Chapter639 Pharmacists and Pharmacy  

NAC 639.010. Definitions.
NAC 639.030. “Date” interpreted.
NAC 639.032. “Facsimile machine” interpreted.
NAC 639.040. “File” interpreted.
NAC 639.050. Storage and destruction of certain controlled substances.
NAC 639.060. Marketing codes of conduct: Adoption of certain codes by reference.
NAC 639.065. Marketing codes of conduct: Periodic review of adopted codes.
NAC 639.100. Seal of Board.
NAC 639.110. Inactive regulations: Duties of Executive Secretary.
NAC 639.120. Conduct of disciplinary hearings.
NAC 639.130. Representation by counsel at disciplinary hearings.
NAC 639.140. Petitions to adopt, amend or repeal regulations.
NAC 639.150. Declaratory orders and advisory opinions.
NAC 639.160. Required time for receipt of application.
NAC 639.170. Waiver of regulation upon declaration of emergency: Authority; required notices.
NAC 639.200. Temporary certificates, licenses and permits.
NAC 639.205. Application to register as pharmacist: Completion required within 1 year.
NAC 639.210. Educational qualifications: Approval of accredited programs of education in pharmacy.
NAC 639.212. Educational qualifications: Advanced degree in pharmacy.
NAC 639.214. Application for license to operate pharmacy: Information required.
NAC 639.215. Application for license to operate pharmacy: Appearance of applicant before Board; execution on behalf of partnership or corporation; payment of expenses for special meeting of Board.
NAC 639.218. Application for inactive status.
NAC 639.219. Application for return to active status.
NAC 639.220. Schedule of fees; penalty for late renewal; exemptions from certain fees.
NAC 639.225. Notice to Executive Secretary of change of address.
NAC 639.226. Notice to Board by certain licensees of change of address.
NAC 639.227. Application or written notice to Board concerning change in ownership of pharmacy required under certain circumstances; suspension of license.
NAC 639.230. Voluntary surrender of certificate, license or registration to practice pharmacy in another state pursuant to agreement relating to disciplinary matter.
NAC 639.240. Requirements for registration of pharmaceutical technicians.
NAC 639.242. Registration of pharmaceutical technician in training; affidavit of managing pharmacist.
NAC 639.245. Maintenance and availability of records regarding certain pharmaceutical personnel on duty; activities of pharmaceutical technicians.
NAC 639.247. Establishment and maintenance of policies and procedures for personnel; maintenance and availability of personnel records.
NAC 639.250. Restrictions on supervision.
NAC 639.252. Initialing of prescriptions, records and reports; responsibility for filled prescriptions.
NAC 639.254. Initial and biennial in-service training of pharmaceutical technicians working in or for pharmacy; substitution of continuing education for in-service training.
NAC 639.256. Program of training: Approval by Board; testing of pharmaceutical technician in training for presence of alcohol or drug.
NAC 639.258. Participation in program of training for pharmaceutical technicians.
NAC 639.260. Disciplinary action against pharmacy.
NAC 639.262. Application for registration; issuance of certificate of registration; maintenance of records relating to internship.
NAC 639.264. Employment at pharmacy as part of internship.
NAC 639.266. Supervision and training: Service as preceptor; duties; evaluation of internship.
NAC 639.268. Supervision and training: Responsibilities of registered pharmacist.
NAC 639.269. “Physician assistant” defined.
NAC 639.270. Scope.
NAC 639.272. Requirements for registration certificate.
NAC 639.277. Change in location of practice or supervising physician.
NAC 639.280. Scope of authority to prescribe and dispense.
NAC 639.283. Prescriptions: Orders on charts of hospitalized patients.
NAC 639.285. Security and storage of controlled substances and drugs.
NAC 639.290. Substitution in case of illness or absence.
NAC 639.295. Grounds for denial of application or suspension or revocation of registration.
NAC 639.297. “Immunization” defined.
NAC 639.2971. Authorization; contents of and deviation from written protocol.
NAC 639.2972. Duties of authorizing physician.
NAC 639.2973. Training and certification to administer immunizations.
NAC 639.2974. Certification in basic cardiac life support; continuing education.
NAC 639.2975. Legal possession and control of drugs administered as immunizations; drugs to counteract adverse reactions.
NAC 639.2976. Reporting of certain information concerning immunizations.
NAC 639.2977. Maintenance of records.
NAC 639.2978. Confidentiality of records.
NAC 639.300. Definitions.
NAC 639.305. “Acceptable materials” defined.
NAC 639.310. “Accredited material” defined.
NAC 639.315. “Continuing education unit” defined.
NAC 639.320. “Provider” defined.
NAC 639.330. Registration and reregistration: Continuing education required; submission of proof.
NAC 639.333. Registration and reregistration: Acceptance of certificate issued by another state as proof of compliance with requirements for continuing education.
NAC 639.335. Registration and reregistration: Exceptions to requirement of continuing education.
NAC 639.340. Providers of continuing education: Request for recognition; grant, denial or withdrawal of recognition.
NAC 639.345. Providers of continuing education: Records required; issuance of certificates of completion.
NAC 639.350. Providers of continuing education: List of participants; reference to accreditation; information to be transmitted to Board.
NAC 639.360. Accreditation of material, course or program.
NAC 639.365. Advertising, announcements and other promotional material.
NAC 639.370. Materials for continuing education: Formats of programs; subject matter.
NAC 639.380. Advisory Committee on Continuing Education: Creation; number of members.
NAC 639.385. Advisory Committee on Continuing Education: Composition; powers and duties; quorum; review of materials for continuing education.
NAC 639.390. Certificate of completion: Retention by pharmacist; copy to be submitted to Board upon request.
NAC 639.391. Pharmacist or dispensing practitioner required to obtain certificate of registration to dispense controlled substances or dangerous drugs at remote site.
NAC 639.392. Telepharmacies and associated remote sites required to be located within State; requirements concerning accessibility of pharmacist or dispensing practitioner; procedure during interruption of communicative access between telepharmacy and remote site.
NAC 639.393. Requirements for pharmaceutical technicians and dispensing technicians.
NAC 639.394. Supervision of pharmaceutical technicians and dispensing technicians.
NAC 639.395. Transmission of new prescription to telepharmacy; consultation with pharmacist or dispensing practitioner required before accessing controlled substances or dangerous drugs at remote site; prerequisites for dispensing at remote site.
NAC 639.396. Requirements for maintenance of records.
NAC 639.397. Requirements for labeling.
NAC 639.398. Establishment of policies and procedures for operation of remote site; monthly inspections.
NAC 639.399. Responsibility of pharmacist or dispensing practitioner concerning dispensing of controlled substances or dangerous drugs at remote site.
NAC 639.401. Pharmacist authorized to engage in practice of pharmacy only at licensed pharmacy; exceptions.
NAC 639.403. Application required for pharmacist to engage in practice of pharmacy at site other than licensed pharmacy; exemption for pharmacists who administer immunizations.
NAC 639.406. Hearing to approve or deny application from pharmacist.
NAC 639.409. Grounds for revocation, suspension or placement of restrictions on approval granted to pharmacist to practice pharmacy at site other than licensed pharmacy.
NAC 639.412. Application for licensed pharmacy to use services of one or more pharmacists at site other than licensed pharmacy.
NAC 639.415. Hearing to approve or deny application from licensed pharmacy.
NAC 639.418. Grounds for revocation, suspension or placement of restrictions on approval granted to licensed pharmacy to use services of one or more pharmacists at site other than licensed pharmacy.
General Provisions
NAC 639.430. Licensure: Requirement; application.
NAC 639.432. Restrictions on dispensing drugs.
NAC 639.434. Standards of practice.
NAC 639.436. Dissemination of certain contact information; printing of certain information on label of prescription.
General Provisions
Standards of Operation
Chart Order Processing Services
NAC 639.492. Definitions.
NAC 639.494. Prescriptions for controlled substances: Accountability record; handling of unused portions.
NAC 639.496. Maintenance of accountability record; examination of chart orders; issuance of receipt for controlled substances delivered to coroner.
NAC 639.498. Destruction of certain controlled substances: Requirement; procedure.
NAC 639.4985. Definitions.
NAC 639.4987. “Compounding” defined.
NAC 639.4989. “Drug” defined.
NAC 639.4991. “Investigational drug” defined.
NAC 639.4992. Dispensing of controlled substances: Registration and licensing required.
NAC 639.4996. Establishment and review of policies and procedures by pharmacist.
NAC 639.4998. Duties of pharmacist who establishes policies and procedures.
NAC 639.500. Ownership of pharmacies; application to conduct a pharmacy.
NAC 639.5005. Representative of pharmacy: General requirements; exceptions; approval; enforcement.
NAC 639.5007. Terms and conditions of license to conduct pharmacy for applicant required to designate representative.
NAC 639.501. Inspections; provision of self-assessment form.
NAC 639.5012. Confidentiality and use of self-assessment and accompanying documentation.
NAC 639.5014. Completion of self-assessment form before annual inspections; suggestions relating to compliance by or improvement of pharmacy.
NAC 639.5016. Annual inspections: Review of self-assessment form; notes regarding discrepancies or deficiencies; correction of discrepancies or deficiencies.
NAC 639.5018. Protection of employee providing answers, information or suggestions on self-assessment form or during inspections.
NAC 639.5019. Annual review by Board of provisions of NAC 639.501 to 639.5019, inclusive.
NAC 639.503. Maintenance in pharmacy of current statutes, regulations and reference material.
NAC 639.505. Maintenance in pharmacy of reports of inspection, warning notices and special bulletins.
NAC 639.510. Maintenance and storage of pharmaceutical stock.
NAC 639.512. Class A and B packaging: Label; expiration date; log.
NAC 639.513. Class C packaging: Expiration date.
NAC 639.515. Stock of drugs in facility for skilled nursing or intermediate care.
NAC 639.517. Nurse employed by medical facility or agency to provide nursing in the home may maintain stock of certain drugs.
NAC 639.520. Security of prescription departments.
NAC 639.523. Physical address for delivery of drugs.
NAC 639.525. Minimum requirements for work area and equipment.
NAC 639.526. Drive-through facilities.
NAC 639.527. Required temperature in refrigerator or freezer used to store medicine.
NAC 639.528. Preparation and storage of food in prescription department of pharmacy.
NAC 639.530. Sanitation; required washbasins; exception.
NAC 639.535. Remodeling or relocation of pharmacy or prescription department.
NAC 639.540. Notice of employment and termination of employment of certain pharmaceutical professionals.
NAC 639.542. Identification of persons employed by pharmacy.
NAC 639.556. Meal periods and rest periods for employees of pharmacy.
NAC 639.570. Involuntary closure of pharmacy.
NAC 639.575. Voluntary closure of pharmacy.
NAC 639.580. Permanent closure of pharmacy.
NAC 639.5802. Definitions.
NAC 639.5804. “Agreement state” defined.
NAC 639.5806. “Authentication of product history” defined.
NAC 639.5808. “Procedures to assure the quality of radiopharmaceuticals” defined.
NAC 639.581. “Qualified nuclear pharmacist” defined.
NAC 639.5812. “Radiopharmaceutical services” defined.
NAC 639.5814. “Testing to control the quality of radiopharmaceutical” defined.
NAC 639.5816. “Radiopharmaceutical” interpreted.
NAC 639.5818. Nuclear pharmacist: Certification; training and instruction; affidavit of experience and training.
NAC 639.582. Permit to operate.
NAC 639.5822. Space and equipment requirements; floor plan.
NAC 639.5824. Security.
NAC 639.5826. Records.
NAC 639.5828. Quality assurance procedures for radiopharmaceuticals.
NAC 639.583. Dispensing or transferring radiopharmaceuticals.
NAC 639.5832. Oral order for radiopharmaceutical: Requirement to keep record; contents of record.
NAC 639.5834. Outer shield of radiopharmaceutical container: Label required; contents of label.
NAC 639.5836. Inner label of radiopharmaceutical container; contents.
NAC 639.5838. Records of nuclear pharmacy when radiopharmaceutical is dispensed pursuant to investigational new drug application: Contents.
NAC 639.584. Required equipment.
NAC 639.585. Definitions.
NAC 639.587. “Facility” defined.
NAC 639.588. “Manufacturer” defined.
NAC 639.589. “Ongoing relationship” defined.
NAC 639.5895. “Purchaser” defined.
NAC 639.5897. “Purchasing wholesaler” defined.
NAC 639.5902. “Statement of prior sales” defined.
NAC 639.5905. “Supplier” defined.
NAC 639.592. “Wholesaler” defined.
NAC 639.593. Licensing requirements; consideration of transaction as wholesale transaction; transferability and renewal of license.
NAC 639.5931. Submission of fingerprints: Required method.
NAC 639.5932. Provisional license: Prerequisites for issuance.
NAC 639.5935. Representative of wholesaler: General requirements; exceptions; approval; enforcement.
NAC 639.5937. Bond or other security: Amount required from certain wholesalers; reduction of amount; substitution.
NAC 639.5938. Filing of single bond for multiple sites.
NAC 639.594. Establishment of ongoing relationship.
NAC 639.595. Qualifications of employees who engage in storage or distribution of drugs.
NAC 639.596. Facilities: General requirements; maintenance of stock.
NAC 639.597. Facilities: Security.
NAC 639.5975. Prescription drugs: Restrictions on purchase and receipt; disposal of certain drugs.
NAC 639.5977. Prescription drugs: Sale to purchasing wholesaler.
NAC 639.598. Prescription drugs: Storage.
NAC 639.599. Prescription drugs: Examination of shipments; actions upon determination of certain conditions.
NAC 639.601. Prescription drugs: Separation and disposal of certain drugs.
NAC 639.6015. Prescription drugs: Destruction.
NAC 639.602. Prescription drugs: Records.
NAC 639.603. Prescription drugs: Requirements regarding statements of prior sales.
NAC 639.6035. Prescription drugs: Exclusion of certain transactions from statements of prior sales.
NAC 639.604. Maintenance and availability of list of wholesalers with whom manufacturer has ongoing relationship.
NAC 639.605. Establishment and maintenance of policies and procedures regarding prescription drugs.
NAC 639.6053. Wholesaler who employs person to sell or market drug, medicine or chemical: Annual submission of certain information to Board; review and contents of marketing code of conduct; exemption.
NAC 639.6055. Submission of certain information regarding sales and marketing staff: Submission of form after initial submittal; method of submission.
NAC 639.6057. Submission of certain information regarding sales and marketing staff: Incomplete, improperly completed or noncompliant submittal; correction of deficiencies.
NAC 639.606. Establishment and maintenance of lists regarding certain personnel.
NAC 639.6065. Annual submission of certain reports or proof to Board.
NAC 639.607. Inspections; examination of records and procedures; copies of documents.
NAC 639.609. “Manufacturer” defined.
NAC 639.610. Minimum standards for premises.
NAC 639.615. Equipment and requirements for operation; employees.
NAC 639.616. Manufacturer who employs person to sell or market drug, medicine or chemical: Annual submission of certain information to Board; review and contents of marketing code of conduct.
NAC 639.617. Manufacturer who employs person to sell or market device or appliance: Annual submission of certain information to Board; review and contents of marketing code of conduct.
NAC 639.618. Submission of certain information regarding sales and marketing staff: Submission of form after initial submittal; method of submission.
NAC 639.619. Submission of certain information regarding sales and marketing staff: Incomplete, improperly completed or noncompliant submittal; correction of deficiencies.
NAC 639.620. Definitions.
NAC 639.621. “Authorized person” defined.
NAC 639.622. “Authorized warehouse” defined.
NAC 639.623. “Chain warehouse” defined.
NAC 639.624. “Facility” defined.
NAC 639.625. “Goods” defined.
NAC 639.626. “Manufacturer” defined.
NAC 639.627. “Pharmacy” defined.
NAC 639.6282. “Third-party logistics provider” defined.
NAC 639.629. “Wholesaler” defined.
NAC 639.6305. Third-party logistics providers: General requirements.
NAC 639.631. Licensing: General requirements.
NAC 639.633. Contracts authorizing receipt, storage and shipment of prescription drugs and goods.
NAC 639.634. Enforcement of statutory liens.
NAC 639.635. Cessation of operation.
NAC 639.636. Change in legal ownership of facility resulting from legal proceeding.
NAC 639.637. Facilities: General requirements.
NAC 639.638. Facilities: Security.
NAC 639.639. Prescription drugs: Storage.
NAC 639.640. Prescription drugs: Shipment.
NAC 639.641. Prescription drugs: Records.
NAC 639.642. Establishment of policies and procedures regarding prescription drugs.
NAC 639.643. Inspections; examination of records and procedures.
NAC 639.644. Enforcement.
NAC 639.650. Fee for and scope of permit to sell; penalty for late registration; prohibited sales; refrigeration.
NAC 639.660. Restriction on use of rabies vaccine.
General Provisions
Standards for Compounding and Dispensing Generally
Standards for Compounding and Dispensing Nonsterile Products
Standards for Compounding and Dispensing Sterile Products
Standards for Compounding and Dispensing Parenteral Solutions
General Provisions
Licensing and Fees
Medical Products Providers
Medical Products Wholesalers
Disciplinary Action
NAC 639.700. Performance of certain acts by pharmacists and pharmaceutical interns only.
NAC 639.701. Acts not required to be performed by pharmaceutical professionals.
NAC 639.702. Responsibility for acts and omissions of personnel who are not pharmacists.
NAC 639.704. Check of license or certification required before employment by pharmacy or wholesaler.
NAC 639.706. Marking of prescriptions with serial numbers; maintenance of files of prescriptions.
NAC 639.707. Counseling of patients: Duties of pharmacist or intern pharmacist; documentation.
NAC 639.708. Counseling of patients: Duties of pharmacy.
NAC 639.709. Persons to whom pharmacy may furnish certain restricted products.
NAC 639.7102. Use of computer system for issuance and transmission of prescription.
NAC 639.7105. Electronic transmission of prescription.
NAC 639.711. Transmission of prescription by facsimile machine.
NAC 639.712. Transcribing prescription transmitted by oral order.
NAC 639.7125. Use of fulfillment pharmacy by dispensing pharmacy.
NAC 639.713. Transfer of information between pharmacies: Conditions; prohibitions.
NAC 639.714. Transfer of information between pharmacies: Procedure for oral transfers.
NAC 639.7145. Transfer of information between pharmacies: Requirements for transfer by facsimile machine.
NAC 639.715. Mechanical devices: Restrictions on use.
NAC 639.718. Mechanical devices: Use by pharmacy to furnish prescription drugs to patients.
NAC 639.720. Mechanical devices: Use to furnish drugs and medicines for administration to registered patients in medical facility and to patients receiving treatment in emergency room of hospital.
NAC 639.725. Use of mechanical counting device for dispensing medication to be taken orally.
NAC 639.730. Inspection of damaged pharmaceuticals.
NAC 639.740. Container for dispensing prescribed medicine.
NAC 639.742. Dispensing of controlled substances or dangerous drugs: Application by practitioner for certificate of registration; application by facility required under certain circumstances; duties of dispensing practitioner and facility relating to drugs; authority of dispensing practitioner and technician.
NAC 639.7425. Dispensing technician: Requirements; application and fee for registration; provisional registration; issuance of certificate of registration.
NAC 639.743. Dispensing technician: Access to drugs; performance of functions.
NAC 639.7435. Dispensing technician: Transferability, expiration and termination of registration; notice of change of address of employment; subsequent employment.
NAC 639.744. Dispensing practitioner: Fee for initial registration and renewal; registration of multiple dispensing technicians.
NAC 639.7445. Dispensing practitioner: Disciplinary action for violation of NAC 639.742 to 639.7445, inclusive.
NAC 639.745. Duties of certain practitioners concerning dispensing of controlled substances and dangerous drugs.
NAC 639.748. Identification of person to whom controlled substance is dispensed.
NAC 639.750. Dispensing of medication at certain locations when local retail pharmacy is closed.
NAC 639.751. Requirements concerning signatures or initials to be placed on prescription.
NAC 639.752. Restrictions on filling or dispensing certain prescriptions.
NAC 639.753. Declination of pharmacist to fill prescription.
NAC 639.754. Refilling prescriptions: Restrictions; authorization by patient without specific request for particular refill.
NAC 639.755. Sale of preparations for treatment of asthma.
NAC 639.757. Preparation and sale of compounded drugs by pharmacy or pharmacist: License as manufacturer not required under certain circumstances; unsafe or ineffective drug; restrictions on sale.
NAC 639.760. Return of unused drugs packaged in unit doses.
NAC 639.765. Disclosure by practitioner of certain ownership interests in pharmacy.
NAC 639.781. Definitions.
NAC 639.784. Duties of repackaging pharmacy.
NAC 639.788. Restrictions on repackaging pharmacy.
General Provisions
Disciplinary Action
Recording of Information
Automated Dispensing Systems
NAC 639.945. Unprofessional conduct; owner responsible for acts of employees.
NAC 639.951. Violations by employees of pharmacy concerning controlled substances or other drugs; screening tests.
NAC 639.955. Imposition of fines; authority to take disciplinary action.