Chapter488 Watercraft  

NAC 488.010. Definitions.
NAC 488.045. “Undocumented motorboat” interpreted.
NAC 488.050. Removal of personal information from list sold by Department.
NAC 488.100. Application for certificate of number or certificate of ownership.
NAC 488.105. Contents of certificate of number.
NAC 488.115. Certificates of number for motorboats used for hire.
NAC 488.120. Vessel for which marine documentation pending or issued by Coast Guard: Temporary operating permit; certificate of number and validation decal.
NAC 488.125. Certificates of number: Duplicates.
NAC 488.130. Certificates of number: Expiration date.
NAC 488.135. Renewal certificates of number.
NAC 488.140. Certificates of number: Invalidity and surrender.
NAC 488.145. Destroyed or abandoned motorboats.
NAC 488.150. Identification numbers: Contents.
NAC 488.155. Numbers issued to motorboats exempt from requirement of registration.
NAC 488.160. Identification number: Placement on vessel.
NAC 488.165. Removal of identification number and decals.
NAC 488.170. Dealer’s report of motorboat sale and temporary operating permit.
NAC 488.175. Temporary certificates of number and authorization numbers.
NAC 488.180. Validation decals.
NAC 488.185. Hull numbers; decals.
NAC 488.195. Manufacturers and dealers: Application for certificate of number and authority to issue report of sale; criteria for approval or denial of application.
NAC 488.200. Dealer in new boats: Evidence of franchise required.
NAC 488.205. Dealer’s certificates of number: Number of certificates allowed; renewal.
NAC 488.210. Motorboats used for demonstration or testing: Certificate of number; identification number.
NAC 488.215. Grounds for revocation of authority to serve as boat dealer for Department.
NAC 488.300. Applications accepted without sale or purchase.
NAC 488.305. Proof of ownership; prerequisites to rebuild certain motorboats.
NAC 488.315. Contents of certificate of ownership.
NAC 488.320. Inspection of motorboat upon transfer or sale.
NAC 488.322. Transfer of certificate of ownership of vessel that is subject of lien for storage.
NAC 488.324. Transfer of certificate of ownership of vessel that is subject of lien for wages due, work performed or services rendered.
NAC 488.326. Certain transfers of ownership disallowed.
NAC 488.350. Documentation for certain vessels; prohibited rentals; provision and review of information relating to operation of certain vessels.
NAC 488.400. Light required for manually propelled vessel.
NAC 488.405. Life preservers: Number and types required.
NAC 488.410. Life preservers: Condition; markings; size; requirements for inflation.
NAC 488.415. Fire extinguishers: Number and types required.
NAC 488.420. Motorboat engines: Ventilator ducts.
NAC 488.425. Motorboat engines: Flame arresters and similar devices.
NAC 488.430. Applicability of certain federal laws and regulations to waters within boundaries of this State.
NAC 488.435. Prima facie evidence of reckless or negligent operation.
NAC 488.440. Notice of death or disappearance of person.
NAC 488.445. Report concerning certain occurrences.
NAC 488.450. Waterskiing and similar activities.
NAC 488.455. Areas in which reduced speed required.
NAC 488.458. Mooring or anchoring of vessels; placement and removal of mooring buoys.
NAC 488.460. Restrictions on noise; fee for certain permits; mufflers; tests of noise levels.
NAC 488.465. Areas in which vessels prohibited.
NAC 488.467. Restrictions on use of vessels in wildlife management areas.
NAC 488.470. Areas limited to vessels without motors and vessels powered by electric motors; exceptions.
NAC 488.476. Activities prohibited within Laughlin boating and fishermen’s access area.
NAC 488.490. “Marine event” defined.
NAC 488.492. Approval of marine event: Restriction; agreement to reimburse Department.
NAC 488.495. Temporary placement of buoy for practice courses or marine events; fee; administrative fine.
NAC 488.500. Diagram of course for marine event; fee.
NAC 488.510. Spectators prohibited from area designated as closed in permit.
NAC 488.520. Duties of person required to decontaminate vessel or conveyance.
NAC 488.522. “Resident of this State” interpreted.
NAC 488.523. Fee.
NAC 488.525. Decals.
NAC 488.527. Exception.
NAC 488.530. Marine sanitation devices: Approval; barriers or methods of securing.
NAC 488.535. Prohibited discharges.
NAC 488.540. Violation of provisions.
NAC 488.553. Definitions.
NAC 488.556. “Boat Nevada correspondence course and self test” defined.
NAC 488.559. “Boater education card” defined.
NAC 488.563. “Course in safe boating” defined.
NAC 488.566. “Proctor” defined.
NAC 488.569. “Proficiency examination” defined.
NAC 488.573. Issuance of boater education card to person who successfully completes Boat Nevada correspondence course or proficiency examination; methods of compliance; information on courses.
NAC 488.576. Issuance of boater education card to person who submits certain documentation.
NAC 488.579. Prerequisites to issuance of duplicate boater education card.
NAC 488.583. Instructor of course in safe boating: Prerequisites.
NAC 488.586. Provider of course in safe boating: Imposition of fee; submission of information regarding persons who successfully complete course.