Chapter641A Marriage and Family Therapists and Clinical Professional Counselors  

NAC 641A.035. Definitions.
NAC 641A.045. Meetings of Board.
NAC 641A.055. Written communications to Board.
NAC 641A.061. Severability.
NAC 641A.065. Application for license or registration: Filing; action by Board.
NAC 641A.075. Qualifications of applicant: Degree from accredited institution.
NAC 641A.085. Qualifications of applicant: Courses of study.
NAC 641A.095. Reexamination; lapse of application.
NAC 641A.105. Fees.
NAC 641A.111. Interim permit.
NAC 641A.116. Reinstatement of lapsed license.
NAC 641A.131. Requirements to renew license; failure to comply; reactivation of inactive license.
NAC 641A.133. Evidence of completion.
NAC 641A.146. Experience required for license; written reports from supervisor.
NAC 641A.156. License: Requirements; issuance.
NAC 641A.176. Authority of Board to grant, deny, suspend or revoke license; applicability of ethical standards; authority of Board to approve or deny supervisor.
NAC 641A.178. Supervision of interns: Primary and secondary approved supervisors; limitation on number of interns; time required for supervision; approved use of conference calls.
NAC 641A.182. Approved supervisors: Qualifications.
NAC 641A.186. Limitations on performing therapy.
NAC 641A.196. Restrictions on private practice and advertising.
NAC 641A.243. Professional responsibility.
NAC 641A.247. Responsibilities to clients and others.
NAC 641A.252. Code of Ethics: Adoption by reference; effect of violation.
NAC 641A.256. Disciplinary action: “Unprofessional conduct” interpreted; acts constituting unprofessional conduct.
NAC 641A.258. Disciplinary action for unprofessional conduct: Grounds; authority of Board.
General Provisions
Parties, Appearances and Representation
Pleadings, Motions and Preliminary Proceedings
Hearings and Rehearings
Declaratory Orders and Advisory Opinions
Miscellaneous Petitions