Chapter640 Physical Therapists  

NAC 640.001. Definitions.
NAC 640.003. “Approved course” defined.
NAC 640.004. “Board” defined.
NAC 640.0045. “Hour” defined.
NAC 640.0046. “Licensee” defined.
NAC 640.0048. “Provider of health care” defined.
NAC 640.005. “Recognized provider of continuing education” defined.
NAC 640.006. “Unit of continuing education” defined.
NAC 640.008. “Direct supervision” interpreted.
NAC 640.010. Announcement of meetings; list of licensees.
NAC 640.020. Application for license.
NAC 640.025. Schedule of fees.
NAC 640.040. Examination of applicants.
NAC 640.050. Reinstatement of expired license.
NAC 640.055. Change of name; issuance of duplicate license.
NAC 640.061. Addresses of licensee; delivery of notice by Board.
NAC 640.070. Graduation from school in foreign country.
NAC 640.080. Exemption from licensing during clinical training of student of physical therapy.
NAC 640.085. Approval to supervise graduate of physical therapy during temporary exemption from licensing.
NAC 640.090. Exemption from licensing during clinical training of student enrolled in program to become physical therapist’s assistant.
NAC 640.095. Temporary license to practice physical therapy.
NAC 640.100. “Presiding officer” defined.
NAC 640.110. Appearance and participation by member of Board’s staff.
NAC 640.120. Entry of appearance.
NAC 640.130. Service of process; withdrawal of attorney.
NAC 640.140. Error or defect in pleading or proceeding.
NAC 640.150. Form and contents of petition.
NAC 640.160. Complaints: Citation of statute, regulation or order; joinder.
NAC 640.170. Complaints: Investigation; report; disposition; decision to proceed with hearing; response to complaint.
NAC 640.180. Motions; oral arguments.
NAC 640.190. Pleadings, motions or other documents: Number of copies; availability to other persons.
NAC 640.200. Service of documents.
NAC 640.210. Hearings: Notice.
NAC 640.220. Hearings: Failure to appear.
NAC 640.230. Hearings: Call to order.
NAC 640.240. Hearings: Conduct of parties, counsel and spectators.
NAC 640.250. Hearings: Order of evidence.
NAC 640.260. Consolidation of proceedings.
NAC 640.270. Stipulations.
NAC 640.280. Briefs: Filing; service.
NAC 640.290. Informational hearing.
NAC 640.300. Rehearing.
NAC 640.310. Petition for declaratory order or advisory opinion: Receipt by Board; decision; form.
NAC 640.320. Copy of declaratory order or advisory opinion sent to petitioner.
NAC 640.330. Petitions concerning regulations.
NAC 640.340. Petition to appear before Board.
NAC 640.400. General requirements.
NAC 640.410. Providers of continuing education: Recognition by Board.
NAC 640.420. Providers of continuing education: Records; certificate of completion.
NAC 640.450. Approval of course of study, training or material.
NAC 640.460. Use of term “recognized provider of continuing education”; advertising.
NAC 640.470. Form of course of study or training.
NAC 640.480. Advisory Committee on Continuing Education: Creation; number of members; term.
NAC 640.490. Advisory Committee on Continuing Education: Members; duties; quorum.
NAC 640.500. List of approved courses of study or training and materials.
NAC 640.510. Verification of compliance with requirements.
NAC 640.550. General requirements.
NAC 640.560. Display of license; practice under name on license.
NAC 640.570. Use of license; misrepresentation prohibited.
NAC 640.580. Relationship with patient.
NAC 640.585. Personal responsibility for each patient on treatment schedule.
NAC 640.590. Treatment of patient; delegation of treatment.
NAC 640.592. Supervision of physical therapist’s assistant.
NAC 640.593. Supervision of physical therapist’s assistant and student enrolled in curriculum approved by Board for physical therapist’s assistant.
NAC 640.594. Supervision of unlicensed person; limitation on number of persons supervised.
NAC 640.595. Physical therapist’s technicians.
NAC 640.596. Physical therapist’s assistant prohibited from performing certain activities; disciplinary action.
NAC 640.600. Termination, withdrawal or interruption of treatment.
NAC 640.610. Records; confidentiality.
NAC 640.620. Fees and billing.
NAC 640.630. Advertising.
NAC 640.640. Programs of research.
NAC 640.650. Physical therapist’s assistants: Inclusion of supervising physical therapist in notations of treatment.
NAC 640.660. Violation of provisions constitutes unprofessional conduct.
NAC 640.670. Grounds: Interpretation of statutory terms.
NAC 640.680. Entry into group practice not prohibited.
NAC 640.685. Additional grounds.
NAC 640.690. Discovery of witnesses and evidence.
NAC 640.695. Consideration of cooperation and voluntary disclosure in mitigation of alleged violation.