Chapter447 Public Accommodations  

NAC 447.010. Definitions.
NAC 447.020. “Bathroom” defined.
NAC 447.030. “Bedding” defined.
NAC 447.040. “Disposable article” defined.
NAC 447.050. “Health authority” defined.
NAC 447.055. “Hotel” defined.
NAC 447.060. “Sanitized” defined.
NAC 447.070. “Tableware” defined.
NAC 447.080. “Utensils” defined.
NAC 447.090. Severability.
NAC 447.100. Construction and remodeling: Application and approval required; plans and specifications.
NAC 447.110. Exemption of certain facilities and equipment from requirements for design and construction.
NAC 447.120. Floors.
NAC 447.130. Walls, ceilings and closures.
NAC 447.140. Lighting.
NAC 447.150. Heating and ventilating systems.
NAC 447.160. Baths, showers, toilets and lavatories.
NAC 447.170. Kitchenettes.
NAC 447.180. Water supply.
NAC 447.190. Plumbing.
NAC 447.200. Garbage and rubbish disposal.
NAC 447.210. Sewage disposal.
NAC 447.220. Parking areas.
NAC 447.230. Disposable articles.
NAC 447.240. Bedding, linen and towels.
NAC 447.250. Soap; sheets and pillow cases; furniture.
NAC 447.260. Ice.
NAC 447.270. Tableware: Equipment required for cleaning and sanitizing.
NAC 447.280. Tableware: Approval of facilities, devices or procedures for cleaning and sanitizing.
NAC 447.290. Tableware: Washing.
NAC 447.300. Tableware: Sanitizing.
NAC 447.310. Tableware: Storage and handling.
NAC 447.320. Control of vermin.
NAC 447.330. Pets and other animals.
NAC 447.350. Persons ineligible to work in hotels.
NAC 447.360. Washing of hands.
NAC 447.370. Outer garments.
NAC 447.400. Inspections; correction of deficiencies.
NAC 447.410. Fees of Health Division of Department of Health and Human Services.