Chapter641C Alcohol, Drug and Gambling Counselors  

NAC 641C.005. Definitions.
NAC 641C.008. “Accredited college or university” defined.
NAC 641C.010. “Applicant” defined.
NAC 641C.015. “Board” defined.
NAC 641C.018. “Certified intern” defined.
NAC 641C.020. “Client” defined.
NAC 641C.023. “Clinical practice of counseling alcohol and drug abusers” defined.
NAC 641C.025. “Complainant” defined.
NAC 641C.030. “Counselor” defined.
NAC 641C.035. “Detoxification” defined.
NAC 641C.040. “Hour of continuing education” defined.
NAC 641C.045. “Investigator” defined.
NAC 641C.050. “Legal counsel” defined.
NAC 641C.051. “Party” defined.
NAC 641C.052. “Practice of counseling alcohol and drug abusers” defined.
NAC 641C.053. “Practice of counseling problem gamblers” defined.
NAC 641C.054. “Problem gambling” defined.
NAC 641C.055. “Respondent” defined.
NAC 641C.060. “Staff” defined.
NAC 641C.065. “Treatment for alcohol and drug abuse” defined.
NAC 641C.066. “Treatment for problem gambling” defined.
NAC 641C.070. “Field of social science” interpreted; qualification of degree.
NAC 641C.075. Severability.
NAC 641C.080. Applicability of provisions relating to acquisition, maintenance and disclosure of information relating to client.
NAC 641C.100. Duties of staff.
NAC 641C.200. Application for license or certificate.
NAC 641C.205. Allowance of credit for college courses.
NAC 641C.210. Evidence of age.
NAC 641C.215. Action by staff or Board upon receipt of application for license or certificate.
NAC 641C.220. Examinations.
NAC 641C.225. Licensure or certification without examination of applicant who holds license, certificate or other credential from another jurisdiction.
NAC 641C.230. Authority of Board following disciplinary action against applicant in this or another jurisdiction.
NAC 641C.235. Application for renewal of license or certificate.
NAC 641C.240. Fees.
NAC 641C.245. Payment of fees and remittances; lapse of application.
NAC 641C.250. Authorized activities of counselor and certified intern; scope of practice of counseling.
NAC 641C.255. Evidence of license or certificate.
NAC 641C.260. Display of license or certificate by counselor.
NAC 641C.265. Display of certificate by certified intern.
NAC 641C.270. List of licensed or certified persons; notice of change of address.
NAC 641C.275. Deactivation of license or certificate; procedure for reactivation; expiration and renewal.
NAC 641C.276. Native American Alcohol and Drug Abuse Counselors: Qualifications for certificate; designation.
NAC 641C.277. Native American Alcohol and Drug Abuse Counselors: Certification without examination.
NAC 641C.278. Native American Alcohol and Drug Abuse Counselors: Authorized activities.
NAC 641C.280. Supervisors of certified interns: Generally.
NAC 641C.285. Supervisors of certified interns: Duties.
NAC 641C.290. Education and training of certified intern; change of supervisor.
NAC 641C.295. Withdrawal of approval to supervise certified intern.
NAC 641C.300. Requirements for maintenance or renewal of license or certificate; grounds for disciplinary action.
NAC 641C.305. Affidavit of completion: Submission; verification of authenticity; maintenance of documentation.
NAC 641C.310. Approval of course or program of education by Board.
NAC 641C.315. Unacceptable courses and programs of education.
NAC 641C.320. Requirements for approval of course or program of education.
NAC 641C.400. Restrictions on use of license or certificate; representations and disclosures.
NAC 641C.405. Professional responsibility.
NAC 641C.410. Responsibility to client.
NAC 641C.415. Informed consent of client.
NAC 641C.420. Financial arrangements and records.
NAC 641C.425. Confidentiality of information.
NAC 641C.430. Coordination of care.
NAC 641C.435. Research: Consent and protection of participants; credit for work.
NAC 641C.440. Unprofessional conduct.
NAC 641C.445. “Professional incompetence” interpreted.
NAC 641C.450. Acts constituting professional incompetence.
Parties and Representatives
Pleadings, Motions and Discovery
Disciplinary Proceeding
Miscellaneous Petitions