Chapter459 Hazardous Materials  

NAC 459.010. Definitions.
NAC 459.012. “Absorbed dose” defined.
NAC 459.013. “Accelerator-produced radioactive material” defined.
NAC 459.0145. “Activity” defined.
NAC 459.0147. “Address of use” defined.
NAC 459.015. “Adult” defined.
NAC 459.016. “Agreement state” defined.
NAC 459.018. “Airborne radioactive material” defined.
NAC 459.0182. “Air-purifying respirator” defined.
NAC 459.0185. “Annual limit on intake” defined.
NAC 459.019. “Appendix A” defined.
NAC 459.0192. “Appendix B” defined.
NAC 459.0194. “Appendix C” defined.
NAC 459.0195. “Appendix E” defined.
NAC 459.0196. “Appendix G” defined.
NAC 459.020. “Area of airborne radioactivity” defined.
NAC 459.0203. “Area of use” defined.
NAC 459.0205. “As low as is reasonably achievable” defined.
NAC 459.02055. “Assigned protection factor” defined.
NAC 459.02065. “Atmosphere-supplying respirator” defined.
NAC 459.02068. “Authorized medical physicist for electronic brachytherapy” defined.
NAC 459.0207. “Authorized nuclear pharmacist” defined.
NAC 459.0208. “Authorized user” defined.
NAC 459.021. “Background radiation” defined.
NAC 459.0212. “Becquerel” defined.
NAC 459.0214. “Bioassay” defined.
NAC 459.0216. “Boundary of a site” defined.
NAC 459.0218. “Brachytherapy source” defined.
NAC 459.022. “By-product material” defined.
NAC 459.024. “Calendar quarter” defined.
NAC 459.0241. “Category 1 irradiator” defined.
NAC 459.0243. “Chemical description” defined.
NAC 459.0245. “Class” defined.
NAC 459.025. “Collective dose” defined.
NAC 459.0252. “Collimator” defined.
NAC 459.0254. “Committed dose equivalent” defined.
NAC 459.0256. “Committed effective dose equivalent” defined.
NAC 459.0258. “Consignee” defined.
NAC 459.02585. “Consortium” defined.
NAC 459.0259. “Constraint” defined.
NAC 459.026. “Curie” defined.
NAC 459.027. “Decommission” defined.
NAC 459.0275. “Deep-dose equivalent” defined.
NAC 459.0278. “Demand respirator” defined.
NAC 459.028. “Department of Energy” defined.
NAC 459.029. “Derived air concentration” defined.
NAC 459.0292. “Derived air concentration-hour” defined.
NAC 459.0294. “Discrete source” defined.
NAC 459.0295. “Disposable respirator” defined.
NAC 459.0296. “Disposal container” defined.
NAC 459.030. “Division” defined.
NAC 459.032. “Dose” defined.
NAC 459.034. “Dose equivalent” defined.
NAC 459.0345. “Dosimetry processor” defined.
NAC 459.035. “Effective dose equivalent” defined.
NAC 459.0352. “Electron source” defined.
NAC 459.03525. “Electronic brachytherapy” defined.
NAC 459.0353. “Electronic brachytherapy source” defined.
NAC 459.03535. “Electronic brachytherapy system” defined.
NAC 459.0354. “Embryo” defined.
NAC 459.0356. “Entrance” defined.
NAC 459.036. “Exposure” defined.
NAC 459.038. “Exposure rate” defined.
NAC 459.0382. “External dose” defined.
NAC 459.0384. “Extremity” defined.
NAC 459.0385. “Filtering facepiece” or “dust mask” defined.
NAC 459.0387. “Fit factor” defined.
NAC 459.0388. “Fit test” defined.
NAC 459.039. “Form regarding history of cumulative occupational exposure” defined.
NAC 459.0395. “Generator” defined.
NAC 459.0397. “Gray” defined.
NAC 459.040. “Healing arts” defined.
NAC 459.041. “Helmet” defined.
NAC 459.042. “High radiation area” defined.
NAC 459.043. “Hood” defined.
NAC 459.044. “Human use” defined.
NAC 459.0445. “Industrial radiography” defined.
NAC 459.046. “Inspection” defined.
NAC 459.047. “Internal dose” defined.
NAC 459.0475. “Land disposal facility” defined.
NAC 459.0477. “Lens dose equivalent” defined.
NAC 459.048. “License” defined.
NAC 459.049. “Licensed radioactive material” defined.
NAC 459.050. “Licensee” defined.
NAC 459.0504. “Limit” defined.
NAC 459.0505. “Loose-fitting facepiece” defined.
NAC 459.0506. “Lost or missing sources of radiation” defined.
NAC 459.0507. “Medical event” defined.
NAC 459.0508. “Medical use of radioactive material” and “medical use” defined.
NAC 459.051. “Member of the public” defined.
NAC 459.0512. “Minor” defined.
NAC 459.0515. “Mobile electronic brachytherapy” defined.
NAC 459.0516. “Monitoring” defined.
NAC 459.0517. “National Source Tracking System” defined.
NAC 459.0518. “National Source Tracking Transaction Report” defined.
NAC 459.0519. “Nationally tracked source” defined.
NAC 459.052. “Natural radioactivity” defined.
NAC 459.0525. “Naturally occurring or accelerator-produced radioactive material” defined.
NAC 459.0527. “Negative pressure respirator” defined.
NAC 459.053. “Nonstochastic effect” defined.
NAC 459.054. “Occupational dose” defined.
NAC 459.055. “Occupational exposure” defined.
NAC 459.0555. “Package” defined.
NAC 459.056. “Particle accelerator” defined.
NAC 459.058. “Person” defined.
NAC 459.059. “Personnel monitoring” defined.
NAC 459.060. “Personnel monitoring equipment” defined.
NAC 459.062. “Pharmacist” defined.
NAC 459.063. “Physical description” defined.
NAC 459.064. “Physician” defined.
NAC 459.0645. “Planned special exposure” defined.
NAC 459.06455. “Portable shielding” defined.
NAC 459.0646. “Positive pressure respirator” defined.
NAC 459.06485. “Pressure demand respirator” defined.
NAC 459.06495. “Principal activities” defined.
NAC 459.065. “Public dose” defined.
NAC 459.0653. “Qualitative fit test” defined.
NAC 459.0655. “Quality factor” defined.
NAC 459.0657. “Quantitative fit test” defined.
NAC 459.066. “Rad” defined.
NAC 459.068. “Radiation” defined.
NAC 459.070. “Radiation area” defined.
NAC 459.072. “Radiation machine” defined.
NAC 459.074. “Radiation safety officer” defined.
NAC 459.075. “Radiation symbol” defined.
NAC 459.076. “Radioactive material” defined.
NAC 459.078. “Radioactivity” defined.
NAC 459.0785. “Record of occupational exposure for a monitoring period” defined.
NAC 459.079. “Reference man” defined.
NAC 459.080. “Registrant” defined.
NAC 459.082. “Registration” defined.
NAC 459.084. “Regulations of the Department of Transportation” defined.
NAC 459.085. “Released for unrestricted use” defined.
NAC 459.086. “Rem” defined.
NAC 459.088. “Research and development” defined.
NAC 459.0885. “Residual waste” defined.
NAC 459.089. “Respiratory protective device” defined.
NAC 459.090. “Restricted area” defined.
NAC 459.092. “Roentgen” defined.
NAC 459.093. “Sanitary sewerage” defined.
NAC 459.094. “Sealed source” defined.
NAC 459.0945. “Self-contained breathing apparatus” defined.
NAC 459.095. “Shallow-dose equivalent” defined.
NAC 459.0955. “Shipper” defined.
NAC 459.0957. “Shipping papers” defined.
NAC 459.0959. “Sievert” defined.
NAC 459.096. “Source material” defined.
NAC 459.098. “Source of radiation” defined.
NAC 459.102. “Special nuclear material in quantities not sufficient to form a critical mass” defined.
NAC 459.1025. “Specific training on the system provided by the manufacturer” defined.
NAC 459.103. “Stochastic effect” defined.
NAC 459.1035. “Supplied-air respirator” defined.
NAC 459.104. “Survey” defined.
NAC 459.106. “Termination” defined.
NAC 459.108. “Test” defined.
NAC 459.109. “Threshold” defined.
NAC 459.1092. “Tight-fitting facepiece” defined.
NAC 459.1095. “Total effective dose equivalent” defined.
NAC 459.111. “Total organ dose equivalent” defined.
NAC 459.1115. “Uniform manifest” defined.
NAC 459.112. “Unrefined and unprocessed ore” defined.
NAC 459.114. “Unrestricted area” defined.
NAC 459.1142. “User-performed seal check” defined.
NAC 459.1145. “Very high radiation area” defined.
NAC 459.11455. “Waste” defined.
NAC 459.1146. “Waste collector” defined.
NAC 459.1147. “Waste generator” defined.
NAC 459.1148. “Waste processor” defined.
NAC 459.1149. “Waste type” defined.
NAC 459.115. “Weighting factor” defined.
NAC 459.1152. “Whole body” defined.
NAC 459.1156. “Woman who has declared her pregnancy” defined.
NAC 459.116. “Worker” defined.
General Provisions
Registration of Radiation Machines
Licensing of Radioactive Material
Radiological Criteria for Termination of License
Standards for Protection Against Radiation
Radioactive Materials in the Healing Arts
X-Rays in the Healing Arts
Radiation Safety Requirements for Analytical X-Ray Equipment
Radiation Safety Requirements for X-Ray Industrial Radiography
Radiation Safety Requirements for Use of Sealed Source for Industrial Radiography
Radiation Safety Requirements for Particle Accelerators
Radiation Safety Requirements for Well Logging
Notices; Instructions and Reports to Employees; Inspections
General Provisions
Licenses for Disposal in Soil of Radioactive Wastes
Transportation of Radioactive Waste
Classification of Radioactive Waste
Disposal of Waste in State-Owned Area
General Provisions
Applicability of Program
Table of Substances
General Requirements
Hazard Assessments
Prevention Programs
Emergency Response Programs
Two or More Releases From Facility
Revalidation of Process Hazard Analysis
Administration and Enforcement
NAC 459.960. Definitions.
NAC 459.963. Clarification of regulations.
NAC 459.965. Meetings of Commission.
NAC 459.967. Correspondence with Agency.
NAC 459.969. Notification of action of Agency; fee for copies.
General Provisions
Guidelines and Procedures
Miscellaneous Provisions
NAC 459.970. Definitions.
NAC 459.9701. “Consultant” defined.
NAC 459.9702. “Division” defined.
NAC 459.9703. “Employee” defined.
NAC 459.9704. “Environmental manager” defined.
NAC 459.9705. “Handler of underground storage tanks” defined.
NAC 459.9706. “Hazardous material” defined.
NAC 459.9707. “Hazardous substance” defined.
NAC 459.9708. “Hazardous waste” defined.
NAC 459.9709. “Management of hazardous waste” defined.
NAC 459.971. “Person” defined.
NAC 459.9711. “Regulated substance” defined.
NAC 459.9712. “Release of a hazardous substance” defined.
NAC 459.9713. “Response” defined.
NAC 459.9714. “Specialist in the management of hazardous waste” defined.
NAC 459.9715. “Tester of underground storage tanks” defined.
NAC 459.9716. “Underground storage tank” defined.
NAC 459.9717. Intent of provisions.
NAC 459.9718. Applicability of provisions.
NAC 459.9719. Services for which certification is required.
NAC 459.972. Certification as environmental manager.
NAC 459.9721. Certification as specialist in the management of hazardous waste.
NAC 459.9722. Certification as handler of underground storage tanks.
NAC 459.9723. Certification as tester of underground storage tanks.
NAC 459.9724. Certification of person certified by another state or recognized organization.
NAC 459.9725. Waiver of requirements for training.
NAC 459.9726. Action on applications; examinations for certification.
NAC 459.9727. Contents and duration of certificate.
NAC 459.9728. Renewal of certificate.
NAC 459.97285. Contents of document relating to service for which certification is required.
NAC 459.9729. Standards of practice.
NAC 459.973. Definitions.
NAC 459.9731. “Administrator” defined.
NAC 459.9732. “Division” defined.
NAC 459.9733. “Eligible property” defined.
NAC 459.9734. “Participant” defined.
NAC 459.9735. “Program” defined.
NAC 459.9736. “Responsible party” defined.
NAC 459.9737. Signature requirement.
NAC 459.9738. Application; environmental assessment; additional information.
NAC 459.9739. Application fees.
NAC 459.974. Remedial agreement: Submission; contents; approval.
NAC 459.9741. Cost estimate.
NAC 459.9742. Recovery of costs.
NAC 459.9743. Report of completion; certificate of partial completion.
NAC 459.975. Definitions.
NAC 459.97515. “Director” defined.
NAC 459.9752. “Division” defined.
NAC 459.97525. “Hazardous material” defined.
NAC 459.9753. “Motor carrier” defined.
NAC 459.97535. “Motor vehicle” defined.
NAC 459.9754. “Participating state” defined.
NAC 459.97543. “Permit Section” defined.
NAC 459.97545. “Person” defined.
NAC 459.9755. “Principal place of business” defined.
NAC 459.97555. “Reciprocal agreement” defined.
NAC 459.97565. “Single-trip permit” defined.
NAC 459.9757. “Transport” and “transportation” defined.
NAC 459.97573. “Uniform application” defined.
NAC 459.97575. “Uniform permit” defined.
NAC 459.97577. “Uniform program” defined.
NAC 459.9758. “Vehicle” defined.
NAC 459.976. Applicability.
NAC 459.977. Adoption of and compliance with certain provisions of Code of Federal Regulations.
NAC 459.978. Address for communications and payments.
NAC 459.9785. Prerequisites to transportation of hazardous materials for which federal safety permit required.
NAC 459.979. Registration and uniform permit required.
NAC 459.980. Use of vehicle under lease.
NAC 459.9805. Uniform permit: Uniform application for issuance or renewal; fees; expiration.
NAC 459.98055. Authority of Division to require fingerprints from principal officers of applicant.
NAC 459.982. Uniform permit: Notice of change in information in uniform application.
NAC 459.983. Uniform permit: Maintenance at place of business; inspection; copy required in vehicle during transportation.
NAC 459.984. Single-trip permit: Obtainment; use; expiration; fee.
NAC 459.986. Inspection of vehicles; verification of drivers’ qualifications.
NAC 459.9865. Provision of notice before transportation of radioactive waste.
NAC 459.987. Reporting certain accidents and incidents.
NAC 459.988. Reimbursement of expenses for response to spill or accident.
NAC 459.989. Disciplinary action: Grounds; imposition of sanctions.
NAC 459.990. Disciplinary action: Notice of intended action; request for hearing; time and place of hearing.
NAC 459.991. Disciplinary action: Reinstatement of uniform permit.
General Provisions
Emergency Planning
Funding for Local Emergency Planning Committees
Funding for State Agencies
Imposition and Payment of Fees
NAC 459.9921. Definitions.
NAC 459.9922. “Assessment” defined.
NAC 459.99233. “Class A operator” defined.
NAC 459.99236. “Class B operator” defined.
NAC 459.99239. “Class C operator” defined.
NAC 459.9924. “Corrective action” defined.
NAC 459.9925. “Department” defined.
NAC 459.9927. “Division” defined.
NAC 459.9928. “Groundwater” defined.
NAC 459.99283. “Listed” defined.
NAC 459.99285. “Marina storage tank” defined.
NAC 459.99286. “Motor fuel” defined.
NAC 459.99287. “Petroleum” defined.
NAC 459.99288. “Red tag” defined.
NAC 459.992885. “Secondary containment system” defined.
NAC 459.99289. “Under-dispenser container” defined.
NAC 459.9929. “Underground storage tank” defined.
NAC 459.993. Federal regulations: Adoption by reference of certain provisions regarding underground storage tanks; compliance required.
NAC 459.9931. Adoption by reference of certain chapters of International Fire Code.
NAC 459.9933. Marina storage tanks: Registration; fee; date for compliance.
NAC 459.9934. Marina storage tanks: Construction, design, location and overfill prevention.
NAC 459.9935. Marina storage tanks: Secondary containment.
NAC 459.9936. Marina storage tanks: Piping and valves.
NAC 459.9937. Marina storage tanks: Dispensing equipment.
NAC 459.9938. Marina storage tanks: Filling equipment; monitoring; testing; daily inventory records.
NAC 459.99395. Underground storage tanks: Designation of Class A operators, Class B operators and Class C operators.
NAC 459.99396. Underground storage tanks: Training programs for Class A operators and Class B operators.
NAC 459.99397. Underground storage tanks: Training programs for Class C operators.
NAC 459.994. Underground storage tanks: Testing for tightness.
NAC 459.9941. Underground storage tanks: Ineligibility to receive delivery of regulated substance; placement of red tag.
NAC 459.9942. Underground storage tanks: Notice of determination that tank is ineligible to receive delivery of regulated substance.
NAC 459.9943. Underground storage tanks: Request for or acceptance of delivery of regulated substance to tank marked with red tag prohibited; deferral of prohibition.
NAC 459.9944. Underground storage tanks: Reclassification of tank marked with red tag as eligible to receive delivery of regulated substance.
NAC 459.9945. Underground storage tanks: Secondary containment system required on tank installed on or after July 1, 2008; exceptions.
NAC 459.9946. Underground storage tanks: Secondary containment system required upon replacement of tank or piping; exceptions.
NAC 459.9947. Underground storage tanks: Duties of owner or operator required to implement secondary containment system.
NAC 459.9948. Underground storage tanks: Under-dispenser container required for certain motor fuel dispensers.
NAC 459.9949. Underground storage tanks: Exemption from requirements to implement secondary containment system or install under-dispenser container.
NAC 459.99495. Underground storage tanks: Retraining of Class A operators or Class B operators under certain circumstances.
NAC 459.995. Financial responsibility of owners and operators.
NAC 459.996. Releases: Reporting; protection of site; inspection by Division.
NAC 459.9972. Assessment required before closure of tank; notice of contaminated soil or groundwater; removal of tank from ground.
NAC 459.9985. No relief of responsibility to secure approval or permit.
NAC 459.9988. Corrective action concerning soil or groundwater; assessment of contaminated soil or water.
NAC 459.999. Severability.
General Provisions
Loans From Fund
Subgrants From Fund
Recipients of Financial Assistance
Miscellaneous Provisions
NAC 459.9995. Appeal of final decision of State Department of Conservation and Natural Resources.