Chapter640A Occupational Therapists  

NAC 640A.010. Definitions.
NAC 640A.011. “Active license” defined.
NAC 640A.0115. “Board” defined.
NAC 640A.012. “Certified occupational therapy assistant” defined.
NAC 640A.0125. “Continuing education” defined.
NAC 640A.013. “Hour of continuing education” defined.
NAC 640A.0135. “Inactive license” defined.
NAC 640A.014. “Occupational therapist registered” defined.
NAC 640A.0145. “Program of intervention” defined.
NAC 640A.016. “Provisional license” defined.
NAC 640A.0165. “Supervision” defined.
NAC 640A.017. “Temporary license” defined.
NAC 640A.020. Applicants: Requests by Board for additional information or oral interview.
NAC 640A.030. Prerequisites to receipt, renewal, reinstatement or conversion of status of license; proration of fee.
NAC 640A.041. Eligibility to obtain active license.
NAC 640A.050. Expiration and renewal of license.
NAC 640A.055. Reinstatement of expired active license.
NAC 640A.060. Licensing of person whose active license has been expired for 5 years or more.
NAC 640A.062. Temporary licensing; conversion of temporary license to active license.
NAC 640A.065. Provisional licensing; conversion of provisional license to active license.
NAC 640A.068. Inactive license: Conversion from or to active license; continuing education; renewal.
NAC 640A.070. Continuing education: Generally.
NAC 640A.080. Continuing education: Requests for approval of credit for certain activities.
NAC 640A.090. Continuing education: Subject matter; qualifying activities.
NAC 640A.101. Continuing education: Waiver of requirements for extenuating circumstances.
NAC 640A.110. Display and alteration of license and license card.
NAC 640A.120. Change of name after issuance of license; replacement of lost license.
NAC 640A.130. Notification of addresses of licensee; mailing of notice to licensee.
NAC 640A.135. Request for verification of license.
NAC 640A.140. Annual list of licensees.
NAC 640A.150. Inclusion of license number on or with documents submitted to Board.
NAC 640A.155. Payments to Board.
NAC 640A.160. Fees.
NAC 640A.195. Practice under name on license.
NAC 640A.200. Use of professional title or initials.
NAC 640A.205. Adoption by reference of code of ethics and standards of practice.
NAC 640A.210. Prohibitions: Use of license; misrepresentations.
NAC 640A.220. Professional responsibility regarding patients.
NAC 640A.230. Scope of services with and without referral of patient by licensed provider of health care.
NAC 640A.250. Practice by occupational therapy assistant or provisional licensee.
NAC 640A.260. Supervision and employment of occupational therapy assistant: Verification; notice of termination.
NAC 640A.265. Delegation of duties to occupational therapy assistants and unlicensed persons; limitations.
NAC 640A.267. Delegation of duties to student or provisional licensee; limitations.
NAC 640A.270. Delegation of duties to occupational therapy aide or technician; limitations.
NAC 640A.275. Supervision of occupational therapy aide or technician: “Directly supervise” interpreted.
NAC 640A.280. Termination or interruption of treatment.
NAC 640A.290. Records of patients: Maintenance; release; falsification; review before signing.
NAC 640A.300. Fees and billing.
NAC 640A.310. Advertising.
NAC 640A.320. Conduct of programs of research.
NAC 640A.340. Complaints against licensees.
NAC 640A.350. Acts constituting unprofessional conduct.
NAC 640A.361. Unprofessional conduct: Imposition of conditions on use of license.
NAC 640A.370. Recovery by Board of attorney’s fees and costs.
NAC 640A.400. Action by Board on its own motion; petition for adoption, amendment or repeal of regulation or for hearing.
NAC 640A.410. Fees and expenses of witnesses.