report communicable disease; content of report; cooperation with health authority; requirements when communicable disease identified in child attending school or child care facility.
NAC 441A.250. Duty of person in charge of blood bank to report findings of communicable disease; content of report.
NAC 441A.252. Duty of insurer to report results of test indicating presence of certain communicable diseases; content of report; method of communication.
NAC 441A.255. Duty of person to report certain other persons he or she knows or suspects of having communicable disease; content of report.
NAC 441A.260. Authority of State Health Officer to require reporting of certain infectious diseases; effective period of such requirements.
NAC 441A.275. Duty of State Public Health Laboratory to provide testing for communicable diseases.
NAC 441A.280. Duty of persons to cooperate with health authority during investigations and carrying out of measures for prevention, suppression and control of communicable diseases.
NAC 441A.285. Use of precautions in managing bodily fluids in certain facilities.
NAC 441A.290. Duties of district health officer.
NAC 441A.295. Duties of State Health Officer.
NAC 441A.300. Health authority: Authorization to disclose information of personal nature to certain persons; duty to educate certain persons on transmission, prevention, control, diagnosis and treatment.
NAC 441A.305. Duty of health authority to disclose information of personal nature to certain persons; duties of firefighters, police officers and persons providing emergency medical services; limitation on power of health authority to order test or examination.
NAC 441A.310. Authority of State Board of Health and health authority to disseminate to blood bank identifying data relating to viral hepatitis.
General Provisions
Human Rabies
Animal Rabies
Miscellaneous Communicable Diseases
NAC 441A.750. Records of immunization: Availability for inspection by health authority.
NAC 441A.755. University students: Proof of immunity to certain communicable diseases required; exceptions; exclusion from university.
NAC 441A.775. “Sexually transmitted disease” defined for purpose of NRS.
NAC 441A.777. “Sex worker” defined.
NAC 441A.800. Testing of sex workers; prohibition of certain persons from employment as sex worker.
NAC 441A.802. Screening and confirmatory test for human immunodeficiency virus by a medical laboratory: Requirements.
NAC 441A.805. Use of latex or polyurethane prophylactic required.
NAC 441A.810. House of prostitution required to post health notice.
NAC 441A.815. Person in charge of house of prostitution: Report of presence of communicable disease required; cooperation with health authority required.
NAC 441A.850. Required contents of document informing persons of their rights.
NAC 441A.855. Emergency isolation or quarantine: Health authority to provide copy of its order within 24 hours to person taken into custody.
NAC 441A.900. Definitions.
NAC 441A.905. “Active surveillance” interpreted.
NAC 441A.910. “Major event” interpreted.
NAC 441A.915. “Syndromic reporting” interpreted.
NAC 441A.920. Reporting of information to system by emergency facility or health care provider.
NAC 441A.925. Reporting of information to system by pharmacy.
NAC 441A.930. Voluntary program for reporting information to system; acceptance by health authority of information voluntarily reported in lieu of information otherwise required.
NAC 441A.935. Reporting of additional information to system upon request by health authority; information of personal nature deemed confidential medical information.
NAC 441A.940. Provisions do not prohibit health authority from acquiring information from other sources for inclusion in system.