Chapter503 Hunting, Fishing and Trapping; Miscellaneous Protective Measures  

NAC 503.0001. Definitions.
NAC 503.0007. “Commission” defined.
NAC 503.001. “Department” defined.
NAC 503.0015. “Endangered” defined.
NAC 503.003. “Nontoxic shot” defined.
NAC 503.0035. “Protected” defined.
NAC 503.004. “Sensitive” defined.
NAC 503.0045. “Threatened” defined.
NAC 503.0047. “Edible portion” interpreted.
NAC 503.005. Applicability.
NAC 503.015. Wild mammals.
NAC 503.020. Game mammals.
NAC 503.025. Fur-bearing mammals.
NAC 503.030. Protected, threatened and sensitive mammals.
NAC 503.035. Unprotected mammals.
NAC 503.040. Wild birds.
NAC 503.045. Game birds: Upland and migratory.
NAC 503.050. Protected, endangered and sensitive birds.
NAC 503.055. Unprotected birds.
NAC 503.060. Game fish.
NAC 503.065. Protected, endangered and threatened fish.
NAC 503.067. Sensitive fish.
NAC 503.070. Unprotected fish.
NAC 503.072. Injurious aquatic species: Fish; mollusks; amphibians; crustaceans.
NAC 503.074. Aquatic invasive species: Mollusks.
NAC 503.075. Amphibians.
NAC 503.080. Reptiles.
NAC 503.090. Seasons: Protected wildlife; unprotected wildlife.
NAC 503.093. Appropriate license, permit or authorization required to hunt, take or possess protected wildlife; exceptions; limitation on possession of desert tortoises.
NAC 503.0935. Special permit for handling, moving or temporarily possessing protected wildlife.
NAC 503.094. Scientific permit for collection or possession of wildlife.
NAC 503.095. Permit to collect unprotected wildlife for commercial purposes.
NAC 503.097. Collection of unprotected wildlife for commercial purposes: General requirements.
NAC 503.099. Collection of unprotected wildlife for commercial purposes: Compliance with applicable law.
NAC 503.100. Taking of bullfrogs or crayfish.
NAC 503.101. Factors for classification of wildlife as game.
NAC 503.102. Factors for classification of wildlife as fur-bearing mammal.
NAC 503.103. Criteria for classification of wildlife as protected.
NAC 503.104. Criteria for classification of wildlife as sensitive.
NAC 503.108. “Evidence of lawful possession” defined.
NAC 503.110. Restrictions on importation, transportation and possession of certain species.
NAC 503.115. Restriction on transportation of live game fish.
NAC 503.130. Inspection of imported wildlife: Notification by Department.
NAC 503.135. Permit to release wildlife.
NAC 503.140. Species for which certain permits and licenses are not required: Specification; release; sale; exceptions.
NAC 503.141. “Longbow” defined.
NAC 503.142. Hunting big game mammal with firearm.
NAC 503.143. Hunting with crossbow.
NAC 503.144. Hunting with longbow and arrow.
NAC 503.145. Sight attached to firearm, longbow or crossbow.
NAC 503.146. Scope permit for person with visual disability: Issuance; application; validity.
NAC 503.147. Hunting with a dog.
NAC 503.1475. Transmitting devices attached to wildlife.
NAC 503.148. Use of aircraft, hot air balloons, satellites or other devices.
NAC 503.149. Baiting big game mammals.
NAC 503.150. Registration of traps.
NAC 503.152. Minimum visitation of traps, snares and similar devices.
NAC 503.153. Steel leghold traps: Definitions.
NAC 503.155. Steel leghold traps: Spacers.
NAC 503.157. Steel leghold traps: Use of bait.
NAC 503.160. Data regarding trapping activities: Authority of Department; duty of person purchasing trapping license; denial and reinstatement of certain privileges.
NAC 503.165. Trapping within one-half mile of certain residences.
NAC 503.170. Restrictions on deer hunting in particular areas; prohibition on use or possession of certain shotgun rounds in particular areas.
NAC 503.173. Maintenance of cape or scalp and antlers or horns with carcass of wildlife.
NAC 503.174. Sale of nonedible parts of legally killed game; exception for gall bladder of any species of bear.
NAC 503.175. Unlawful to disguise sex characteristics of animals.
NAC 503.180. Adoption by reference of federal regulations applicable to hunting of migratory game birds.
NAC 503.183. Hunting of certain migratory game birds: Nontoxic shot required; possession of noncomplying shot prohibited.
NAC 503.185. Transportation of blue or ruffed grouse.
NAC 503.187. Weapons and type of shot permitted for hunting wild turkey.
NAC 503.189. Use of flashlight when hunting mountain lion.
NAC 503.191. Reasonable effort required to take wildlife.
NAC 503.192. Obstruction or contamination of or interference with guzzler prohibited.
NAC 503.193. Exceptions to requirement of hunting license or permit or trapping license.
NAC 503.195. Exceptions to requirement of license or permit to hunt upland game birds.
NAC 503.200. Definitions.
NAC 503.205. License or permit required to hunt, trap, possess or sell raptors; possession of eggs and feathers.
NAC 503.210. Practice of falconry: General requirements.
NAC 503.212. Banding of raptors.
NAC 503.214. Duties of owner of raptor if leg band must be removed or is lost.
NAC 503.215. Altering, counterfeiting or defacing of leg band prohibited; exception.
NAC 503.217. Exemption from banding requirements; duties of owner of raptor if raptor is exempt from banding requirements.
NAC 503.220. Introduction into or removal from State of raptors.
NAC 503.225. Transfer, sale, trade, barter, purchase or acquisition by trade or barter of raptors.
NAC 503.226. Required reporting of acquisition, transfer, release, loss, rebanding, microchip implantation, death or theft of raptor.
NAC 503.227. Transfer of raptor originally taken from wild to holder of permit for captive propagation of raptors.
NAC 503.228. Possession and transfer of raptor if owner of raptor dies.
NAC 503.230. Release of raptors.
NAC 503.235. Falconry license: Requirement; application; examination; reinstatement; conditions; exceptions.
NAC 503.240. Falconry license: Classifications; issuance.
NAC 503.245. Sponsorship of apprentice licensee.
NAC 503.250. Possession and replacement of raptors by apprentice licensee, general licensee or master licensee.
NAC 503.255. Equipment required before obtaining raptor; inspection by Department.
NAC 503.260. Inspections.
NAC 503.265. Application for license must include information on raptors in applicant’s possession.
NAC 503.300. Permit to take raptors: Quota; falconry license required.
NAC 503.305. Permit to take raptors: Conditions.
NAC 503.310. Use of traps or bird nets to take raptors.
NAC 503.315. Permit to rehabilitate raptors; permit for captive breeding and propagation of raptors.
NAC 503.320. Taking of raptors for falconry: Attachment of leg band; validation of permit; transportation of raptor from State.
NAC 503.325. Taking of raptors for falconry: Return of unused permit and leg band.
NAC 503.330. Taking of raptors for falconry: Grounds for denial of permit; reinstatement of privilege; administrative fine.
NAC 503.335. Taking of raptors for falconry: Application for permit; falconry license required.
NAC 503.340. Taking of raptors for falconry: Fees.
NAC 503.345. Taking of raptors for falconry: Filling of quotas for permits.
NAC 503.350. Taking of raptors for falconry: Authorization for another person to take raptors for holder of permit.
NAC 503.355. Taking of raptors for falconry: Retaking of raptors.
NAC 503.360. Taking of raptors for falconry: Requirements if raptor is injured while being taken.
NAC 503.365. Taking of raptor to which research band, research marking or transmitter is attached.
NAC 503.370. Taking of peregrine falcon to which research band, research marking or transmitter is attached.
NAC 503.375. Housing of raptors: General requirements.
NAC 503.380. Housing of raptors: Indoor facilities; owners’ residences.
NAC 503.385. Housing of raptors: Outdoor facilities.
NAC 503.390. Housing of raptors: Inspection of facilities.
NAC 503.395. Housing of raptors: Outside this State; in this State by nonresident.
NAC 503.400. Requirements for temporarily keeping raptor outdoors.
NAC 503.405. Care of raptor by falconry licensee who is not owner of raptor.
NAC 503.415. Care of raptor by person who is not falconry licensee and not owner of raptor.
NAC 503.425. Loan of raptor to holder of permit for captive propagation of raptors.
NAC 503.435. Requirements for assisting raptor rehabilitator.
NAC 503.440. Hacking of raptors.
NAC 503.445. Use of raptors in conservation education programs.
NAC 503.450. Use of raptors for filming, photographing or other recordings related to practice of falconry; prohibited use of raptors for certain commercial purposes.
NAC 503.455. Use of raptors to conduct abatement activities.
NAC 503.460. Disposition of dead raptor.
NAC 503.465. Hybrid raptors.
NAC 503.470. Compliance with federal law relating to raptors and falconry.
NAC 503.500. Definitions.
NAC 503.502. Bait: General authority to and restrictions on capture, transport and use.
NAC 503.504. Western Region: Applicable waters; restrictions on bait and lures.
NAC 503.506. Eastern Region: Applicable waters; restrictions on bait and lures.
NAC 503.507. Southern Region: Applicable waters; restrictions on bait and lures.
NAC 503.508. Use of bait in particular areas: Colorado River, Lake Mead and Lake Mohave.
NAC 503.510. Aquatic bait and live bait: Capture, sale, holding and transportation; reference work for naming of species.
NAC 503.513. Commercial wildlife permit: Prerequisites to issuance; use; expiration.
NAC 503.515. Importation of live bait for commercial purposes.
NAC 503.520. Sale of live or aquatic bait: Invoice.
NAC 503.530. Importation of live or aquatic bait: Notification of Department.
NAC 503.535. Inspection of shipment of live fish or bait: Notification by Department; action upon conclusion; fee.
NAC 503.540. Commercial taking, sale and purchase of crayfish.
NAC 503.545. Commercial permit to take unprotected fish: Prerequisites to issuance.
NAC 503.550. Commercial permit to take unprotected fish: Conditions of use.
NAC 503.555. Commercial permit to take unprotected fish: Amendment or revocation by Department.
NAC 503.560. Certification of certain facilities as free from disease: General requirements; inspection of facilities.
NAC 503.565. Certification of certain facilities as free from disease: Revocation and reinstatement; expiration and renewal.
NAC 503.575. Noncommercial license for possession of endemic species of fish: Prerequisites; use.
NAC 503.580. Unprotected fish and bullfrogs: Methods of taking.
NAC 503.583. Ice fishing: Size of holes.
NAC 503.586. Filleting of fish.
NAC 503.590. Fishing in Lake Mead, Lake Mohave or Colorado River.
NAC 503.591. Spearfishing for striped bass.
NAC 503.592. Use of mechanical device to propel spear.
NAC 503.593. Waters in which chumming and fishing with a spear prohibited.
NAC 503.610. Permits: Authority to conduct certain activities; application; use.
NAC 503.620. Conducting competitive field trials and training.
NAC 503.630. Upland game birds: Permit for importation.
NAC 503.640. Upland game birds: Prerequisites to release; inspection by Department.
NAC 503.650. Upland game birds: Legbands.
NAC 503.710. Wildlife depredation permit: Prerequisites to issuance.
NAC 503.720. Wildlife depredation permit: Contents.
NAC 503.730. Wildlife depredation permit: Ownership and disposition of wildlife taken.
NAC 503.740. Wildlife depredation permit: Limitation on use; federal permits.
NAC 503.760. Permits to control bobcats, coyotes or ravens from aircraft.
NAC 503.810. Application for permit.
NAC 503.820. Expiration, scope, use, transferability and cancellation of permit.