Chapter604A Deferred Deposit Loans, Short-Term Loans, Title Loans and Check-Cashing Services  

NAC 604A.010. Definitions.
NAC 604A.020. “Licensee” interpreted.
NAC 604A.030. Use of electronic or digital signature.
NAC 604A.050. Application for license.
NAC 604A.060. Display of license: “License” and “location where he does business” interpreted.
NAC 604A.070. Grounds for refusal to renew license.
NAC 604A.080. Grounds for revocation or suspension of license.
NAC 604A.090. Fees and assessments.
NAC 604A.100. Prerequisites to conduct of business under license.
NAC 604A.110. Foreign business entities: Prerequisites to operation in State.
NAC 604A.120. Office or other place of business located outside of State.
NAC 604A.130. Notice of fees charged for services.
NAC 604A.140. Notice of toll-free telephone number for concerns and complaints.
NAC 604A.150. Display of hours of operation; termination of prescribed period for performance of act by customer.
NAC 604A.160. Translation of documents written in language other than English.
NAC 604A.170. Delivery to customer of notice of opportunity to enter into repayment plan.
NAC 604A.180. Documentation of compliance with limitations on amounts of deferred deposit loans and short-term loans.
NAC 604A.190. Required books and records: “Books and accounting records” interpreted.
NAC 604A.200. Maintenance of books and records.
NAC 604A.210. Restrictions on advertising.
NAC 604A.220. Prohibited acts: Acceptance of check as security for short-term loan or title loan.
NAC 604A.230. Prohibited acts: Miscellaneous acts.