Chapter624 Contractors  

NAC 624.003. “Board” defined.
NAC 624.010. “Professional fee” construed.
NAC 624.015. Exemption for owner-builder: Procedure.
NAC 624.017. Exemption for owner-builder: Owner-Builder Disclosure Statement.
NAC 624.030. Duties of Executive Officer.
NAC 624.070. Election of officers and changes in organization.
NAC 624.080. Chair: Duties; temporary Chair; appointment of acting officer.
NAC 624.090. Vacancies.
NAC 624.120. Petition for declaratory order or advisory opinion.
NAC 624.130. Fees.
NAC 624.132. Definitions.
NAC 624.133. “Compliance investigator” defined.
NAC 624.134. “Criminal investigator” defined.
NAC 624.135. Compliance investigator: Qualifications.
NAC 624.136. Criminal investigator: Qualifications.
NAC 624.137. Additional qualifications of investigators.
NAC 624.140. Classification A: General engineering.
NAC 624.150. Classification A: Subclassifications.
NAC 624.160. Classification B: General building.
NAC 624.170. Classification B: Subclassifications.
NAC 624.180. Classification AB: General building and general engineering.
NAC 624.190. Classification C-1: Plumbing and heating contracting; subclassifications.
NAC 624.200. Classification C-2: Electrical contracting; subclassifications.
NAC 624.210. Classification C-3: Carpentry, maintenance and minor repairs; subclassifications.
NAC 624.220. Classification C-4: Painting and decorating; subclassifications.
NAC 624.230. Classification C-5: Concrete contracting.
NAC 624.240. Classification C-6: Erecting signs; subclassifications.
NAC 624.250. Classification C-7: Elevation and conveyance; subclassifications.
NAC 624.260. Classification C-8: Glass and glazing contracting.
NAC 624.270. Classification C-9: Movement of buildings.
NAC 624.280. Classification C-10: Landscape contracting.
NAC 624.290. Classification C-11: Spraying mixtures containing cement.
NAC 624.300. Classification C-13: Using sheet metal.
NAC 624.310. Classification C-14: Steel reinforcing and erection; subclassifications.
NAC 624.320. Classification C-15: Roofing and siding; subclassifications.
NAC 624.330. Classification C-16: Finishing floors; subclassifications.
NAC 624.340. Classification C-17: Lathing and plastering; subclassifications.
NAC 624.350. Classification C-18: Masonry.
NAC 624.360. Classification C-19: Installing terrazzo and marble; subclassifications.
NAC 624.370. Classification C-20: Tiling; subclassifications.
NAC 624.380. Classification C-21: Refrigeration and air-conditioning; subclassifications.
NAC 624.400. Classification C-23: Drilling wells and installing pumps, pressure tanks and storage tanks.
NAC 624.410. Classification C-24: Erecting scaffolds and bleachers.
NAC 624.420. Classification C-25: Fencing and equipping playgrounds.
NAC 624.430. Classification C-26: Institutional contracting; subclassifications.
NAC 624.440. Classification C-27: Individual sewerage.
NAC 624.450. Classification C-28: Fabricating tanks; subclassifications.
NAC 624.470. Classification C-30: Installing equipment to treat water.
NAC 624.480. Classification C-31: Wrecking.
NAC 624.500. Classification C-33: Installing industrial machinery.
NAC 624.530. Classification C-36: Installing urethane; subclassifications.
NAC 624.540. Classification C-37: Solar contracting; subclassifications.
NAC 624.550. Classification C-38: Installing equipment used with liquefied petroleum and natural gas; subclassifications.
NAC 624.560. Classification C-39: Installing heaters.
NAC 624.570. Classification C-40: Specialties not authorized by other classifications.
NAC 624.572. Classification C-41: Fire protection contracting; subclassifications.
NAC 624.574. Classification C-42: Constructing, altering or improving video service networks.
NAC 624.580. License to build upon or improve own commercial property.
NAC 624.585. Abatement of asbestos without license classified for removal of asbestos.
NAC 624.590. Application.
NAC 624.593. Financial statement.
NAC 624.600. Examinations.
NAC 624.603. Conditional licensing.
NAC 624.620. Notice of approval; security bond or cash deposit.
NAC 624.630. Renewal.
NAC 624.635. Inactive status.
NAC 624.640. Bid or contract void if licensee exceeds scope of license or monetary limit; duties concerning licenses.
NAC 624.650. Association with unlicensed person prohibited.
NAC 624.660. Death of licensee; termination or change of partnership.
NAC 624.665. Submission of application for certain changes regarding licensee.
NAC 624.667. Submission of application regarding conversion of business organization of licensee.
NAC 624.669. Application for increase in monetary limit on license.
NAC 624.670. Application for increase in monetary limit on license for single project.
NAC 624.675. Increase in monetary limit for indemnified licensee or applicant; withdrawal of indemnity.
NAC 624.678. Issuance of duplicate license.
NAC 624.681. Fee for processing of fingerprint cards.
NAC 624.685. Definitions.
NAC 624.6853. “Affidavit for a certificate of eligibility” defined.
NAC 624.6855. “Affidavit for renewal of a certificate of eligibility” defined.
NAC 624.6857. “Certificate of eligibility” defined.
NAC 624.6859. “Contractor” defined.
NAC 624.6863. “Statement of compliance” defined.
NAC 624.687. Prerequisites; separate application for each classification.
NAC 624.6873. Application; review of banking records.
NAC 624.6876. Issuance or denial.
NAC 624.6879. Contents of certificate.
NAC 624.6883. Issuance of duplicate certificate.
NAC 624.6886. Affidavit for renewal.
NAC 624.6889. Issuance of certificate prohibited if license not active; revocation; reapplication.
NAC 624.6893. Disciplinary action.
NAC 624.6896. Written objection filed with public body.
NAC 624.6899. Notification to Board of determination by public body; revocation of certificate.
NAC 624.693. Informational form regarding mechanics’ and materialmen’s liens.
NAC 624.6932. Informational form regarding contractors.
NAC 624.695. Definitions.
NAC 624.69505. “Advertising” defined.
NAC 624.6952. “Contract” defined.
NAC 624.6954. “Contractor” defined.
NAC 624.6956. “Owner” defined.
NAC 624.6957. “Work concerning a residential pool or spa” defined.
NAC 624.69575. Bond or deposit for protection of consumers.
NAC 624.6958. Requirements for contracts.
NAC 624.696. Additional provisions in contract.
NAC 624.6964. Requirements for schedule of payments; exceptions.
NAC 624.6966. Duties of contractor.
NAC 624.6967. Practices constituting deceptive advertising.
NAC 624.69675. Prohibited advertising practices; sale to builder who is also owner of pool or spa.
NAC 624.6968. Compliance with applicable federal, state or local law.
NAC 624.697. Effect of failure to comply with requirements of law.
NAC 624.6975. Definitions.
NAC 624.6978. “Complaint” defined.
NAC 624.6981. “Contested case” defined.
NAC 624.6984. “Notice of hearing” defined.
NAC 624.6987. “Respondent” defined.
NAC 624.699. Receipt of written documents by Board.
NAC 624.700. Allegations against licensees; investigations; authority of Executive Officer.
NAC 624.710. Notice of address change; probation in lieu of immediate suspension or revocation of license.
NAC 624.713. Notice of contemplated action: Contents; response.
NAC 624.716. Notice of contemplated action: Hearing; default order; request for reconsideration.
NAC 624.720. Notice of impaired financial responsibility or violation of law.
NAC 624.725. Administrative citation: Service; contents.
NAC 624.72505. Administrative citation: Withdrawal.
NAC 624.7251. Administrative fine: Specification of violation; amount.
NAC 624.72512. Order for corrective action: Determination to include in administrative citation.
NAC 624.72514. Order for corrective action: Determination of time permitted for compliance.
NAC 624.72516. Order for corrective action: Extension of time for compliance.
NAC 624.72518. Order for corrective action: Responsibility of licensee for performance by hired licensee.
NAC 624.7253. Liberal construction of provisions governing practices in contested cases; deviation from provisions.
NAC 624.7256. Time and place of hearing; notice; time for objection.
NAC 624.7259. Addition or dismissal of cause for disciplinary action; amendment or withdrawal of complaint.
NAC 624.7263. Request for continuance; granting of continuance.
NAC 624.7266. Form of papers submitted to Board.
NAC 624.7269. Consolidation of contested cases.
NAC 624.7273. Motions: Contents; opposition; written reply; decision by Board.
NAC 624.7276. Subpoenas: Application; issuance and service.
NAC 624.7279. Representation of parties; rules of conduct; provision of information to attorney; withdrawal of attorney; consideration of evidence or exhibits.
NAC 624.7283. Failure to appear; presentation of evidence.
NAC 624.7286. Order of proceedings.
NAC 624.7289. Examination of witnesses.
NAC 624.7293. Petition for rehearing or reconsideration.
NAC 624.7296. Computation of periods.
NAC 624.730. Definitions.
NAC 624.735. “Claimant” defined.
NAC 624.740. “Complaint seeking recovery” defined.
NAC 624.745. Accompanying document required.
NAC 624.750. Claim: Form and contents; prerequisites to approval; changes in information; action by Executive Officer of Board; closing and reopening.
NAC 624.755. Procedure for processing: Notice to accused contractor; investigation; hearing.
NAC 624.760. Determination; final order.
NAC 624.765. Claimant’s agreement with Board.
NAC 624.770. Procedure upon final order approving payment.
NAC 624.780. Definitions.
NAC 624.781. “Appurtenance” defined.
NAC 624.782. “Board” defined.
NAC 624.783. “Claimant” defined.
NAC 624.784. “Constructional defect” defined.
NAC 624.785. “Contractor” defined.
NAC 624.786. “Design professional” defined.
NAC 624.788. “Request” defined.
NAC 624.7885. “Requester” defined.
NAC 624.789. “Residence” defined.
NAC 624.790. “Subcontractor” defined.
NAC 624.791. “Supplier” defined.
NAC 624.792. When request is deemed to have been submitted to Board.
NAC 624.793. Submission of request and pertinent documents, materials and information.
NAC 624.794. Review of request; investigation and report.
NAC 624.795. Assessment, notification and payment of fees.
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