Chapter533 Adjudication of Vested Water Rights; Appropriation of Public Waters  

NAC 533.010. Scope; construction; deviation from requirements.
NAC 533.020. Definitions.
NAC 533.030. “Applicant” defined.
NAC 533.050. “Party” defined.
NAC 533.060. “Person presenting public comment” defined.
NAC 533.070. “Protest hearing” defined.
NAC 533.080. “Protestant” defined.
NAC 533.090. “State Engineer” defined.
NAC 533.110. Public comment.
NAC 533.120. Authority of person designated to preside over hearing to make final ruling.
NAC 533.130. Pleadings: Forms for filing protest.
NAC 533.140. Pleadings: Answers.
NAC 533.141. Pleadings: Amendment or correction.
NAC 533.142. Motions: Procedure; contents; responses; replies.
NAC 533.143. Pleadings or other documents: Service; computation of time for filing or serving.
NAC 533.144. Pleadings or other documents: Date on which considered filed; unacceptable methods of filing.
NAC 533.150. Withdrawal of protest: Procedure; stipulation regarding application or related protest.
NAC 533.160. Prehearing discovery.
NAC 533.170. Prehearing conferences.
NAC 533.180. Hearings: Objective.
NAC 533.190. Hearings: Location; conduct of persons.
NAC 533.200. Hearings: Right to representation by attorney; role of attorney.
NAC 533.210. Hearings: Permissible issues.
NAC 533.220. Hearings: Reporting by court reporter; availability and costs of transcripts.
NAC 533.230. Hearings: Identification of witnesses.
NAC 533.240. Hearings: Testimony under oath or affirmation; panels; examination and cross-examination of witnesses.
NAC 533.250. Hearings: Written testimony.
NAC 533.260. Hearings: Admission of evidence.
NAC 533.265. Hearings: Rebuttal evidence.
NAC 533.280. Hearings: Identification and exchange of exhibits.
NAC 533.290. Hearings: Admissibility and form of exhibits.
NAC 533.300. Hearings: Administrative notice.
NAC 533.310. Hearings: Stipulations.
NAC 533.320. Hearings: Continuances.
NAC 533.330. Hearings: Failure to appear.
NAC 533.340. Hearings: Consolidation.
NAC 533.350. Hearings: Order of proceedings.
NAC 533.360. Hearings: Additional evidence.
NAC 533.365. Hearings: Petitions for reconsideration or rehearing not accepted.
NAC 533.370. Hearings: Interim order.
NAC 533.380. Petition to adopt, amend or repeal regulation on practice and procedure of protest hearing.