Chapter608 Compensation, Wages and Hours  

NAC 608.050. Definitions.
NAC 608.055. “Commissioner” defined.
NAC 608.060. “Day” defined.
NAC 608.065. “Employee” defined.
NAC 608.070. “Employer” defined.
NAC 608.075. “Piece rate” defined.
NAC 608.080. “Salary” defined.
NAC 608.090. “Uniform” interpreted.
NAC 608.100. Minimum wage: Applicability; rates; annual adjustments.
NAC 608.102. Minimum wage: Qualification to pay lower rate to employee offered health insurance.
NAC 608.104. Minimum wage: Determination of whether employee share of premium of qualified health insurance exceeds 10 percent of gross taxable income.
NAC 608.106. Minimum wage: Declination by employee of coverage under health insurance plan.
NAC 608.108. Minimum wage: Requirements for payment at higher rate; modification of term of waiting period.
NAC 608.115. Payment for time worked.
NAC 608.120. Payment of commissions.
NAC 608.123. Compensation for overtime: Payment based upon requirements for minimum wage.
NAC 608.125. Compensation for overtime: Miscellaneous requirements.
NAC 608.130. Payment for travel and training.
NAC 608.135. Notice of regular paydays and place of payment; electronic payment.
NAC 608.140. Provision of records of wages to employee.
NAC 608.145. Periods for rest and meals.
NAC 608.150. Investigations to determine liability for violations.
NAC 608.155. Claims for wages unpaid when due.
NAC 608.160. Withholding of amounts from wages due.
NAC 608.200. Definitions.
NAC 608.205. “Administrator” defined.
NAC 608.210. “Certificate” defined.
NAC 608.215. “Division” defined.
NAC 608.220. “Experienced nondisabled worker” defined.
NAC 608.230. “Institution” defined.
NAC 608.235. “Locality” defined.
NAC 608.240. “Nondisabled worker” defined.
NAC 608.245. “Patient worker” defined.
NAC 608.250. “Special minimum wage” defined.
NAC 608.255. “Wage and Hour Division” defined.
NAC 608.257. “Worker with a disability” defined.
NAC 608.260. “Persons with severe disabilities” interpreted.
NAC 608.265. Applicability of provisions to working patients and students.
NAC 608.270. Certificate required.
NAC 608.275. Application for certificate.
NAC 608.280. Criteria for issuance of certificate.
NAC 608.285. Notification of issuance or denial of certificate.
NAC 608.290. Terms of certificate; informing worker of terms.
NAC 608.295. Renewal of certificate.
NAC 608.300. Revocation of certificate.
NAC 608.305. Determination and adjustment of special minimum wage.
NAC 608.310. Determination of prevailing wage.
NAC 608.315. Recording information concerning determination of prevailing wage.
NAC 608.320. Determination of piece rate of pay.
NAC 608.325. Compensable time of worker.
NAC 608.330. Periodic evaluation of worker’s productivity.
NAC 608.335. Payment of worker at piece rate.
NAC 608.340. Cost of room, board and other services provided to working patient.
NAC 608.345. Administrative review of special minimum wage; reporting violations of law.
NAC 608.350. Reducing minimum hourly rate of pay.
NAC 608.355. Maintenance of records concerning worker.
NAC 608.360. Posting explanation of conditions for payment of special minimum wage.
NAC 608.365. Review of action of Division.
NAC 608.370. Investigation by Division or Administrator.