Chapter635 Podiatry  

NAC 635.001. Definitions.
NAC 635.010. Meetings of the Board.
NAC 635.023. Photographs and fingerprints required with application.
NAC 635.025. Fees for applications.
NAC 635.030. Refund of fee for application for licensure as podiatrist.
NAC 635.050. Authority of Board following revocation or suspension of podiatrist’s license in another state.
NAC 635.055. Fee for annual renewal of license; additional fee for delinquency.
NAC 635.065. Additional requirement for provisional license.
NAC 635.075. Performance by provisional licensee of duty, task or function; limitation.
NAC 635.080. Conditional approval of residency program: Submission of documents to Board; review of program.
NAC 635.085. Final approval of residency program.
NAC 635.092. “Residency approved by the Board” interpreted.
NAC 635.095. “Licensee” interpreted.
NAC 635.098. Adoption by reference of Code of Ethics.
NAC 635.100. Appearance by members of Board’s staff.
NAC 635.110. Appearance by party to proceeding.
NAC 635.120. Service of documents; withdrawal of attorney.
NAC 635.130. Error or defect in pleadings or proceedings.
NAC 635.140. Form of petitions.
NAC 635.150. Complaints: Citations; joinder.
NAC 635.160. Decision to proceed with hearing; response to complaint.
NAC 635.170. Motions; oral argument.
NAC 635.180. Copies of pleadings, motions or other documents.
NAC 635.190. Service of documents.
NAC 635.200. Notice of hearing.
NAC 635.210. Failure to appear at hearing.
NAC 635.220. Commencement of proceedings.
NAC 635.230. Conduct of parties, counsel and spectators at hearing.
NAC 635.240. Order of hearing evidence.
NAC 635.250. Consolidation of proceedings.
NAC 635.260. Stipulation.
NAC 635.270. Briefs: Time for filing; service upon parties.
NAC 635.280. Informal hearing.
NAC 635.290. Rehearings.
NAC 635.300. Petition for declaratory order or advisory opinion.
NAC 635.310. Copy of declaratory order or advisory opinion sent to petitioner.
NAC 635.320. Petition for adoption, amendment or repeal of regulation.
NAC 635.330. Petition to appear before the Board.
NAC 635.350. Violations interpreted as unprofessional conduct.
NAC 635.360. Reporting of act which is ground for disciplinary action.
NAC 635.365. Continuing education: Retention and submission of certificate of completion.
NAC 635.370. Consultation with another podiatrist or provider of health care.
NAC 635.375. Advertising practices: Forbidden practices; grounds for disciplinary action.
NAC 635.380. Neglect or discontinuance of care of patient.
NAC 635.385. Filing of address of residence and business; delivery of notice to address of residence.
NAC 635.390. Conduct interpreted to be unprofessional conduct.