Chapter467 Unarmed Combat  

NAC 467.002. Definitions.
NAC 467.0021. “Commission” defined.
NAC 467.0023. “Contest” defined.
NAC 467.0025. “Contestant” defined.
NAC 467.0026. “Executive Director” defined.
NAC 467.0027. “Exhibition” defined.
NAC 467.0028. “Manager” defined.
NAC 467.00285. “Mixed martial arts” defined.
NAC 467.0029. “Program of unarmed combat” defined.
NAC 467.0031. “Promoter” defined.
NAC 467.0033. “Purse” defined.
NAC 467.0034. “Respondent” defined.
NAC 467.0035. “Ring official” defined.
NAC 467.0037. “Unarmed combat” defined.
NAC 467.0039. “Unarmed combatant” defined.
NAC 467.004. Duties of Executive Director: Supervise and establish duties and responsibilities of Commission’s representatives and employees.
NAC 467.006. Commission may refuse to contract for services of independent contractor.
NAC 467.007. Application of provisions of chapter.
NAC 467.008. Waiver of requirements; alteration of period of time required for action; designation of Commissioner to perform duties of Chair.
NAC 467.009. Adoption by reference of Unified Championship Rules.
NAC 467.012. General licensing requirements: Application; conditions and agreements; false statements; proof of identity; appearance before Commission; fee for issuance or renewal; period of validity.
NAC 467.014. Application for license: Request for withdrawal.
NAC 467.017. Effect of age, experience and physical condition on issuance or renewal of license to engage in unarmed combat.
NAC 467.022. Determination of ability to compete in unarmed combat; hearing.
NAC 467.027. Determination of physical and mental fitness to engage in unarmed combat; examination and testing; results of medical tests required.
NAC 467.045. Application by amateur for license as professional unarmed combatant: Requirements; examinations and testing; proof of ability to compete.
NAC 467.052. Application for license as promoter: Requirements; investigation; payment of costs; fees.
NAC 467.057. Manager may act as second without second’s license.
NAC 467.062. Referees, judges and timekeepers: Licensing requirements; expiration and renewal of license; membership in sanctioning organization; licensing fees.
NAC 467.071. Ringside physicians: Licensing requirements and fees; certification in life-saving procedures; treatment or examination of unarmed combatant.
NAC 467.073. Registration of sanctioning organizations: Requirement; application; fees; revocation, suspension or conditioning.
NAC 467.077. Applicants, licensees and officials must submit material to Commission as directed.
NAC 467.082. Grounds for denial of application for license.
NAC 467.087. Application for new license or petition for reinstatement of license after denial, revocation or suspension.
NAC 467.089. Effect of expiration of license on jurisdiction of Commission.
NAC 467.093. Professional boxing: Issuance of identification card; disciplinary action for falsification or misuse of identification card.
NAC 467.102. Contract between manager and unarmed combatant: General requirements; arbitration of disputes; authority of managers; assignment.
NAC 467.104. Promoter and certain others prohibited from acting as manager of unarmed combatant and from holding certain financial interests.
NAC 467.112. Bout agreement between promoter and unarmed combatant: Form; prohibited provision.
NAC 467.117. Provisions for filing bout agreements; failure to file; contracts for rights to broadcast, televise or take motion pictures.
NAC 467.122. Payment of unarmed combatant working on percentage basis; calculation of net receipts.
NAC 467.127. Limitations on promoter creating debt on behalf of or advancing money to unarmed combatant or manager.
NAC 467.132. Failure of unarmed combatant to appear for contest or exhibition; disciplinary action; effect on bout agreement.
NAC 467.137. Payment of unarmed combatant: Permissible withholding and deduction; effect of arbitration or litigation; assignment.
NAC 467.142. Payment of purse: Time and manner; permissible withholding.
NAC 467.147. Withholding payment of purse pending disciplinary action against unarmed combatant; duties of promoter.
NAC 467.149. Insurance coverage.
NAC 467.151. Payment of certain fees for tickets sold; grants to organizations that promote amateur contests or exhibitions.
NAC 467.162. Surety bond.
NAC 467.167. Permit: Submission and approval of program and date; content; payment of fee; cancellation of program.
NAC 467.169. Permit for program with anticipated large gross receipts; multiple requests for approval of same date.
NAC 467.177. Programs for charitable purposes: Application; duties of promoter.
NAC 467.182. Arrangement of contest or exhibition; use of licensed matchmaker by promoter.
NAC 467.204. Minimum number of rounds for program.
NAC 467.206. Maximum number of contestants for program.
NAC 467.208. Certain persons retained by promoter must have licenses.
NAC 467.214. Selection and approval of ring officials and announcer.
NAC 467.219. Referees: Selection; fee; protest of assignment; physical examination.
NAC 467.225. Judges: Selection; protest of assignment; fee; stationing; physical examination.
NAC 467.238. Certain officials deemed independent contractors; payment of fees by promoters to Commission; payment of officials by Commission.
NAC 467.245. Cancellation or postponement of program: Limitations; new bout agreement; approval of new date; advance notice to public.
NAC 467.255. Change or substitution involving main event: Notice by promoter; refund of price of ticket; approval of substitution.
NAC 467.259. Unarmed combatant not used in program must be used in next program or reimbursed.
NAC 467.272. Limitations on types of beverage containers, ashtrays and plates used at programs.
NAC 467.305. Training quarters: Requirements for charging admission fee; duties of person charging fee.
NAC 467.310. Tickets: Conditions for sale.
NAC 467.315. Tickets: Person sold right of admission must be provided with ticket; promoter must prepare inventory of tickets.
NAC 467.326. Contents of ticket; request to change ticket price or program date.
NAC 467.332. Complimentary tickets: Limitation on issuance; exclusion from calculation of license fee; calculation of percentage of price and service charge for payment to unarmed combatant.
NAC 467.337. Issuance of complimentary tickets and tickets at reduced rate: Authority and duties of promoter; use of and liability for tickets; disciplinary action; fees and taxes.
NAC 467.340. Admission of certain ring officials; persons authorized to use commission badge; access to site of program and dressing rooms.
NAC 467.342. Allocation of seats for media.
NAC 467.344. Reservation of area for use by Commission.
NAC 467.348. Speculation in tickets prohibited; restrictions on changes in ticket prices.
NAC 467.354. Tickets sold at reduced rate: Actual price charged must be stamped on ticket and stub.
NAC 467.365. Exchange or redemption of tickets; retention and destruction of unsold tickets.
NAC 467.370. Tickets: Removal and possession of stub.
NAC 467.376. Duties of ushers and door attendants; responsibility of promoter; disciplinary action.
NAC 467.381. Readmission prohibited; exceptions.
NAC 467.412. Sanitation.
NAC 467.414. Provision of ambulance and medical personnel; alternative medical transport; notice of program to emergency services, facilities and personnel.
NAC 467.417. Provision of emergency equipment.
NAC 467.422. Dressing rooms: Persons authorized to enter; promoter to provide security.
NAC 467.427. Requirements for gloves.
NAC 467.432. Bandages for hands of unarmed combatant.
NAC 467.437. Equipment of chief second.
NAC 467.442. Requirements for boxing or kickboxing ring.
NAC 467.447. Requirements for bell or gong.
NAC 467.452. Equipment of timekeeper.
NAC 467.472. Time required to elapse before unarmed combatant competes in successive contest or exhibition.
NAC 467.476. Boxers: Weight classes; weight differences; weight loss after weigh-in.
NAC 467.496. Unarmed combatants required to submit to weigh-in and physical examination.
NAC 467.514. Procedure for weigh-in.
NAC 467.522. Forfeiture for failure to make weight.
NAC 467.528. Physical examination required at weigh-in.
NAC 467.535. Duties of promoter concerning physical examination; fees for services of physician; provision of temporary or emergency treatment to unarmed combatant.
NAC 467.545. Determination by physician of fitness of unarmed combatant; report.
NAC 467.555. Unarmed combatant must report certain injuries and illnesses; physical examination required; payment of physician.
NAC 467.562. Suspension of licensee for medical reason.
NAC 467.568. Female unarmed combatants.
NAC 467.586. Unarmed combatants must report before contest or exhibition.
NAC 467.592. Proper attire and equipment of unarmed combatants.
NAC 467.598. Physical appearance of unarmed combatants.
NAC 467.605. Procedure for use of scorecards.
NAC 467.612. Method of judging boxing contest or exhibition.
NAC 467.628. Conduct of chief second and assistant seconds; instructions to unarmed combatants by referee.
NAC 467.635. Limitations on seconds.
NAC 467.642. Duties of ringside physician.
NAC 467.649. Warning before start of round.
NAC 467.655. Duration of round.
NAC 467.662. Persons allowed in ring.
NAC 467.668. Fair blow in boxing.
NAC 467.675. Acts constituting fouls in boxing.
NAC 467.682. Duties of referee; warnings; deduction of points; disqualification; view of replay after injury.
NAC 467.688. Fouls: Deduction of points; effect of low blow.
NAC 467.695. Fouls: Disqualification; withholding of purse.
NAC 467.698. Fouls: Intentional.
NAC 467.702. Fouls: Accidental.
NAC 467.713. Determination to stop contest or exhibition: Injury to unarmed combatant.
NAC 467.718. Determination to stop contest or exhibition: One-sided contest or exhibition; risk of serious injury.
NAC 467.723. Determination to stop contest or exhibition: Unarmed combatant not honestly competing.
NAC 467.728. Leaving ring during period of rest prohibited; effect of failure to resume competition.
NAC 467.735. Gloves to be wiped by referee after fall of unarmed combatant.
NAC 467.740. Procedure for counting; knockdown; knockout; technical draw.
NAC 467.745. Resumption of count in certain circumstances.
NAC 467.748. Adjudication of technical knockout.
NAC 467.757. Procedure when unarmed combatant has fallen through or been knocked through ropes.
NAC 467.760. Determination of whether unarmed combatant is down; effect of hanging onto or being held up by ropes.
NAC 467.765. Announcement of winner.
NAC 467.770. Change of decision after contest or exhibition: Factors considered by Commission.
NAC 467.778. Physician’s report to Commission after contest or exhibition; contents.
NAC 467.785. Recognition by Commission; registration and physical examination of amateur boxers; preparation of official list of competent judges; filing notice of contest or exhibition.
NAC 467.792. Martial arts involving full contact: Use of official rules; duties of sponsoring organization or promoter; approval of Commission required.
NAC 467.795. Conduct of contests and exhibitions; applicability of provisions.
NAC 467.7952. Requirements for ring or fenced area; use of video screens.
NAC 467.7954. Duration.
NAC 467.7956. Weight classes of unarmed combatants; weight loss after weigh-in.
NAC 467.7958. Proper attire for unarmed combatants.
NAC 467.796. Method of judging.
NAC 467.7962. Acts constituting fouls.
NAC 467.7964. Fouls: Deduction of points.
NAC 467.7966. Fouls: Accidental.
NAC 467.7968. Results of contests.
NAC 467.845. Filing of petition; hearing; issuance.
NAC 467.850. Administration or use of alcohol, stimulants, drugs or injections; urinalysis or chemical tests; disciplinary action.
NAC 467.855. Preparations to stop hemorrhaging.
NAC 467.875. Solicitation to conduct fraudulent contest or exhibition: Duty of licensee to report such solicitation immediately; disciplinary action for failure to report.
NAC 467.885. Grounds for disciplinary action.
NAC 467.886. Licensees prohibited from engaging in activities that bring disrepute to unarmed combat.
NAC 467.887. Suspension of license on ground of moral turpitude.
NAC 467.888. Suspension by another jurisdiction may be honored by Commission.
NAC 467.890. Licensees prohibited from dealing with persons whose licenses are suspended or revoked.
NAC 467.895. Effect of suspension or revocation of certain licenses.
NAC 467.900. Penalties for certain violations; review by Commission.
NAC 467.905. Disciplinary action for dishonored check.
NAC 467.920. Service of documents.
NAC 467.922. Complaint: Filing; service of copy on respondent.
NAC 467.924. Answer; appearance by respondent; failure to file answer or appear.
NAC 467.926. Action by Commission upon admission by respondent or other evidence.
NAC 467.928. Restrictions on communications between members of Commission and party or representative.
NAC 467.930. Representation by attorney.
NAC 467.932. Subpoenas.
NAC 467.934. Order to protect party to whom subpoena is directed.
NAC 467.936. Procedure for hearing; rules of evidence.
NAC 467.938. Introduction of affidavits; cross-examination of affiants.
NAC 467.940. Authentication of evidence.
NAC 467.942. Testimony of respondent or certain other persons; failure to respond to subpoena.
NAC 467.944. Amended or supplemental pleadings.
NAC 467.946. Procedure for motions.
NAC 467.948. Continuances.
NAC 467.950. Rulings by Chair of Commission on preliminary or procedural matters.
NAC 467.952. Decision.
NAC 467.954. Rehearing.
NAC 467.956. Evidentiary standard for findings of fact.