Chapter631 Dentistry and Dental Hygiene  

NAC 631.0005. Definitions.
NAC 631.001. “Board” defined.
NAC 631.002. “Certificate of site approval” defined.
NAC 631.003. “Conscious sedation” defined.
NAC 631.004. “Conscious sedation permit” defined.
NAC 631.005. “Deep sedation” defined.
NAC 631.0055. “Executive Director” defined.
NAC 631.006. “General anesthesia” defined.
NAC 631.007. “General anesthesia permit” defined.
NAC 631.008. “Secretary-Treasurer” defined.
NAC 631.010. President of Board: Duties; designation of acting President.
NAC 631.020. Secretary-Treasurer: Duties; bond.
NAC 631.023. Executive Director: Duties; bond.
NAC 631.028. Applications for licensure; payment of fees.
NAC 631.029. Schedule of fees.
NAC 631.030. Provision of certain information and documentation by applicant for licensure; examination for certain licenses.
NAC 631.031. Hearing to determine qualifications if claim of malpractice is pending disposition.
NAC 631.033. Use of laser radiation in practice: Documentation required with application for renewal of license.
NAC 631.035. Use of laser radiation in practice: Adoption by reference of Curriculum Guidelines and Standards for Dental Laser Education.
NAC 631.039. Application for permanent license by holder of temporary license.
NAC 631.045. Renewal of license: Certified statement required.
NAC 631.050. Rejection of application; reconsideration and review.
NAC 631.060. Reapplications.
NAC 631.070. Reconsideration of application following request for postponement of action.
NAC 631.080. Examination: Authorization required; cheating prohibited.
NAC 631.090. Examination for license to practice dentistry.
NAC 631.100. Examination for license to practice dental hygiene.
NAC 631.120. Examinations: Procedure for practical portion.
NAC 631.130. Examinations: Requirements for successful completion; notice of results.
NAC 631.140. Reexaminations; completion of failed clinical demonstration.
NAC 631.145. Dental hygienists: Expiration and renewal of special endorsement of license to practice public health dental hygiene.
NAC 631.150. Filing of addresses of licensee; notice of change; display of license.
NAC 631.155. Licensee to notify Board of certain events.
NAC 631.160. Voluntary surrender of license.
NAC 631.170. Placement of license on inactive, retired or disabled status; reinstatement.
NAC 631.173. Continuing education: Required hours; types of courses and activities; approval of provider or instructor.
NAC 631.175. Continuing education: Approved subjects; minimum requirements for clinical subjects; maximum credit for certain types of courses and activities.
NAC 631.177. Continuing education: Renewal or reinstatement of license; records; unprofessional conduct; audits.
NAC 631.178. Adoption by reference of certain guidelines; compliance with guidelines required.
NAC 631.1785. Licensed dentist to request initial inspection of office or facility.
NAC 631.179. Random inspection of office or facility; subsequent action by Executive Director.
NAC 631.1795. Provisions governing inspections do not preclude Board from initiating disciplinary proceedings.
NAC 631.180. Employment as an instructor.
NAC 631.190. Specialties.
NAC 631.200. Delegation of duty to supervise dental hygienists and dental assistants.
NAC 631.210. Dental hygienists: Authorization to perform certain services; referral of patient to authorizing dentist for certain purposes.
NAC 631.220. Dental assistants: Authorization to perform certain services; supervision by dental hygienist for certain purposes.
NAC 631.2203. “Registered facility” defined.
NAC 631.2204. Registration required before providing continuing education.
NAC 631.2205. Contents of form for registration to provide continuing education.
NAC 631.2206. Maintenance of records at registered facility.
NAC 631.2207. Application for limited license to supervise courses of continuing education.
NAC 631.2211. Scope.
NAC 631.2212. Board to determine degree of sedation.
NAC 631.2213. Permit required; qualifications of applicants.
NAC 631.2217. Review of holder of permit; renewal of permit.
NAC 631.2219. Inspection and evaluation; reevaluation.
NAC 631.2221. Inspectors and evaluators; participation of members of Board.
NAC 631.2223. Inspections and evaluations: General requirements.
NAC 631.2225. Inspections and evaluations: Simulated emergencies.
NAC 631.2227. Inspections and evaluations: Physical facilities and equipment.
NAC 631.2229. Inspections and evaluations: Records of patients.
NAC 631.2231. Inspections and evaluations: Emergency drugs.
NAC 631.2233. Inspections and evaluations: Recommendations of inspectors or evaluators; decision of Board.
NAC 631.2235. Inspections and evaluations: Failure to pass; requests for reevaluations.
NAC 631.2236. Certificate of site approval: General requirements.
NAC 631.2237. Procedures required before administration of anesthetic or sedation.
NAC 631.2239. Properly equipped facility required; qualifications of auxiliary personnel.
NAC 631.224. Employment of certified registered nurse anesthetist.
NAC 631.2241. Report of injuries to patients.
NAC 631.2254. Temporary permits.
NAC 631.2256. Continuing education required.
NAC 631.230. Unprofessional conduct.
NAC 631.235. “Insurer” defined for purposes of NRS 631.348.
NAC 631.240. Complaints against licensees.
NAC 631.250. Investigation by Board.
NAC 631.255. Record of hearing conducted by investigator or hearing officer or panel.
NAC 631.260. Radiographic procedures: Lead apron required; certified statement and proof of qualifications required for certain persons who assist in procedures.
NAC 631.265. Requirements for machines used to administer nitrous oxide-oxygen analgesia.
NAC 631.270. False or misleading advertising.
NAC 631.273. Ownership or control of practice by member of family after death of dentist.
NAC 631.275. Activities which constitute exercise of authority or control over clinical practice.
NAC 631.279. Proceedings to determine applicability and construction of statutes and regulations.
Pleadings, Motions and Other Papers