Chapter590 Motor Vehicle Fuel, Petroleum Products and Antifreeze  

NAC 590.010. Adoption by reference of specifications for antifreeze; additional specifications.
NAC 590.015. Inspection fee.
NAC 590.020. Prohibited acts.
NAC 590.030. Adoption by reference of standards for prediluted antifreeze.
NAC 590.035. Availability of Volume 15.05, “Engine Coolants,” of 2001 Annual Book of ASTM Standards.
NAC 590.041. “Gallon” defined.
NAC 590.045. Availability of copies of standards adopted by reference.
NAC 590.050. Diesel fuel oils: Adoption by reference of standard specifications; posting of grade.
NAC 590.051. Biodiesel and diesel fuel: Adoption by reference of standards; requirements for certain biodiesel fuel blends.
NAC 590.052. Fuel methanol: Adoption by reference of standard specifications.
NAC 590.053. Ethanol fuel blends: Adoption by reference of standard specifications.
NAC 590.054. Chemical composition of gases by mass spectrometry: Adoption by reference of standard test method; restrictions on hydrogen sold or supplied in State.
NAC 590.055. Aviation fuel: Adoption by reference of specifications.
NAC 590.059. Motor vehicle fuel: Posting of octane rating number on pump or other device; required accuracy of rating number; posting of label indicating that fuel contains manganese.
NAC 590.061. Gasoline: Adoption by reference of antiknock index for testing octane rating; determination of octane rating number; proof of transfer of fuel.
NAC 590.065. Gasoline: Adoption by reference of standard specifications; limitations on vapor pressure; minimum temperatures for vapor lock; limitations on contents.
NAC 590.066. Gasoline: Request for variance from compliance with motor vehicle fuel standards.
NAC 590.070. Administrative penalties for sale of nonconforming fuel.
General Provisions
Licensing and Practice
Regulations Adopted by Reference
Administrative Proceedings
NAC 590.700. Definitions.
NAC 590.710. Interpretation of certain statutory terms.
NAC 590.714. Designation as “small business.”
NAC 590.720. Adoption by reference of certain provisions of Code of Federal Regulations and International Fire Code.
NAC 590.730. Annual fee and application for registration of storage tank; letter of coverage.
NAC 590.740. Testing and inspection of storage tanks.
NAC 590.750. Financial responsibility of operators.
NAC 590.760. Discharges: Duties of operators.
NAC 590.765. Operator to notify Division of civil action for damages; submission of order of judgment or settlement agreement required for payment from Fund.
NAC 590.770. Discharges: Authority of Administrator of Division.
NAC 590.774. Factors considered in determining necessity for cleanup of discharge from certain storage tanks.
NAC 590.780. Form of claim for reimbursement; time limitations for filing claims for reimbursement; payment to operator, vendor or contractor; payment required of operator; payment of per diem allowance and travel expenses.
NAC 590.790. Severability of provisions.
NAC 590.800. Payment by dealers and suppliers.
NAC 590.810. Provision of refund or credit for exportation.