Chapter445B Air Controls  

General Provisions
Operating Permits Generally
Class I Operating Permits
Class II Operating Permits
Class III Operating Permits
Class IV Operating Permits
Nevada Mercury Air Emissions Control Program
General Provisions
Facilities for Inspection and Maintenance
Exhaust Gas Analyzers
Control of Emissions: Generally
Inspection of Test Stations and Approved Inspectors
Miscellaneous Provisions
Control of Emissions: Heavy-Duty Motor Vehicles
NAC 445B.850. Definitions.
NAC 445B.853. Advisory Committee on the Control of Emissions From Motor Vehicles: Creation; membership; Chair; Vice Chair.
NAC 445B.855. Advisory Committee on the Control of Emissions From Motor Vehicles: Terms of Chair and Vice Chair; terms, salaries and removal of members.
NAC 445B.857. Advisory Committee on the Control of Emissions From Motor Vehicles: Meetings; quorum; minutes.
NAC 445B.859. Eligibility for grant.
NAC 445B.861. Application for grant: Submission; contents.
NAC 445B.863. Application for grant: Action by Committee.
NAC 445B.865. Application for grant: Consideration of Committee’s recommendation; submission to Interim Finance Committee; agreement concerning grant.
NAC 445B.867. Period of grant; return of unexpended money; authorization to expend money for additional fiscal year.
NAC 445B.869. Quarterly reports by recipient of grant.
NAC 445B.871. Termination of grant or suspension of payments; denial of or refusal to consider application for grant.
NAC 445B.873. Prerequisites to award of grant.
NAC 445B.875. Definitions.
NAC 445B.877. “Appellant” defined.
NAC 445B.879. “Commission” defined.
NAC 445B.881. “Department” defined.
NAC 445B.882. “Director” defined.
NAC 445B.884. “Person” defined.
NAC 445B.886. Petitions to adopt, file, amend or repeal regulations.
NAC 445B.888. Declaratory orders, advisory opinions.
NAC 445B.890. Appeal of final decision of Department: Request for hearing; basis for appeal.
NAC 445B.891. Notice of hearing.
NAC 445B.8913. Prehearing conference.
NAC 445B.8914. Identification of witnesses; identification, exchange and admissibility of exhibits; admissibility and relevancy of evidence.
NAC 445B.8915. Intervention in certain proceedings.
NAC 445B.892. Subpoenas.
NAC 445B.8925. Briefs.
NAC 445B.893. Panels to conduct certain hearings; decision of panel.
NAC 445B.894. Change in time or place of hearing; informal disposition of matter; dismissal.
NAC 445B.895. Appearance of parties; procedure at hearing.
NAC 445B.8953. Conduct at hearing; maintenance of order.
NAC 445B.8957. Consolidation of proceedings.
NAC 445B.896. Findings of Commission.
NAC 445B.897. Record of hearing.
NAC 445B.899. Petitions for reconsideration or rehearing.