Chapter632 Nursing  

NAC 632.010. Definitions.
NAC 632.015. “Academic study” defined.
NAC 632.020. “Advanced practitioner of nursing” defined.
NAC 632.024. “Approved program” defined.
NAC 632.0245. “Approved program for medication aides - certified” defined.
NAC 632.026. “Assessment” defined.
NAC 632.028. “Basic” defined.
NAC 632.030. “Board” defined.
NAC 632.033. “Charge nurse” defined.
NAC 632.037. “Clinical nurse specialist” defined.
NAC 632.038. “Collaborating physician” defined.
NAC 632.0385. “Competence” defined.
NAC 632.039. “Competency evaluation test” defined.
NAC 632.040. “Contact hour” defined.
NAC 632.045. “Continuing education” defined.
NAC 632.046. “Delegable nursing duty” defined.
NAC 632.047. “Delegation” defined.
NAC 632.0475. “Designated facility” defined.
NAC 632.048. “Direct supervision” defined.
NAC 632.049. “Direction” defined.
NAC 632.057. “Graduate nurse” defined.
NAC 632.058. “Home study” defined.
NAC 632.059. “Immediate supervision” defined.
NAC 632.060. “Intravenous therapy” defined.
NAC 632.0605. “Nurse midwife” defined.
NAC 632.061. “Nurse practitioner” defined.
NAC 632.062. “Nurse psychotherapist” defined.
NAC 632.063. “Nursing student” defined.
NAC 632.070. “Physician” defined.
NAC 632.0705. “Physician assistant” defined.
NAC 632.071. “Prescription” defined.
NAC 632.072. “Protocol” defined.
NAC 632.076. “Qualified” defined.
NAC 632.083. “Social media” defined.
NAC 632.085. “Superimpose” defined.
NAC 632.087. “Supervision” defined.
NAC 632.091. “To piggyback” defined.
NAC 632.096. “Trainee” defined.
NAC 632.101. “Write” and “written” defined.
NAC 632.105. “In the process of obtaining accreditation” defined for chapter 632 of NRS.
NAC 632.110. Adoption by reference of Cumulative Index to Nursing and Allied Health Literature; review of revisions.
NAC 632.150. Qualifications for license.
NAC 632.155. Application and examination.
NAC 632.160. Interim permit.
NAC 632.165. Procedure for writing examination after initial attempt.
NAC 632.166. Limitation on taking competency evaluation test.
NAC 632.167. Application for certification: Submission to Board.
NAC 632.168. Competency evaluation test: Notification; application.
NAC 632.169. Competency evaluation test: Failure of one or both components.
NAC 632.170. Qualifications for license or certificate without examination.
NAC 632.173. Additional requirements for obtaining license by endorsement.
NAC 632.175. Temporary license or certificate.
NAC 632.180. Graduation from program outside United States.
NAC 632.185. Lapse of application for license or certificate.
NAC 632.188. Issuance, renewal or denial of license or certificate; notice; hearing.
NAC 632.190. Fees.
NAC 632.192. Expiration and renewal of license or certificate.
NAC 632.193. Renewal of certificate: Requirements; training programs; audits by Board to ensure compliance with certain requirements.
NAC 632.200. Change of name.
NAC 632.205. Notification of address for mailing notices.
Advisory Committees
Registered Nurses
Practical Nurses
Assignment of Duties
Nursing Students
NAC 632.255. Scope of practice.
NAC 632.2555. Requirements for protocol.
NAC 632.256. Records; system of quality assurance.
NAC 632.257. Authorization to issue written prescriptions for controlled substances, poisons, dangerous drugs and devices.
NAC 632.258. Review of application for authority to prescribe controlled substances, poisons, dangerous drugs or devices.
NAC 632.259. Controlled substances, poisons, dangerous drugs or devices that may be prescribed.
NAC 632.2595. Certification to dispense controlled substances, poisons, dangerous drugs and devices.
NAC 632.2597. Certificate of recognition: Authorization to practice in certain roles; specification of clinical specialty.
NAC 632.260. Certificate of recognition: Qualifications; practice by student.
NAC 632.265. Certificate of recognition: Submission of application and other documents.
NAC 632.285. Change in clinical specialty or location.
NAC 632.290. Expiration and renewal of certificate of recognition.
NAC 632.291. Requirements for renewal of certificate of recognition; issuance of temporary certificate; audits by Board to ensure compliance with certain requirements.
NAC 632.292. Certificate of recognition: Placement on inactive status.
NAC 632.293. Application to renew practice after period of inactivity or infrequent activity.
NAC 632.295. Denial, suspension or revocation of certificate of recognition; unprofessional conduct.
NAC 632.300. General requirements; recognition as advanced practitioner of nursing.
NAC 632.305. Duties; scope of practice.
NAC 632.310. Unauthorized use of title.
NAC 632.320. Submission of application to employ medication aides - certified; required policies and procedures.
NAC 632.325. Review and approval of application; resubmission of application; withdrawal of approval.
NAC 632.330. Authorized duties; prohibited acts; reporting of errors.
NAC 632.340. Attestation of compliance; audits of nurses; proof of completion.
NAC 632.355. Courses: Approval; employment of coordinator; review; audits.
NAC 632.400. Reinstatement of inactive or delinquent license.
NAC 632.415. Unprofessional conduct.
NAC 632.450. Procedures delegable to licensed practical nurses.
NAC 632.455. Procedures not delegable to licensed practical nurses.
NAC 632.460. Labeling required on containers.
NAC 632.465. Course on intravenous therapy: Prerequisites to offering.
NAC 632.470. Course on intravenous therapy: Place of instruction; faculty.
NAC 632.475. Subjects and hours required for course on intravenous therapy; evidence of maintenance or improvement of knowledge and skills.
NAC 632.500. Authorized functions.
NAC 632.510. Performance of duties in accordance with guidelines of facility.
NAC 632.515. Qualifications for initial approval.
NAC 632.520. Requirements if approved in another jurisdiction.
NAC 632.530. Certificate of recognition: Issuance; restrictions.
NAC 632.535. Temporary approval to practice.
NAC 632.540. Certificate of recognition: Expiration and renewal.
NAC 632.545. Certificate of recognition: Expiration due to lapse in national certification.
NAC 632.550. Certificate of recognition: Revocation, suspension or denial of issuance or renewal.
NAC 632.565. “Attendant” defined.
NAC 632.570. Certificate of completion of training: Application.
NAC 632.575. Certificate of completion of training: Renewal.
NAC 632.580. Submission of certificate of compliance to employer required.
NAC 632.590. Certificate of completion of training: Verification of issuance by employer required.
NAC 632.600. Definitions.
NAC 632.605. Submission of application and statement of intent to establish program.
NAC 632.610. Review of application; inspection of facilities; notice of decision.
NAC 632.615. Provisional approval: Requirements for application.
NAC 632.620. Provisional approval: Reports to Board.
NAC 632.625. Full approval: Application; qualifications; bases for granting.
NAC 632.630. Conditional approval: Identification and correction of deficiencies; proof of compliance with Board’s plan; withdrawal of approval; removal from list of approved programs.
NAC 632.635. Denial, withdrawal and reinstatement of approval.
NAC 632.640. Requirements for approval.
NAC 632.645. Resources and facilities; agreements regarding provision of experience.
NAC 632.650. Allocation of money for program.
NAC 632.655. Presence of qualified administrator required.
NAC 632.660. Administrator: Qualifications.
NAC 632.665. Administrator: Duties.
NAC 632.670. Faculty: Licensing.
NAC 632.675. Faculty: General requirements.
NAC 632.680. Students: Admission; policies.
NAC 632.685. Curriculum; awarding of credits; standardized examination for completion prohibited.
NAC 632.690. Requirements for instruction; records of evaluation of curriculum.
NAC 632.695. Substantial revision of curriculum.
NAC 632.701. Annual reports to Board.
NAC 632.703. Reports by program which conducts portion of its program in Nevada; visits to determine eligibility for approval; approval required for nontraditional courses of instruction; faculty required to be licensed in Nevada.
NAC 632.706. Periodic surveys; required reports; objections to report of Board.
NAC 632.708. Board may deem program as being surveyed in certain circumstances.
NAC 632.711. Termination of program.
NAC 632.721. Application for approval: Form; fee; renewal; evaluation.
NAC 632.726. Determinations required before approval.
NAC 632.731. Notice and effect of failure to approve program; limitation on authority of Board.
NAC 632.736. General requirements.
NAC 632.741. Required instruction.
NAC 632.746. Instruction in basic nursing skills.
NAC 632.751. Instruction in personal care skills.
NAC 632.756. Instruction in needs of patients concerning mental health and social services.
NAC 632.758. Instruction in care of cognitively impaired persons.
NAC 632.761. Instruction in basic restorative services.
NAC 632.765. Instruction in rights of patients.
NAC 632.770. Number of instructors required.
NAC 632.775. Instructors: Qualifications; certificate of approval.
NAC 632.780. Requirements for classrooms and clinical facilities.
NAC 632.785. Duties of coordinator of approved program.
NAC 632.790. Records and reports.
NAC 632.795. Revision of approved program.
NAC 632.800. Periodic review; inspection of facilities; bases for continued approval.
NAC 632.805. Withdrawal of approval.
NAC 632.810. Application for approval: Form; fee; renewal; evaluation.
NAC 632.815. Determinations required before approval.
NAC 632.820. Notice and effect of failure to approve program.
NAC 632.825. General requirements.
NAC 632.830. Required instruction.
NAC 632.835. Instructors: Number required.
NAC 632.840. Instructors: Qualifications; certificate of approval.
NAC 632.845. Requirements for classroom and clinical facilities.
NAC 632.850. Duties of coordinator of approved program.
NAC 632.855. Records and reports.
NAC 632.860. Revision of approved program.
NAC 632.865. Periodic review; inspection of facilities; bases for continued approval.
NAC 632.870. Withdrawal of approval.
NAC 632.890. Unprofessional conduct.
NAC 632.895. Interpretations for purposes of disciplinary action.
NAC 632.901. Definitions.
NAC 632.910. Informal action for certain complaints and controversies; discovery of new evidence.
NAC 632.915. Executive Director’s response to report of investigation; disciplinary action determined unnecessary; discovery of new evidence.
NAC 632.916. Complaint and notice of hearing on disciplinary matter; waiver of claim of improper notice.
NAC 632.9165. Complaint: Amendment; continuance; withdrawal.
NAC 632.9175. Consolidation of cases.
NAC 632.918. Hearings: Board not bound by strict rules of procedure; stenographic notes of oral proceedings; record of charges and evidence.
NAC 632.9185. Hearings: Applicability; deviations from provisions.
NAC 632.919. Legal representation of respondent; rules of conduct; attorney’s fees.
NAC 632.9195. Withdrawal of attorney: Notice; denial of request.
NAC 632.9205. Hearing officer: Duties; authority.
NAC 632.921. Motions: Subject matter; service; written response.
NAC 632.922. Request for continuance of formal hearing.
NAC 632.923. Failure to appear.
NAC 632.924. Examination of witnesses.
NAC 632.925. Appearance by interested person.
NAC 632.9255. Procedure for hearing; transcript of proceedings; burden of proof.
NAC 632.926. Actions by Board; surrender of license.
NAC 632.927. Stay of order for revocation or suspension of license or certificate.
NAC 632.928. Request for reconsideration or rehearing.
NAC 632.929. Reissuance of license or certificate: Period during which licensee or certificate holder may not apply for reissuance; requirements for reissuance.
NAC 632.930. Reporting of disciplinary action or denial of application for license or certificate.
NAC 632.935. Advisory opinion, declaratory order or practice decision.
NAC 632.938. Issuance of citation for practicing or offering to practice nursing without license; administrative fine; appeal.
NAC 632.940. Violation of statutes or regulations.