Chapter645 Real Estate Brokers and Salespersons  

NAC 645.005. Definitions.
NAC 645.007. “Active experience” defined.
NAC 645.010. “Active status” defined.
NAC 645.011. “Administrator” defined.
NAC 645.0115. “Advisory committee” defined.
NAC 645.013. “Approved course” defined.
NAC 645.017. “Branch office” defined.
NAC 645.020. “Commission” defined.
NAC 645.021. “Distance education” defined.
NAC 645.022. “Division” defined.
NAC 645.025. “Employment” defined.
NAC 645.0255. “Exclusive agency listing agreement” defined.
NAC 645.026. “Exclusive buyer’s brokerage agreement” defined.
NAC 645.0265. “Exclusive right to sell or lease listing agreement” defined.
NAC 645.027. “Franchise” defined.
NAC 645.040. “Inactive renewed status” defined.
NAC 645.042. “Involuntarily inactivate” defined.
NAC 645.043. “Licensee” defined.
NAC 645.045. “Owner-developer” defined.
NAC 645.046. “Postlicensing education” defined.
NAC 645.047. “Principal place of business” defined.
NAC 645.050. “Reinstatement” defined.
NAC 645.051. “Sign” defined.
NAC 645.0515. “Signature” defined.
NAC 645.052. “Single-family residence” defined.
NAC 645.055. “Voluntary cancellation” defined.
NAC 645.070. Severability of provisions.
NAC 645.075. Distribution of booklet concerning certain disclosures required in sale of residential property.
NAC 645.080. Investigations of background: Fee.
NAC 645.085. Check or draft returned to Division for lack of payment: Sanctions; fee.
NAC 645.095. Denial of application, license or permit; proof of moral character; appeal.
NAC 645.100. Applicant for license as real estate salesperson: Minimum age; requirements.
NAC 645.101. Applicant for license as real estate broker-salesperson: Requirements.
NAC 645.102. Applicant for license as real estate broker: Requirements.
NAC 645.105. Preparation of application.
NAC 645.115. Application by partnership, limited-liability company or corporation.
NAC 645.120. Financial condition of applicant for license as real estate broker.
NAC 645.140. Requirement of instruction.
NAC 645.141. Requirement of active experience.
NAC 645.150. Investigation of financial responsibility of applicant for license as real estate broker; proof of good character of any applicant.
NAC 645.175. Licensing of branch offices.
NAC 645.177. Supervision of branch office.
NAC 645.178. Management of principal and branch offices.
NAC 645.180. Cooperative certificate: Application.
NAC 645.183. Cooperative certificate: Denial, cancellation, suspension or revocation; appeal.
NAC 645.185. Cooperative certificate: Use of certificate.
NAC 645.205. Availability of handbook on examinations.
NAC 645.207. Fee for examination.
NAC 645.210. Scope of examination.
NAC 645.215. Length and confidentiality of examination.
NAC 645.220. Passing grade on examination.
NAC 645.225. Period for acceptance of results of examination.
NAC 645.230. Examination aids.
NAC 645.305. Change in license.
NAC 645.310. Real estate broker-salesperson or salesperson: Termination of association or employment with real estate broker or owner-developer.
NAC 645.313. Proof of compliance with requirements for continuing education requisite to renewal of license.
NAC 645.315. Renewal of license: Failure to file application before license expires.
NAC 645.320. Inactive renewed status: Placement; renewal of license required.
NAC 645.325. Inactive renewed status: Requirements for reinstatement.
NAC 645.330. Review of application for reinstatement.
NAC 645.335. Appeal from a denial of a request for reinstatement.
NAC 645.340. Activation of license after approval of reinstatement.
NAC 645.345. Failure of broker to renew license.
NAC 645.350. Involuntary inactivation, suspension or revocation of broker’s license; expiration of license upon death of licensee; death of person acting as broker of brokerage.
NAC 645.355. Loss of license.
NAC 645.360. Involuntary inactivation of license: Grounds; reinstatement of license.
NAC 645.380. Brokers designated by certain business organizations; members or officers of certain business organizations acting as brokers; service of certain business organizations as salespersons or broker-salespersons.
General Provisions
Postlicensing Education
Continuing Education
NAC 645.470. Annual financial statement and budget.
NAC 645.475. Request for showing that judgment debtor has been examined by person who files petition against Fund.
NAC 645.480. “Unpaid actual damages” interpreted.
NAC 645.485. Compromise of claim.
NAC 645.490. Establishment and purpose; list of persons approved to serve; appointment of members; restrictions on service; allowance and expenses.
NAC 645.493. Review of matter investigated as result of complaint or upon request of Division: Duties of advisory committee and Administrator.
NAC 645.497. Review of matter investigated as result of complaint or upon request of Division: Informal conference; report to Administrator.
NAC 645.500. Informal conference upon review of matter investigated by Administrator; report to Administrator; confidentiality.
NAC 645.525. Naming of false consideration in document.
NAC 645.535. Exclusive agency agreements; placement of signs.
NAC 645.541. Authorization of licensee to negotiate directly with client of broker with exclusive authority to represent client.
NAC 645.546. Representation of clients under brokerage agreements: “Present all offers” and “exclusive agency representation” interpreted.
NAC 645.551. Exclusive buyer’s brokerage agreements: Inclusion of certain provisions regarding compensation of broker.
NAC 645.600. Responsibilities of broker regarding associated licensees, employees and operation of business; agreement to retain licensee as independent contractor.
NAC 645.605. Considerations in determining certain misconduct by licensee.
NAC 645.610. Restrictions on advertising; use of name under which licensee is licensed.
NAC 645.611. Advertisement of services: Use of terms “team” and “group.”
NAC 645.613. Dissemination of certain unsolicited information through Internet or electronic mail.
NAC 645.615. Use of sign to identify business.
NAC 645.620. Use of fictitious name.
NAC 645.627. Location of office.
NAC 645.630. Prompt tender of offers.
NAC 645.632. Notification of rejection of offer or counteroffer.
NAC 645.635. Disclosure of unmerchantable title.
NAC 645.637. Disclosure of relationship as agent or status as principal.
NAC 645.640. Disclosure of interest of licensee in certain transactions.
NAC 645.645. Inspections and audits by Division: Cooperation by broker; form for permission.
NAC 645.650. Periods for maintenance of certain records by broker and for provision of certain paperwork to broker.
NAC 645.655. Records of transactions; trust accounts.
NAC 645.657. Payment of deposits.
NAC 645.660. Disclosure of certain interests required before deposit of money.
NAC 645.665. Absence of broker from business for prolonged period.
NAC 645.670. Conduct of inspections by Division.
NAC 645.675. Agreements for advance fees.
NAC 645.678. Duties of broker operating agency which lists rentals for advance fee.
NAC 645.680. Form for complaints; investigations of licensees; action by Administrator on report of investigation.
NAC 645.690. Correction of certain deficiencies upon notice and request by Division.
NAC 645.695. Administrative fines and other sanctions.
NAC 645.700. Registration required.
NAC 645.710. Application for registration.
NAC 645.730. Status of registration; required notices.
NAC 645.740. Expiration of registration.
NAC 645.750. Limitations on licensees.
NAC 645.760. Records of sales; limitation on sales.
NAC 645.770. Disciplinary action; investigation of financial status.
NAC 645.799. Applicability of certain provisions regarding management of common-interest communities.
NAC 645.800. Permit to engage in property management: General requirements; fees; effective date.
NAC 645.8005. Permit to engage in property management: Additional requirements for person designated to apply on behalf of certain organizations.
NAC 645.802. Permit to engage in property management: Requirements and fee for renewal; effective date of renewal; date of expiration.
NAC 645.804. Approval of courses for educational requirements.
NAC 645.805. Termination of association of person designated to apply on behalf of certain organizations.
NAC 645.806. Trust accounts: Annual accounting required; maintenance of records.
NAC 645.807. Trust accounts: Execution of checks by certain broker-salespersons.
NAC 645.810. Procedure at hearing; receipt of evidence; date of decision.
NAC 645.820. Procedures for rehearing.
NAC 645.830. Procedures for obtaining and granting continuances.
NAC 645.835. Amendment or withdrawal of complaint.
NAC 645.840. Motions.
NAC 645.845. Rules of evidence; informality of proceedings.
NAC 645.850. Submission or exclusion of documentary evidence of respondent.
NAC 645.855. Attendance of certain brokers required at disciplinary hearing.
NAC 645.860. Failure of party to appear at hearing.
NAC 645.865. Voluntary surrender of license, permit, registration or certificate.
NAC 645.870. Reporting of disciplinary action or denial of application.
NAC 645.875. Petitions for regulations.
NAC 645.901. Definitions.
NAC 645.903. “Applicant” defined.
NAC 645.905. “Business broker” defined.
NAC 645.907. “License” defined.
NAC 645.909. “Permit” defined.
NAC 645.911. “Engage in business as a business broker” interpreted.
NAC 645.913. General requirements; fees; background investigation.
NAC 645.915. Expiration date; requirements and fee for renewal.
NAC 645.917. Effective date of renewal.
NAC 645.919. Approval of courses for educational requirements.