Chapter640C Massage Therapists  

NAC 640C.010. “Massage establishment” defined.
NAC 640C.050. Examination of applicants.
NAC 640C.060. Requirements for request for recognition of massage therapy program not already recognized by statute; consideration of request.
NAC 640C.070. Reporting results of investigation of applicant.
NAC 640C.100. Requirements; proof of completion; request to carry over excess hours of credit; notice of noncompliance.
NAC 640C.110. Approval of credits.
NAC 640C.120. Request for approval of credit for attending, preparing or giving presentation; notice of approval or denial.
NAC 640C.130. Information and documentation required to obtain credit.
NAC 640C.140. Requirements for request of approval for course or program; notice of approval or denial.
NAC 640C.200. Required facilities; sanitary and safety requirements.
NAC 640C.210. Lubricants; spa treatments, muds and body wraps.
NAC 640C.220. Exterior doors and windows; walls, ceilings and floors.
NAC 640C.230. Requirements for room in which massage therapy is practiced.
NAC 640C.240. Towels, linens and gowns; single service items.
NAC 640C.250. Massage therapists: Clothing and hygiene requirements.
NAC 640C.260. Water supply and water distribution system piping.
NAC 640C.270. Bathing facilities.
NAC 640C.280. Disposal of sewage and liquid waste.
NAC 640C.290. Garbage and refuse.
NAC 640C.300. Toilets and lavatories.
NAC 640C.310. Maintenance: Duties of massage therapist.
NAC 640C.350. Advertisements to include license number of massage therapist.
NAC 640C.360. Communicable diseases.
NAC 640C.400. “Sexual activity” interpreted.
NAC 640C.410. “Unethical or unprofessional conduct” interpreted.
NAC 640C.420. Provisions regarding unprofessional or unethical conduct: Consent does not excuse or negate responsibility to comply; exceptions.