Chapter535 Dams and Other Obstructions  

NAC 535.010. Definitions.
NAC 535.015. “Alters” or “alteration” defined.
NAC 535.020. “Applicant” defined.
NAC 535.025. “Application for approval of plans for a dam” defined.
NAC 535.030. “Capacity” defined.
NAC 535.035. “Closure” defined.
NAC 535.040. “Dam” defined.
NAC 535.045. “Decommission” defined.
NAC 535.050. “Impounding” defined.
NAC 535.055. “Inflow design flood” defined.
NAC 535.060. “Maximum conservation elevation” defined.
NAC 535.065. “Maximum credible earthquake” defined.
NAC 535.070. “Operator” defined.
NAC 535.075. “Owner” defined.
NAC 535.080. “Probable maximum flood” defined.
NAC 535.085. “Professional engineer” defined.
NAC 535.090. “State Engineer” defined.
NAC 535.095. “Water” defined.
NAC 535.100. “Water right” defined.
NAC 535.110. Expression of “elevation.”
NAC 535.120. Height, crest and toe of dam.
NAC 535.130. Determination of size of dam.
NAC 535.140. Hazard classifications.
NAC 535.200. Notice to State Engineer before construction, reconstruction or alteration of dam.
NAC 535.210. Submission of application for approval of plans for dam.
NAC 535.220. Submission of application for approval of plans for decommissioning of dam.
NAC 535.230. Rejection of application; resubmission; conditional approval.
NAC 535.240. Requirements for approval.
NAC 535.250. Requirements for approval concerning earthquakes.
NAC 535.260. Design and construction oversight by professional engineer; construction by licensed contractors.
NAC 535.270. Compliance with terms and conditions of approval; violations.
NAC 535.280. Abandonment of dam.
NAC 535.290. Closure of file associated with decommissioned dam.
NAC 535.300. Request for approval to impound.
NAC 535.310. Request for temporary approval to impound.
NAC 535.320. Emergency action plan.
NAC 535.330. Grounds for revocation of approval to impound.
NAC 535.340. Restrictions on impoundment of water.
NAC 535.350. Assessment of fee for approved storage.
NAC 535.360. Inspections; completion of required repairs.
NAC 535.370. Operation and maintenance.
NAC 535.380. Transfer of approval to impound.
NAC 535.390. Violations.
NAC 535.400. Variances.
NAC 535.410. Exemptions.
NAC 535.420. Effective date of documents.