Chapter561 State Department of Agriculture  

NAC 561.010. Definitions.
NAC 561.020. “Agricultural debt” defined.
NAC 561.030. “Borrower” defined.
NAC 561.040. “Creditor” defined.
NAC 561.050. “Department” defined.
NAC 561.055. “Director” defined.
NAC 561.070. “Mediation” defined.
NAC 561.080. “Mediator” defined.
NAC 561.090. Request for mediation.
NAC 561.100. Notice of time and place of mediation.
NAC 561.110. Notice of intent to attend mediation; agreement for period of mediation; notification of other creditors.
NAC 561.120. Action to enforce debt precluded during mediation; excusing and concluding mediation.
NAC 561.130. Duties of mediator; attendance at mediation; payment of fee to Department.
NAC 561.140. Agreement for resolution of debt; request for further mediation.
NAC 561.150. Confidentiality; applicability of chapter 241 of NRS.
NAC 561.160. Training of mediators.
NAC 561.170. Department to provide notice of mediation process.
NAC 561.200. Designation for purposes of exemption from federal regulations regarding driving and on-duty time for drivers used by motor carriers.
NAC 561.300. Definitions.
NAC 561.310. “Complaint” defined.
NAC 561.320. “Contested case” defined.
NAC 561.330. “Notice of hearing” defined.
NAC 561.340. “Parties” defined.
NAC 561.350. “Petitioner” defined.
NAC 561.360. “Respondent” defined.
NAC 561.370. Scope and applicability.
NAC 561.380. Construction; conduct of hearing.
NAC 561.390. Deviation from provisions.
NAC 561.400. Informal disposition of case.
NAC 561.410. Suspension of license or certificate of registration before hearing.
NAC 561.420. Notice of hearing: Proper service; date deemed received; raising objection to notice received.
NAC 561.430. Consolidation of cases; contesting consolidation.
NAC 561.440. Right to representation by attorney; qualifications of attorney.
NAC 561.450. Conduct of attorneys and persons appearing in hearing; consequences of failure to conform conduct; statement of actions taken by Board or Department.
NAC 561.460. Withdrawal of attorney.
NAC 561.470. Hearing officer: Appointment; authority; limitations on authority.
NAC 561.480. Amendment of complaint; withdrawal of complaint.
NAC 561.490. Motions: Types; procedure for making; responses.
NAC 561.500. Discovery: Scope; procedure.
NAC 561.510. Prehearing conferences.
NAC 561.520. Subpoenas.
NAC 561.530. Failure to appear.
NAC 561.540. Order of proceedings.
NAC 561.550. Motion to exclude witness.
NAC 561.560. Examination of witnesses.
NAC 561.570. Transcription of hearing.
NAC 561.580. Petition for reconsidering or rehearing of decision.