Chapter455 Excavations and Demolitions  

NAC 455.010. Definitions.
NAC 455.015. “Affected area of the proposed excavation or demolition” defined.
NAC 455.020. “Approximate location of a subsurface installation” defined.
NAC 455.025. “Association for operators” defined.
NAC 455.030. “Commission” defined.
NAC 455.035. “Damage” defined.
NAC 455.040. “Demolition” defined.
NAC 455.045. “Emergency” defined.
NAC 455.050. “Excavation” defined.
NAC 455.055. “Excavator” defined.
NAC 455.060. “Identify” defined.
NAC 455.065. “Locate” defined.
NAC 455.067. “Marking practices in the industry” defined.
NAC 455.070. “Notification” defined.
NAC 455.075. “Operator” defined.
NAC 455.080. “Person” defined.
NAC 455.085. “Proposed area of the excavation or demolition” defined.
NAC 455.090. “Subsurface installation” defined.
NAC 455.095. “Working day” defined.
NAC 455.100. “Association for operators” deemed to be Underground Service Alert North.
NAC 455.105. Marking standards: Adoption by reference; availability.
NAC 455.107. Marking standards: Controlling provisions.
NAC 455.110. Notification of association for operators: Required information.
NAC 455.115. Marking of proposed area of excavation or demolition; exemption from requirement for notification.
NAC 455.120. Association for operators: Dissemination of information received in notification.
NAC 455.125. Duties of operator upon receipt of notification from association for operators.
NAC 455.130. Marking location of subsurface installation.
NAC 455.135. Marks: Duties of excavator; re-marking; confirmation or replacement.
NAC 455.140. Marks: Prohibited acts; removal upon completion of excavation or demolition.
NAC 455.145. Restrictions upon and duties of excavator before commencement of excavation or demolition.
NAC 455.150. Duties of excavator: Procedures for conducting excavation or demolition.
NAC 455.155. Duties of excavator: Discovery of unmarked subsurface installation during course of excavation or demolition.
NAC 455.160. Duties of excavator: Causing or observing damage to subsurface installation during excavation or demolition.
NAC 455.163. Reporting of contact with, exposure of or damage to subsurface installation.
NAC 455.165. Period for conducting excavation or demolition: Validity of notification; extension.
General Provisions
Parties and Representatives