Chapter638 Veterinarians  

NAC 638.001. Definitions.
NAC 638.005. “Board” defined.
NAC 638.006. “Direct supervision” defined.
NAC 638.007. “Emergency” defined.
NAC 638.009. “Immediate supervision” defined.
NAC 638.011. “Indirect supervision” defined.
NAC 638.0115. “Licensed veterinarian” defined.
NAC 638.012. “Licensed veterinary technician” defined.
NAC 638.013. “Mobile clinic” defined.
NAC 638.0135. “Prescription drug” defined.
NAC 638.014. “School of veterinary medicine” defined.
NAC 638.015. “Solicitation” defined.
NAC 638.016. “Supervising veterinarian” defined.
NAC 638.017. “Vaccination clinic” defined.
NAC 638.0175. “Veterinarian-client-patient relationship” interpreted.
NAC 638.0177. “Veterinary assistant” defined.
NAC 638.018. “Veterinary facility” defined.
NAC 638.0185. “Veterinary intern” defined.
NAC 638.0195. “Practice of veterinary medicine” interpreted.
NAC 638.020. Deviation from regulations.
NAC 638.030. Severability.
NAC 638.033. Notification of change of address, place of employment or telephone number.
NAC 638.035. Fees.
NAC 638.040. Communications; payment of fees.
NAC 638.0405. Duties of Executive Director.
NAC 638.041. Prerequisites for renewal of license; effect of noncompliance.
NAC 638.042. Courses deemed approved by Board.
NAC 638.0423. Attestation to compliance with requirements; maintenance of documentation of completion.
NAC 638.0425. Audits of licensees to ensure compliance with requirements.
NAC 638.043. Renewal of license without meeting requirements.
NAC 638.0433. Practice without license: Issuance of citation; assessment of administrative fine.
NAC 638.0435. Additional requirements for licensure.
NAC 638.0437. Display of license.
NAC 638.044. Renewal of inactive license.
NAC 638.0445. Restoration of inactive license to active status; ground for revocation of license.
NAC 638.0447. Reinstatement of forfeited license; ground for revocation of license.
NAC 638.045. Malpractice, negligence and incompetence.
NAC 638.046. Adoption by reference of “Principles of Veterinary Medical Ethics”; effect of violation.
NAC 638.047. Neglect or discontinuance of services.
NAC 638.0475. Maintenance and availability of records; required contents of records; cessation of practice without providing for continuation of treatment.
NAC 638.048. Prohibited acts.
NAC 638.0485. Alteration of or failure to maintain records: Rebuttable presumption of violation.
NAC 638.049. Grounds for disciplinary action: “Willfully committing any inhumane or cruel act on any animal” interpreted.
NAC 638.051. Abandoned animals.
NAC 638.052. Retaining possession of animals.
NAC 638.0525. Veterinary technician in training: Supervision; requirements for registration; fee; issuance of letter of registration; duration of registration.
NAC 638.0527. Additional requirements for licensure.
NAC 638.053. Licensed veterinary technician: Prohibited tasks; tasks requiring immediate, direct or indirect supervision.
NAC 638.057. Duties of supervising veterinarian; effect of noncompliance.
NAC 638.059. Licensed veterinary technician employed by animal control agency or society for prevention of cruelty to animals.
NAC 638.060. Performance of certain tasks in emergency.
NAC 638.0601. Identification as intern; supervision.
NAC 638.0602. Requirements for supervision.
NAC 638.06025. Tasks requiring supervision.
NAC 638.0603. Permit to operate: Prerequisite to operation of facility; application; fee; issuance; display; change in ownership of facility.
NAC 638.0604. Failure to meet minimum standards of practice.
NAC 638.0605. Permit to operate: Expiration date; renewal; fee; effect of failure to renew.
NAC 638.0606. Written notice to Board of change in veterinarian in charge or roster of veterinarians.
NAC 638.0607. Certain persons with ownership interest responsible for maintenance of minimum standard of practice.
NAC 638.061. Examination room required; exemption.
NAC 638.0615. Requirements if animals are retained for treatment or hospitalization.
NAC 638.062. Lighting.
NAC 638.0625. Safety and sanitation; radiological services; laboratories and prescription drugs.
NAC 638.0628. Controlled substances: Requirements for registration; limitations on possession, administration, prescribing and dispensing; maintenance of stock; recordkeeping; maintenance and inspection of records.
NAC 638.0629. Prescription drugs: Requirements for registration; limitations on dispensing; recordkeeping; labeling of vials or containers; maintenance of stock; maintenance and inspection of records.
NAC 638.063. Equipment; sterilization.
NAC 638.0635. Mobile clinics: General requirements.
NAC 638.064. Mobile clinics: Operation and use.
NAC 638.065. Inspection of facility by Board.
NAC 638.0655. Notice required if animal will be left unattended.
NAC 638.067. Emergency facility: Requirements for advertising; disbursement of medical records.
NAC 638.068. Facility that provides on-call emergency service; requirements for advertising.
NAC 638.069. Use of term “24 hours.”
General Provisions
Pleadings, Motions and Other Papers
Miscellaneous Petitions
NAC 638.450. Definitions.
NAC 638.470. Duties of Board concerning training, examination and licensure.
NAC 638.475. Examination of trainees.
NAC 638.480. Demonstration of competence during practical examination of trainees.
NAC 638.485. Inspection of agencies; notification and correction of deficiencies.
NAC 638.490. Additional inspection of agency after discovery of deficiency; failure to correct deficiency.
NAC 638.495. Fees required for licensure; refunding of fees prohibited under certain circumstances.
NAC 638.500. List of euthanasia technicians employed by agency; notice of termination of employment.
NAC 638.505. Duties of euthanasia technicians.
NAC 638.508. Implantation of subcutaneous identification microchip.
NAC 638.510. Prerequisites to possession and administration of sodium pentobarbital.
NAC 638.515. Standards for injection of animals.
NAC 638.520. Injection of sodium pentobarbital; verification of death.
NAC 638.525. Oral administration of sodium pentobarbital.
NAC 638.530. Storage and security of sodium pentobarbital, needles and syringes.
NAC 638.535. Records of receipt and use of sodium pentobarbital.
NAC 638.540. Area used for euthanasia: General requirements.
NAC 638.545. Area used for euthanasia: Required equipment.
NAC 638.550. Area used for euthanasia: Duties of euthanasia technicians.
NAC 638.555. Suspension or revocation of license for abuse of sodium pentobarbital or failure to perform duties properly.
NAC 638.560. Grounds for disciplinary action.
NAC 638.565. Authorized forms of disciplinary action.
NAC 638.600. Vaccination clinics: General requirements.
NAC 638.610. Conduct and record of examination to determine whether animal may be vaccinated.
NAC 638.620. Duties of veterinarian before administration of vaccine.
NAC 638.700. Appropriate use of anesthesia, analgesia and sedation.
NAC 638.710. Requirements for use of general anesthesia.
NAC 638.715. Requirements for performance of aseptic surgery.
NAC 638.720. Requirements for performance of clean surgery.
NAC 638.725. Disposal of hypodermic devices.
NAC 638.750. “Animal physical therapy” defined.
NAC 638.760. Requirements to practice; application for certificate of registration; fee.
NAC 638.770. Expiration and renewal of certificate; fee.
NAC 638.780. Standards of practice for physical therapist holding certificate; maintenance of records.
NAC 638.790. Disciplinary action.
NAC 638.800. “Animal chiropractic” defined.
NAC 638.810. Requirements to practice; application for registration certificate; fee.
NAC 638.820. Expiration and renewal of certificate; fee.
NAC 638.830. Standards of practice for chiropractor holding certificate; maintenance of records.
NAC 638.840. Disciplinary action.
NAC 638.850. Inspection of veterinary facilities and vaccination clinics: Authorization and procedure.