Chapter489 Mobile Homes and Similar Vehicles; Manufactured Homes  

NAC 489.010. Definitions.
NAC 489.015. “Advertising” defined.
NAC 489.020. “Anchoring equipment” defined.
NAC 489.025. “Anchoring system” defined.
NAC 489.030. “Authorized inspection agency” defined.
NAC 489.040. “Branch office” defined.
NAC 489.045. “Certificate of installation” defined.
NAC 489.050. “Consumer” defined.
NAC 489.053. “Department” defined.
NAC 489.058. “Factory-built housing” defined.
NAC 489.065. “Financial responsibility” defined.
NAC 489.070. “Footing” defined.
NAC 489.072. “Franchise” defined.
NAC 489.073. “Franchisee” defined.
NAC 489.074. “Franchisor” defined.
NAC 489.075. “Ground anchor” defined.
NAC 489.085. “Lease” defined.
NAC 489.090. “Listed” defined.
NAC 489.092. “Listing agreement” defined.
NAC 489.094. “Manufactured building” defined.
NAC 489.095. “Mobile home lot” defined.
NAC 489.100. “Mobile home park” and “park” defined.
NAC 489.105. “New manufactured home dealer” defined.
NAC 489.110. “Pier” defined.
NAC 489.115. “Purchaser” defined.
NAC 489.120. “Reconstruct” defined.
NAC 489.125. “Respondent” defined.
NAC 489.130. “Sale” defined.
NAC 489.135. “Seller” defined.
NAC 489.150. “Support system” defined.
NAC 489.153. “Technical codes” defined.
NAC 489.155. “Tie” defined.
NAC 489.165. “Used manufactured home dealer” defined.
NAC 489.175. Adoption by reference of certain standards for protection from fire; exception.
NAC 489.177. Adoption by reference of certain codes and standards for commercial coaches and accessory structures; modifications.
NAC 489.180. Administration and enforcement of chapter.
NAC 489.183. Applicability of certain requirements to manufacturer of commercial coaches.
NAC 489.185. Certificates and labels of compliance.
NAC 489.190. Manufacturer’s certificate or statement of origin.
NAC 489.195. Duplicate certificate of ownership.
NAC 489.203. Certificate of title, certificate of ownership or real property notice will not be issued for factory-built housing that constitutes real property.
NAC 489.205. Determination of compliance.
NAC 489.210. Informal hearings.
NAC 489.215. Conflict of regulations with federal law or regulation; clarification of regulations.
NAC 489.220. Severability.
NAC 489.300. Minimum age for licensing.
NAC 489.303. Continuing education: Proof of completion; extension of time.
NAC 489.305. Branch offices.
NAC 489.307. Operation of main office.
NAC 489.310. Determination of experience, financial responsibility and general knowledge of applicant; required documentation; incomplete application.
NAC 489.3105. Maintenance and proof of cash on deposit.
NAC 489.311. Specialty servicepersons.
NAC 489.313. Verification of licensing required before issuance of certificate of installation or matching label.
NAC 489.314. License as general serviceperson or specialty serviceperson required for owner or responsible managing employee of certain businesses.
NAC 489.316. Classification of license as general serviceperson.
NAC 489.320. Licensing of employees: Requirements; license status; surrender of license to Division; administrative penalties.
NAC 489.325. Responsible managing employees.
NAC 489.327. Issuance of more than one type of license: Expiration of licenses.
NAC 489.331. Inactivation of license issued to designated member or corporate officer of business.
NAC 489.335. Operation under fictitious name; change of name; change of address.
NAC 489.340. Display of license; advertising.
NAC 489.341. Sign displayed at established place of business.
NAC 489.342. Possession of identification card.
NAC 489.347. Renewal of license for dealer, general serviceperson or specialty serviceperson.
NAC 489.350. Reapplication after denial or revocation of license.
NAC 489.360. Issuance and renewal of license; late renewal; investigating and hearing complaints.
NAC 489.370. Additional fees for original application for license.
NAC 489.380. Certificates and labels; inspections; miscellaneous fees.
NAC 489.390. Prerequisites for refund.
NAC 489.400. Applicability.
NAC 489.405. Certificate of installation and matching label required for occupancy; provision of certificate to purchaser.
NAC 489.411. Permit required on job site; application for permit.
NAC 489.416. Standards for installation.
NAC 489.460. “Attach” defined.
NAC 489.470. Attachment of structure: Restrictions; application for approval.
NAC 489.475. Attachment of awning or carport: Restrictions.
NAC 489.480. Width of landing area of certain steps.
NAC 489.486. Construction of certain additions or alteration of certain systems: Restrictions; application for approval.
NAC 489.500. “Enforcement agency” defined.
NAC 489.505. Applicability.
NAC 489.510. Permit required; inspections; failure to comply with requirements.
NAC 489.515. Installation.
NAC 489.590. Purchase contracts and listing agreements: Form.
NAC 489.602. Liens on manufactured homes, mobile homes or commercial coaches: Written acknowledgment of receipt of written notification of sale of manufactured home, mobile home or commercial coach; dealer to maintain written acknowledgments in permanent file.
NAC 489.603. Liens on manufactured homes, mobile homes or commercial coaches: Affidavit of sale of manufactured home, mobile home or commercial coach to satisfy lien.
NAC 489.605. Duties upon commencement of proceedings pursuant to NRS 461A.140 regarding substandard mobile home.
NAC 489.610. Definitions.
NAC 489.614. “Course” defined.
NAC 489.618. “Instructor” defined.
NAC 489.620. “School” defined.
NAC 489.622. “Sponsor” defined.
NAC 489.624. Approval of course, instructor and sponsor: Requirements; procedure.
NAC 489.626. Application for approval of sponsor, instructor or course: Contents; action by Administrator.
NAC 489.628. Prerequisites to approval of instructor.
NAC 489.630. Criteria for approval of course.
NAC 489.632. Approval of certain courses.
NAC 489.634. Contents of course.
NAC 489.638. Renewal of approval for instructor, sponsor or course.
NAC 489.640. Fees; late application for renewal of approval of sponsor, instructor or course.
NAC 489.642. Hearing on denial of application for approval or renewal of approval of sponsor, instructor or course.
NAC 489.644. Withdrawal of approval of instructor, sponsor or course.
NAC 489.646. Sponsors and instructors: General duties.
NAC 489.648. Sponsors and instructors: Offering of course by correspondence or videotape.
NAC 489.650. Instructors: Evaluation of course.
NAC 489.652. Sponsors: Restriction on employment of person as instructor.
NAC 489.654. Prohibition against restriction on enrollment in course offered by organization.
NAC 489.656. Contents of advertisement and form for registration of course.
NAC 489.658. Contents of materials required for course.
NAC 489.660. Certificates of completion: Contents.
NAC 489.662. Certificates of completion: Restriction on issuance.
NAC 489.700. Seller to notify Division if certificate of title or certificate of ownership does not pass immediately from seller to buyer.
NAC 489.710. Names on certificate of ownership.
NAC 489.720. Certificate of ownership held by trustee.
NAC 489.730. Document submitted in support of application for certificate of ownership.
NAC 489.750. Definitions.
NAC 489.755. “Landlord” defined.
NAC 489.760. “Licensee” defined.
NAC 489.765. “Manager” defined.
NAC 489.770. “Mobile home park” defined.
NAC 489.775. Limited resale license: General requirements; change in name or address of mobile home park.
NAC 489.780. Limited resale license: Issuance; validity; termination of employment of manager.
NAC 489.785. Records of sales: Maintenance; contents; availability.
NAC 489.790. Form of purchase contract; statutory liens; implied warranty.