Chapter446 Food Establishments  

NAC 446.010. Definitions.
NAC 446.0105. “Approved” defined.
NAC 446.011. “Barbecue” defined.
NAC 446.012. “Bulk food” defined.
NAC 446.0122. “Caterer” defined.
NAC 446.0125. “Critical control point” defined.
NAC 446.0126. “Division” defined.
NAC 446.0128. “Easily cleanable” defined.
NAC 446.013. “Extensively remodeled” defined.
NAC 446.0135. “Food establishment” defined.
NAC 446.014. “Food processing establishment” defined.
NAC 446.0145. “Game animal” defined.
NAC 446.015. “Mobile unit” defined.
NAC 446.016. “Ornamental attraction of water” defined.
NAC 446.017. “Packaged” defined.
NAC 446.018. “Packaging with a modified atmosphere” defined.
NAC 446.020. “Person” defined.
NAC 446.021. “Person in charge” defined.
NAC 446.022. “pH” defined.
NAC 446.023. “Plan for analyzing the hazards of critical control points” defined.
NAC 446.024. “Portable unit for service of food” defined.
NAC 446.025. “Potentially hazardous food” defined.
NAC 446.027. “Product module” defined.
NAC 446.030. “Safe materials” defined.
NAC 446.031. “Servicing depot” defined.
NAC 446.033. “Special event” defined.
NAC 446.035. “Substantial health hazard” defined.
NAC 446.036. “Support animal” defined.
NAC 446.037. “Surface which may come into contact with food” defined.
NAC 446.038. “Value of water activity” defined.
NAC 446.040. Severability.
NAC 446.042. Exemption from requirements; revocation of exemption.
NAC 446.045. Substantial health hazards.
NAC 446.050. Safety of food for consumption; use of food from private home; labeling of certain food.
NAC 446.055. Food stored in hermetically sealed containers.
NAC 446.060. Bulk food.
NAC 446.065. Milk and milk products.
NAC 446.070. Frozen desserts.
NAC 446.075. Shellfish.
NAC 446.080. Eggs.
NAC 446.085. Meat, game animals, fish and poultry.
NAC 446.090. Baked products.
NAC 446.095. Storage of potentially hazardous food.
NAC 446.100. Emergencies.
NAC 446.105. Storage of food.
NAC 446.110. Storage of food, containers of food and packaged food; resale of food from bulk containers.
NAC 446.115. Refrigerated storage.
NAC 446.120. Maintenance and storage of hot food.
NAC 446.122. Reusable containers for beverages.
NAC 446.125. Preparation of food: General requirements.
NAC 446.130. Preparation of food: Raw fruits and vegetables.
NAC 446.145. Preparation of food: Potentially hazardous foods.
NAC 446.147. Use of packaging with a modified atmosphere; contents of plan for analyzing the hazards of critical control points.
NAC 446.150. Service of food: Protection of food.
NAC 446.155. Service of food: Potentially hazardous and frozen foods; raw or undercooked food of animal origin.
NAC 446.157. Service, storage and display of food: Potentially hazardous food kept at an internal temperature above 40°F (4.44°C) or below 140°F (60°C).
NAC 446.160. Service of food: Dairy products and nondairy creamers.
NAC 446.165. Service and storage of fruit and vegetables.
NAC 446.170. Service of food: Condiments.
NAC 446.175. Preparation and service of ice.
NAC 446.180. Service of food: Dispensing utensils.
NAC 446.185. Service of food: Tableware and plates.
NAC 446.190. Service of food: Leftover food.
NAC 446.195. Transportation of food.
NAC 446.198. Person in charge and holder of permit: Qualifications and responsibilities.
NAC 446.199. Restriction on employment of or contracting with person to provide medical nutrition therapy or nutrition services.
NAC 446.200. Employees required to keep hands clean; use of gloves.
NAC 446.205. Clothing and hair.
NAC 446.210. Required and prohibited behavior: Consumption of food and beverages; use of tobacco; handling of soiled tableware; hygiene; jewelry.
NAC 446.211. Food handler required to report on health and diseases; presence of infected or ill food handler prohibited.
NAC 446.212. Return to work of food handler infected with Salmonella typhi.
NAC 446.213. Return to work of food handler infected with Shigella spp. or Escherichia coli 0157:H7.
NAC 446.214. Return to work of food handler infected with hepatitis A virus.
NAC 446.215. Materials for equipment and utensils.
NAC 446.220. Articles designed for single use.
NAC 446.225. Shelves.
NAC 446.230. Equipment and utensils required to be durable.
NAC 446.235. Surfaces which may contact food.
NAC 446.240. Surfaces which do not contact food.
NAC 446.245. Threads in equipment.
NAC 446.250. Lubricants for equipment.
NAC 446.255. Tubes for beverages.
NAC 446.260. Cleaning of equipment fixed in place.
NAC 446.265. Indicating thermometers for food; devices for measuring food temperature.
NAC 446.270. Hoods for ventilation; filters for grease.
NAC 446.275. Requirements for installation and maintenance of equipment installed before and after certain dates.
NAC 446.280. Location of equipment.
NAC 446.285. Equipment mounted on table or counter.
NAC 446.290. Equipment mounted on floor.
NAC 446.295. Spaces between equipment.
NAC 446.300. Cleaning tableware, kitchenware, utensils and other equipment.
NAC 446.305. Equipment and utensils used to prepare potentially hazardous foods.
NAC 446.310. Cleaning of grills.
NAC 446.315. Cleaning of equipment which does not contact food.
NAC 446.318. Maintenance and cleaning of fogger for produce.
NAC 446.320. Cloths used to wipe up food.
NAC 446.325. Washing of utensils and equipment.
NAC 446.330. Sequence of manual washing.
NAC 446.335. Facilities for sanitizing equipment using hot water.
NAC 446.340. Chemicals for sanitizing equipment.
NAC 446.345. Dishwashing machines: General requirements.
NAC 446.350. Dishwashing machines: Use of chemicals.
NAC 446.355. Dishwashing machines: Use of hot water.
NAC 446.360. Dishwashing machines: Cleaning of machines.
NAC 446.365. Equipment and utensils required to be dried with air.
NAC 446.370. Handling of equipment and utensils after cleaning.
NAC 446.375. Storage of sanitized utensils and equipment.
NAC 446.385. Handling and storage of articles designed for single use.
NAC 446.390. Articles for single use required when cleaning facilities not available.
NAC 446.395. Source of potable water.
NAC 446.400. Bottled and packaged potable water.
NAC 446.405. Water under pressure; system for hot water.
NAC 446.410. Steam which contacts food.
NAC 446.412. Ornamental attractions of water.
NAC 446.415. Disposal of sewage.
NAC 446.420. Plumbing.
NAC 446.425. Systems for potable and nonpotable water.
NAC 446.430. Interceptors for grease.
NAC 446.435. Drains.
NAC 446.440. Location of lines which carry waste.
NAC 446.445. Toilets.
NAC 446.447. Toilet facilities for special events.
NAC 446.450. Sinks for washing hands.
NAC 446.455. Containers for garbage.
NAC 446.460. Storage of garbage and refuse.
NAC 446.470. Time for disposal of garbage and refuse.
NAC 446.475. Establishment required to be kept free of litter.
NAC 446.480. Use of measures to minimize or eliminate presence of insects and rodents required.
NAC 446.485. Protection of openings to outside.
NAC 446.488. Devices to electrocute flying insects.
NAC 446.490. Use of pesticides, rodenticides and insecticides.
NAC 446.495. Coverings for floors.
NAC 446.500. Height of ceilings.
NAC 446.505. Floors flushed with water for cleaning.
NAC 446.510. Mats and duckboards.
NAC 446.515. Junctures between walls and floors.
NAC 446.520. Utility lines and pipes.
NAC 446.525. Closures required to be in good repair.
NAC 446.530. Walls and ceilings.
NAC 446.535. Studs, joists and rafters.
NAC 446.545. Equipment attached to walls or ceilings.
NAC 446.555. Cleaning of floors and walls.
NAC 446.560. Artificial sources of light.
NAC 446.565. Shatterproof light bulbs or shields for lighting fixtures required.
NAC 446.570. Lamps used for heat.
NAC 446.575. Ventilation.
NAC 446.580. Dressing and locker rooms.
NAC 446.585. Poisonous or toxic materials.
NAC 446.595. Medications; first-aid supplies.
NAC 446.600. Articles stored on premises.
NAC 446.605. Restriction of persons in areas for preparing food or washing utensils.
NAC 446.610. Establishments required to be separate entities.
NAC 446.615. Laundry.
NAC 446.620. Maintenance and storage of cleaning tools; use of sinks.
NAC 446.625. Animals on premises prohibited; exceptions.
NAC 446.630. Applicable requirements; location of operation.
NAC 446.635. Preparation and service of potentially hazardous food.
NAC 446.640. Ice.
NAC 446.645. Equipment and utensils.
NAC 446.650. Facility for washing hands; potable water for preparation of food.
NAC 446.655. Floors, ceilings, doors and screening material.
NAC 446.660. Service openings.
NAC 446.665. Applicable requirements.
NAC 446.670. Enclosure of unit; service openings.
NAC 446.675. Floors, walls and ceilings.
NAC 446.680. Ventilation.
NAC 446.685. Lighting.
NAC 446.690. Equipment and utensils.
NAC 446.695. Refrigerators.
NAC 446.700. Sinks.
NAC 446.705. Syrups.
NAC 446.710. Tank for supply of water; inlet and outlet for water; filter; basin for washing hands; cleaning of tank.
NAC 446.715. Tanks for waste.
NAC 446.720. Containers for refuse.
NAC 446.730. Posting of notice of instructions.
NAC 446.735. Proposed changes required to be submitted to health authority.
NAC 446.740. Operation of unit from servicing depot; operation of depot.
NAC 446.742. Restriction on operation from specific location.
NAC 446.745. Room for cleaning units.
NAC 446.750. Refrigerating or storage areas required to be separate from cleaning areas.
NAC 446.755. Hoses and water for washing units.
NAC 446.760. Sinks and drain boards.
NAC 446.765. Vacuum breakers.
NAC 446.770. Disposal of liquid waste.
NAC 446.775. Posting of daily schedule of units.
NAC 446.810. Attendance of operator required.
NAC 446.815. Doors or covers for compartments.
NAC 446.821. Application for and form of permit; plan for analyzing the hazards of critical control points.
NAC 446.823. Knowledge of provisions of chapter.
NAC 446.827. Procedure for review of actions taken by Division; appeals.
NAC 446.830. Fees for annual permits and other services.
NAC 446.835. Fees for reviewing plans.
NAC 446.840. Fees for mobile units and servicing depots.
NAC 446.843. Exemption from certain fees: Interpretation of “natural and unprocessed state” as used in NRS 576.128.
NAC 446.844. Certificate of free sale: Application; issuance; transferability; fee.
NAC 446.845. “Bed and breakfast facility” defined.
NAC 446.850. Applicable requirements.
NAC 446.855. Preparation and service of food.
NAC 446.860. Equipment.
NAC 446.865. “Vending machine” defined.
NAC 446.870. Applicable requirements.
NAC 446.875. Milk and nondairy creaming agents.
NAC 446.880. Potentially hazardous food.
NAC 446.885. Containers for storage of food.
NAC 446.890. Receipt and removal of bulk food.
NAC 446.895. Quality and supply of water.
NAC 446.900. Construction of machine.
NAC 446.905. Materials.
NAC 446.910. Receptacles for trash.
NAC 446.915. Applicable requirements.
NAC 446.920. Plan for operation.
NAC 446.925. Compliance with local building or fire codes or ordinances.
NAC 446.930. Equipment used in construction or operation; location; cleaning.
NAC 446.935. Protection from contamination; construction and maintenance of surfaces.
NAC 446.940. Preparation and service of food; attendance by employee required; presence of customers within certain distances prohibited.
NAC 446.945. Approval of location: Factors for consideration.
NAC 446.946. Applicable requirements.
NAC 446.9462. Menu; required equipment.
NAC 446.9464. Toilet facilities.
NAC 446.9466. Proposed changes required to be submitted to health authority.
NAC 446.9468. Cleaning and sanitizing of surfaces.
NAC 446.947. Items intended for a single use.
NAC 446.9472. Display and service of baked goods.
NAC 446.955. Food processing establishments: General requirements.
NAC 446.960. Food processing establishments: Instruction or training of operator when anaerobic process or result involved.