Chapter486A Fleets: Use of Alternative Fuels  

NAC 486A.010. Definitions.
NAC 486A.015. “Alternative fuel” defined.
NAC 486A.017. “Alternative fuel vehicle” defined.
NAC 486A.045. “Clean vehicle” defined.
NAC 486A.050. “Commission” defined.
NAC 486A.055. “Contingency measure” defined.
NAC 486A.065. “Control measure” defined.
NAC 486A.080. “Department” defined.
NAC 486A.090. “Director” defined.
NAC 486A.100. “Fiscal year” defined.
NAC 486A.102. “Fleet” defined.
NAC 486A.110. “Heavy-duty truck” defined.
NAC 486A.115. “Hybrid electric vehicle” defined.
NAC 486A.120. “Motor vehicle” defined.
NAC 486A.125. “State Implementation Plan” defined.
NAC 486A.135. Applicability of chapter.
NAC 486A.140. Designation of fuel as alternative fuel: Request for designation; requirements for designation; notice of intent to designate; maintenance of list.
NAC 486A.145. Adoption by reference of certain provisions of Arizona Administrative Code and California Code of Regulations governing reformulated gasoline.
NAC 486A.150. Alternative fuel retrofit system for motor vehicles: Requirements for use.
NAC 486A.160. Acquisition or replacement of vehicles to clean vehicles, hybrid electric vehicles or vehicles capable of using alternative fuel; waivers.
NAC 486A.180. Use of alternative fuel; reporting requirements.
NAC 486A.190. Authority of Director to require additional reports.
NAC 486A.200. Approval of variance from provisions.
NAC 486A.210. Violations: Notice; order to take corrective action; initiation of proceedings before Commission.
NAC 486A.220. Violations: Severity; imposition and amount of fine.
NAC 486A.230. Violations: Payment of fine.
NAC 486A.240. Appeal of decision of Director.
NAC 486A.250. Appeal of final decision of Department.