Chapter534 Underground Water and Wells  

NAC 534.010. Definitions.
NAC 534.015. “Abandon” defined.
NAC 534.020. “Annular space” defined.
NAC 534.030. “Aquifer” defined.
NAC 534.040. “Artesian well” defined.
NAC 534.041. “Bentonite chips” defined.
NAC 534.042. “Bentonite grout” defined.
NAC 534.043. “Blast hole” defined.
NAC 534.045. “Board” defined.
NAC 534.047. “Borehole” defined.
NAC 534.048. “Bridge” defined.
NAC 534.050. “Casing” defined.
NAC 534.060. “Cement grout” defined.
NAC 534.065. “Cement-bentonite grout” defined.
NAC 534.070. “Concrete grout” defined.
NAC 534.080. “Conductor casing” defined.
NAC 534.094. “Contaminant” defined.
NAC 534.095. “Contamination” defined.
NAC 534.100. “Division” defined.
NAC 534.110. “Domestic use” defined.
NAC 534.112. “Drill rig” defined.
NAC 534.113. “Drive point well” defined.
NAC 534.120. “Exploratory well” defined.
NAC 534.140. “Groundwater” defined.
NAC 534.144. “Instrumentation borehole” defined.
NAC 534.148. “Monitoring well” defined.
NAC 534.150. “Neat cement” defined.
NAC 534.160. “Nominal size” defined.
NAC 534.165. “Observation well” defined.
NAC 534.175. “Permit” defined.
NAC 534.179. “Piezometer” defined.
NAC 534.182. “Pitless adapter” defined.
NAC 534.183. “Plug” defined.
NAC 534.185. “Public land survey” defined.
NAC 534.188. “Reconditioning” defined.
NAC 534.190. “Seal” defined.
NAC 534.192. “Seismic shot hole” defined.
NAC 534.194. “Sodium bentonite” defined.
NAC 534.195. “Static water level” defined.
NAC 534.205. “Vapor extraction well” defined.
NAC 534.210. “Waste” defined.
NAC 534.220. “Well” defined.
NAC 534.235. “Well bore” defined.
NAC 534.240. “Well driller” defined.
NAC 534.245. “Well drilling” and “drilling a well” defined.
NAC 534.280. Application for license.
NAC 534.282. Qualifications of applicant; denial of application.
NAC 534.286. Oral examination of applicants.
NAC 534.288. Board not required to conduct oral examination of certain applicants.
NAC 534.290. Revocation or denial of license.
NAC 534.292. Notice to renew license; notification by well driller of change in mailing address.
NAC 534.2923. Renewal of license: Application for renewal.
NAC 534.2925. Renewal of license: Processing of and action on application.
NAC 534.2927. Continuing education of well drillers.
NAC 534.293. Additional requirements for license if prior license has expired or been suspended or revoked.
NAC 534.294. Scope of authority under license; issuance of restricted licenses.
NAC 534.296. Temporary license: Issuance and reissuance; expiration; termination of employment of temporary licensee.
NAC 534.298. Temporary license: Period of validity; authorized activities; transferability.
NAC 534.300. Designated basins; replacement wells; waivers.
NAC 534.310. Nondesignated basins.
NAC 534.315. Wells for domestic use.
NAC 534.320. Notice of intent to drill: Submission; contents; correction; forms.
NAC 534.325. Notice of intent to drill: Lapse; new notice.
NAC 534.330. Responsibilities of licensed well driller at drilling site.
NAC 534.340. Log and record of work: Form; contents.
NAC 534.345. Log and record of work: Completion; execution; submission; correction.
NAC 534.350. Identification of well rig.
NAC 534.355. Reporting of improper construction or plugging of well.
NAC 534.358. Construction of well: Compliance with chapter 445A of NAC in certain circumstances.
NAC 534.360. Construction of well: Casing.
NAC 534.362. Construction of well: Thermoplastic casing.
NAC 534.370. Construction of well: Prevention of contamination; securing against unauthorized entry; suspension of drilling.
NAC 534.375. Construction of well: Measures required if contaminant or contaminated water is encountered.
NAC 534.378. Construction of well: Measures required if artesian condition is encountered.
NAC 534.380. Construction of well: Seals.
NAC 534.390. Construction of well: Location near river, lake, perennial stream, unlined reservoir or unlined canal; compliance with permit or waiver.
NAC 534.420. Plugging of well: General requirements.
NAC 534.422. Plugging of well: Use of exceptional method.
NAC 534.424. Plugging of well: Responsibility for cost.
NAC 534.426. Plugging of well: Artesian conditions.
NAC 534.427. Mandatory plugging of certain wells.
NAC 534.430. Means to measure level of water in well required.
NAC 534.432. Mandatory plugging of well as result of noncompliance with requirements for well drilling.
NAC 534.4351. Monitoring wells: Restrictions on construction; submission of plat map, map of vicinity, and log and record of work.
NAC 534.4353. Monitoring wells: Responsibilities of owner; permits; affidavit of responsibility for plugging.
NAC 534.4355. Monitoring wells: Casing; prevention of contamination.
NAC 534.4357. Monitoring wells: Placement of gravel and seals in annular space.
NAC 534.4359. Monitoring wells: Measures required if contaminant or contaminated water is encountered.
NAC 534.4361. Monitoring wells: Surface pad; prevention of unauthorized use; additional protective measures.
NAC 534.4363. Monitoring wells: Artesian conditions.
NAC 534.4365. Monitoring wells: Plugging.
NAC 534.4367. Drive point wells.
NAC 534.4369. Boreholes: Generally.
NAC 534.4371. Boreholes: Plugging requirements.
NAC 534.4373. Boreholes: Responsibility for plugging.
NAC 534.4375. Boreholes, blast holes and seismic shot holes: Artesian conditions.
NAC 534.4376. Instrumentation boreholes.
NAC 534.43763. Electrical cathodic protection conductor deemed specific type of instrumentation borehole.
NAC 534.43767. Core hole deemed specific type of borehole.
NAC 534.4377. Treatment of certain holes as boreholes.
NAC 534.438. Prerequisites to using bentonite grout to seal, grout or plug borehole.
NAC 534.440. Waiver to drill exploratory well to determine quality or quantity of water in designated basin.
NAC 534.441. Waiver to drill monitoring well.
NAC 534.442. Waiver to use water to explore for minerals.
NAC 534.444. Waiver to use water to explore for oil, gas or geothermal resources.
NAC 534.446. Waiver to use water for construction of highway.
NAC 534.4465. Waiver to use water to drill for water well.
NAC 534.448. Waiver to drill well in shallow groundwater system to alleviate certain potential hazards.
NAC 534.449. Waiver of requirement to plug well.
NAC 534.450. Waiver of requirement of this chapter.
NAC 534.500. Assessment of demerit points against license of well driller; suspension and reinstatement of license; removal of demerit points.