Chapter453 Controlled Substances  

NAC 453.010. Definitions.
NAC 453.015. “Directions for use” interpreted.
NAC 453.020. “Facsimile machine” interpreted.
NAC 453.100. Exemption from registration.
NAC 453.110. Groups of activities involving controlled substances: Independent activities requiring separate registration; substances included in registration.
NAC 453.120. Groups of activities involving controlled substances: Coincident activities authorized without additional registration.
NAC 453.130. Physical locations of activities.
NAC 453.140. Federally exempted officials engaged in private activities.
NAC 453.150. Waiver of registration: Drug enforcement officers and employees.
NAC 453.160. Waiver of registration: Civil defense and disaster relief organizations.
NAC 453.190. Payment of fees for registration.
NAC 453.210. Period for application; restriction on activities for which registration is required; expiration and renewal of registration.
NAC 453.220. Application forms for registration and reregistration.
NAC 453.230. Filing of application for registration.
NAC 453.240. Acceptance of application for registration.
NAC 453.250. Submission of documents with application for registration.
NAC 453.260. Amendment or withdrawal of application for registration.
NAC 453.270. Issuance and content of certificate of registration; display by registrant; issuance of duplicate certificate of registration.
NAC 453.280. Modification of registration.
NAC 453.290. Suspension or revocation of registration.
NAC 453.300. Inspections of premises.
NAC 453.400. Security of controlled substances.
NAC 453.410. Dispensing of controlled substances by practitioner.
NAC 453.420. Dispensing of schedule II controlled substance in emergency.
NAC 453.430. Restrictions on issuance of prescriptions; continuation of dependency on narcotic drug; transmission of prescription by facsimile machine.
NAC 453.440. Prescriptions: Contents; additions and changes.
NAC 453.450. Prescriptions for schedule II controlled substances.
NAC 453.460. Partial filling of prescription.
NAC 453.470. Information to be affixed to package for prescription.
NAC 453.475. Initial and biennial inventory of controlled substances by new managing pharmacist.
NAC 453.480. Maintenance of files of prescriptions.
NAC 453.485. Records to be maintained by pharmacist.
NAC 453.488. Lost or stolen order forms.
NAC 453.490. Dispensing of controlled substances which are not prescription drugs.
NAC 453.510. Schedule I.
NAC 453.520. Schedule II.
NAC 453.530. Schedule III.
NAC 453.540. Schedule IV.
NAC 453.550. Schedule V.
NAC 453.740. Protocols of research and treatment.