Chapter485 Motor Vehicles: Insurance and Financial Responsibility  

NAC 485.010. Definitions.
NAC 485.020. “Authorized representative” defined.
NAC 485.028. Dormant vehicle: “Extended period,” “mechanical circumstances” and “seasonal circumstances” interpreted.
NAC 485.030. Construction.
NAC 485.040. Severability.
NAC 485.050. Office of Department; communications relating to self-insurance; information.
NAC 485.060. Application for certificate; duties of applicant.
NAC 485.070. Approval or denial of application; expiration and transfer of certificate.
NAC 485.075. Guarantee of indemnification.
NAC 485.080. Security: Deposit; required amount; use and replenishment; change of amount.
NAC 485.090. Security: Acceptable forms.
NAC 485.100. Duration of security; affidavit and administration of claims.
NAC 485.110. Annual submission of certain information; settlement of claims.
NAC 485.115. Change in ownership or control of self-insurer.
NAC 485.120. Cancellation of certificate.
NAC 485.150. “Amended,” “issued” and “terminated” interpreted.
NAC 485.151. Designation of person responsible for maintaining insurance; suspension of registration.
NAC 485.153. Notification to Department by owner of motor vehicle of issuance, amendment or termination of insurance; submission to Department by insurer of record of motor vehicle liability policy issued or amended.
NAC 485.155. Contents of record provided by insurer.
NAC 485.157. Electronic query by Department requesting verification of insurance: Contents; response by insurer.
NAC 485.160. Form of record submitted by insurer.
NAC 485.175. Noncompliance of insurer to maintain and provide access to the Department to certain records or to submit records.
NAC 485.180. Discontinuance by insurer of practice of issuing and renewing motor vehicle liability policies.
NAC 485.185. Suspension of registration: Reinstatement of registration of dormant vehicle.
NAC 485.190. Suspension of registration: Reinstatement of registration or rescission of suspension on ground of extenuating circumstances.